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  1. I finally added the AMM-1 to my toolbox. I received it last week and of course I decided to do some bench testing with it. However, I was pretty disappointed to discover that my DD-1 and Oscilloscope are both detecting clipping BEFORE my AMM-1 does. (See Attached Video) Can anyone else with an AMM-1 and a DD-1 or Oscilloscope confirm this same performance? My DD-1 is the older "Made in the USA" version but my AMM-1 is the newer "Made in China" version, so could it be a quality control issue? I'm just wondering if I might have gotten a defective AMM-1 or something. I mean it's gotta be defective right? You can clearly see the signal is clipped on the oscilloscope long before the AMM-1 ever picks it up. Of course the DD-1 is all over it though so why would the $450 AMM-1 not be performing just as good as the DD-1? I tried sending an Email to [email protected] but haven't received a reply yet. @meade916@TonyD'Amore O-Scope vs DD-1 vs AMM-1.mp4
  2. I came across what appears to be Fake/Counterfeit DD-1's on ebay and Amazon today. Anyone else see these? What's even funnier is that the ones on ebay are selling for $50 more than Sonic Electronix is selling the legit ones for! SMH https://www.amazon.com/Meade-Designs-SMD-DD-1-Distortion/dp/B00802PJ7O/ref=sr_1_4?m=A3KER16TOZMXZB&qid=1567148998&s=merchant-items&sr=1-4 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Steave-Meade-Designs-Smd-Dd-1-Distortion-Detector/254344307926?hash=item3b381a24d6:g:f~YAAOSwudZdZ6J~ https://www.ebay.com/itm/Steave-Meade-Designs-SMD-DD-1-Distortion-Detector-FREE-SHIPPING/233325346779?hash=item3653463fdb:g:xVoAAOSw8sZdZrSd
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