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  1. Ok OK... my hand strength IS a little low after my stroke... buss/bars maybe?... when I get a second group 31 AGM next year I'll do it...
  2. It is in... I wired the amps down to 1 ohm strapped just to see if the current was the reason the amps were protecting at 1 ohm... I'll go back to 4 ohm strapped after I have the chance to meter it...then 2 ohm strapped next year... HUGE difference with the battery in the back and the power is there now to spare... thanks for the advice I couldn't be happier... It's a budget build... I just turn it up slowly till the end of the video... it gets a little rowdy now... That AGM made a REAL difference!
  3. I think I remember seeing the parameters here... on Sky High... 18's?.. right?
  4. Well... I picked it up, and it's a monster!.. 68 lbs. They had 9 from choose from... They load tested it in front of me with an analog meter and it was +11 V after 30 seconds under load then returned to 12.5V instantly... Resting voltage was 12.5 V ... That's good right? I had no core so I played that game of "This is all I got on me"... so it was $62 OTD /w/ 30 day exchange... that's cool, I live 5 miles away... They kept saying "New"... but I think it was reconditioned... This Group 31 will supply how many Ah if it works normally?.. I hope it lasts... Jeez.. they got 8 more for the same price!
  5. Way out of my league that's for sure... I couldn't even afford the plexiglas to show them off... and it would be a crime not to show that azz off!
  6. Serious eye candy!... LOL!.. is that a Borg mothership where the magnet goes? Probably ear candy as well... LOL!
  7. Ok... I found it... but it does not list Ah ... does it?.. maybe there is a way to tell from these specs?
  8. If I can lay my hands on a Duralast group 31 AGM for $50 is this a good type of AGM to use for an interior battery. I have 2 lead acid group 75's under the hood and I'm looking to add a dedicated audio battery in the rear cheaply. The ad says it's new but IDK about that... the case has scratches and the sticker is missing... so maybe it is reconditioned?.. IDK.. can you recondition an AGM?.. anyways what tests do you recommend to check it is a good one? I looked online and could not find the Ah for this battery... does anyone know offhand what it is?.. Is this a good deal?.. or am I cheeping out too much? It's similar to this. Thanks for all your help!
  9. When I had my CAB amp die on me it was doing something similar... the subs were moving wildly like it was trying to play some death note WAAYYY below tuning.
  10. I 'd check to see if your port is intact internally... If your subs are still moving, maybe a terminal on box blew out? Broken box?
  11. My EVL's do the same when I play DJSNT or some boosted stuff... I'm clippin' I'm sure because I've got to try hard to get them to smell on studio recordings. My power is probably just under 1000 per sub and that's less than rated... but if I clip them... I'll kill them... just don"t slag your coils... turn it down a hair... Hey, maybe that stinky smell is a good thing? Seriously... If it's that offensive you'll be sure to be aware of the issue! A $350 sub is NOT one I'd want to burn up... $$$
  12. Those CAb amps will certainly do the job... Yes, I've had some issues " possibly caused by me"... but warrantied with no issues and I'm running them at 2 ohm each into EVL 12's in a small box tuned to 28 hz or so... it doesn't make water ripple in China like some systems do, but I'm happy for now... I'm sure I'll tear it all apart again eventually... LOL ! I'd recommend this amp to anyone who is tryin' to save a buck!... this was when I ran 3 12's @ 2.66 strapped... still have same amp rack... This is the current setup... tuned to 28 or so... each amp loaded at 2 ohm...sounds good to me!
  13. Sounds good, I guess I was overthinking it... thanks!
  14. I am considering adding a third battery in the rear of the vehicle, how can I do this as I am now running 2 lead acid group 75's in the engine compartment and my single Alt has only one output? I'd like to have this third AGM battery for the audio system only, but I am not certain how to do this correctly. Do I need to run an Isolator on the dedicated charge wire for the third battery, maybe a charging relay instead or am I way off base here? I thank you in advance for any advice.
  15. I did run the amp at 1ohm ...got another woofer, then went to .67.. then upgraded all 3 to EVL Skar and screwed up because I ordered dual 4's and did not account for the lower impedance when strapped. I realized this after they arrived and the car was all in pieces. I knew that .33 was never going to happen so I never even tried and ran it at 2.66 strapped. My mental acuity really shows when I placed my order... I had a really bad stroke a year ago... this build is therapeutic and essentially a large part of my physical rehab to regain my motor skills... but the mental acuity is still a bitch sometimes. These amps were soldiering on like champs, really powerful and no problems... until one day recently. I'm not going to say anything negative about these amps or agree with any good or bad opinions at any point... Its is possible that I caused the failure, but in my defense, I've never had to mount any amp as carefully as I'm being advised to do. Well I guess I've learned something here... it's a whole different ballgame nowadays with the newer gear... it goes lower,louder and that translates to more vibration. And thanks to all for your advice.
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