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  1. Hey guys I have some rims https://www.carid.com/ballistic-wheels/961-guillotine-gloss-black-milled-accents-568014891.html and I’m from Illinois and they salt the road here I’ve heard of WD-40 on my rims I’ve also heard plasty dip I’m leaning towards plasty dip but will that hurt the clearcoat because I know nothing about plasty dip thanks!
  2. Hey guys so the box I build from the specs the problem it the box hit the back of my chair vibrating my head on the head rest and the bass waves bounce off the top of the roof and hit me on the head kinda annoying lol so could one of you change the box to have the port maybe facing instead of the top of the box to the side of the box please
  3. So what's The width and depth and that's looking at the picture as if it was sitting in the truck with the port facing towards the roof
  4. So what exactly will this box look like because I'm looking at the cut sheet and I'm not too sure about the port could I possibly get a picture of what the box looks like
  5. I just picked up the wood so just waiting on dementions
  6. well i guess ill put it behind me and with the seat folded up it is 37H 22D 21W i hope that can be a good box lol
  7. well i was thinking about it at work and my seats are 40/60 from the drive side so if i put the box behind the drive seat in the 40 slot 1 i think the bass all day long would get annoying vs being on the other side...2 when i store stuff in the back i put it behind the drive seat on the back seat i mean who want to walk around to the other door if there is a sub box there lol ok now for the other side if i put the box in the 60 slot it would mean i could only have 1 person sitting in the 40 slot see what i mean lol?:( sooo nowww i am thinking i could just swap around the seats and mount them different because wouldn't that solve all my problems?>
  8. i have a 2012 ram 1500 crew cab, fi bl 15 q1-2200.2 the box is goin to sit on the back seat 34 H 27 D W? width could be alot because its all the back seat i would like to still fit 2 people back there the box will be up against the door
  9. So I'll be driving on the road and my sub will be playing and it will cut to about 3/4 sound level and start making kind of a popping noise I turn the signal level down on the RCA's that are going to the sub amp and then it makes a high-pitched whine louder than an alternator wine but I cannot stress enough that it is not alternator wine I get out of my car Pop the trunk and I knock on my amp and the noise goes away I have even unplug my RCA's when it is making the noise and the noise still goes through to the sub. I have relocated rewired the amp the positive is directly on the positive terminal and the ground is also so I do not have a bad connection. the sub is not blown there's no cracks when I push it down and all my gains are set fine I've been using the set up for about a year now that just started doing it. fi bl 15, Q1-2200.2, 2xs power d3400, 220 amp alt
  10. so i got a BL Series BL15. The amp is a SoundQubed Q1-2200D. well the problem is the car the car is a 06 dodge charger . note this is the box i have in there now for my 2 12s that i am tanking out http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/200168-help-on-box/#entry3020443 all the way at the bottom thanks!
  11. i was told to post here i might of said something wrong ?
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