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  1. Delete pls
  2. Thank you kind sir, I shall do some research and see what extra electrical I need to add. Also I wanted to run 2500 rms as well so I think I'll follow your system in a budget manner. I'll try a d3400 infront, xp 3000 in the back with a 240amp mechman alt and see how my voltage cooperates from there.( Amplifier is a deafbonce 2000.1) It has these ratings ( check pic) but from what DiBo is implying, takes power to make power. So I'll just fit the biggest battery that I can infront then look to upgrade my alternator. At the moment I only have a stock 80amp alternator so need to get that upgraded soon. Thanks for your replies and input :)
  3. Hello good day, as the topics says, does anyone have a wattage chart for different types of Northstar batteries? Been looking for one online but had no luck.
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