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Found 9 results

  1. hello I recently purchased a distortion detector and the problem is I have a BMW 3 series and it does not show the volume level, How would I use this properly without knowing the acutally volume level that its at?, it's the navigation headunit type, Plus if I remove the subwoofer speaker wire from the amp, the door speakers still play loud from the Cd tracks is that normal ? becuase in YouTube videos i see online i dont hear any sound while they set their gains. 2 Amps: Mrv500, do I set the LP filter back to 80hrz after its tuned? 2 subwoofers: Pioneer TS-W309D4 12" Champion Series Subwoofer with Dual 4 Voice Coil
  2. Does anyone around north east Georgia area (athens, commerce, toccoa, carnesville, or even in anderson SC) have a DD-1 that i could "rent?" I only need to use it once for my sub amp (no mids and high amp) . not really rent but pay to use once. id rather not buy one right now cause of low funds after buying a new amp but i would like to tune it right. Thanks in advance. Greg
  3. Hey guys I need help bad.. I have just started to hear distortion or more like a high pitch noise that is constant as long as my system is on. While I step on the gas it gets slightly louder and more high pitch and sometimes sounds static as well. Got any ideas of where I could start? Any questions please do ask thanks so much. my system 2013: single din deck 3 four channel amps 12 interior components with 12 tweeters 1 mono sub amp 3 subs 5 farad cap 2 awg main power and ground to distros out to 4awg to all amps.
  4. Ok so the other day I put my subs in along with my amp to see how they sound and they get loud. I plan on running my amp at .5 ohms in the future but right now I am on stock electrical so I wired it to 2. so here's the thing. I set my gains by ear/smell lol. if I hear distortion I back it off. If I smell the subs a bit I back it off. I always have done it that way and never had a problem. well, right now I literally have my gain all the way up, deck is at 61/62 (clips at 62), bass knob (lc1) all the way up, and I don't have any distortion. subs and amp never get warm. this is kind of odd to me because with my old system I had my gain set at about 3/4 of the way and any more I went into clipping. my head unit has 2V pre-outs too and with my old system I had them split for two amps. I am still working on my door pods so I have just stock speakers ran off the HU for the time being. so you would think since there is only one amp there would be more power to it. I do have the splitters inline however so I am not sure if they still split the signal even with one amp. my question is why is this. My amp is rated for .5-10V input so 2V shouldn't be all the way up. the only thing I can think of is the LC1 is absorbing some of that power. I didn't have it in the old system. any ideas?
  5. Greetings SMD forum! This is my first post here so forgive me if it's in the wrong section. I wanted to share some interesting results from a benchmark I did on an Alpine MRD-M300 amp someone gave me a couple years ago. I was excited to try it out 'cause the DSP options are very nice and super easy to set up without additional test equipment. Not to mention anything with an ammeter built in gets lots of 'cool points' from me. Unfortunately, the power output is rather sad. I don't know if I have a defective amp or what, but needless to say I stuck with the cheap 400 watt 4 channel VR3 amp I found at the junkyard (which pushes out ~240 watts @ 4 ohms with two channels bridged; I use the other two channels for the 4 cabin speakers and I've been quite pleased with it, especially for $15). So first how about some benchmarks? These are only rough figures I've gotten using an oscilloscope (BK 2120) and a multimeter (Fluke 27, older yellow face). I increase the volume until I see visible distortion, then take a reading from the voltmeter and use ohm's law to calculate the wattage. I only tested it into 4 ohms because that's what's relevant to my setup (only have one 12"; it's more than enough for a little Honda). Visible distortion: 56 watts (see pictures) Clipping: 144 Well the clipping figure isn't far off from the 150 watt rating, and I'm only testing at 13.8 volts. The distortion figure is just sad though. Anyways, picture time. Here's a 40hz sine wave on my scope from the MRD-M300 just before visible distortion (sorry my camera is so crappy): And with just a bit more power: See what's happening at the sine wave peaks? This happens on both a 4 and 2 ohm load at about ~15 volts output (scope is not calibrated in the pictures to better show the sine wave), and gets worse up to clipping. Anyone have any ideas what's up? My only guess is maybe the power supply is going bad and injecting ripple into the amplifier. It doesn't look like much, but it is noticeable; it makes the bass sound kind of fuzzy and weak (that's the best I can describe it). If anyone has any ideas on something I can do to fix this problem I'll give it a shot and post the results here! Oh, and as a bonus, amp guts!
  6. I was wanting to find someone in the western Indiana eastern Illinois area who has a dd-1 or anyone who has other ways of setting the gain on an amp I can pay if someone has a dd-1 to set the amp. its set by ear right now I'm a little under half way though my build and before I go and finish the amp rack and false walls I was wanting to fine tune my amp. any and all help would be much appreciated
  7. Ok, so I have a Pioneer AVH#### head unit, and the volume it distorts at is 37. So when adjusting the gain on the JAD 1200.1 I can max out the gain on the amp and still get no distortion, but even when I have the gain all the way up and put the actual head unit into distortion above 37 I still get no distortion from the amplifier. I do notice that when adjusting the gains I hit tiny bits of distortion but it quickly goes away. Could there possibly be an issue somewhere with the amp? Has anyone had any similar issues? Note that I have 2 of these amps and I get similar results with both of them. I know it may be a slim chance both of them would have the same problems, but you never know.
  8. I recently bought a crescendo 3500 for my American bass hd 12s dual 1ohm I know they’re underpowered and noticed my clipping light comes on yet I can hear the subs distorting I haven’t tuned the amp quite frankly never tuned any in the past yet never blown a sub or amp just wanted to know if a little clipping is bad?
  9. I have a equalizer running from my pioneer headunit which connects to my sub amps and epicenter yet the epicenter when connected distorts everything when I try to raise the bass knob it's starts to do a non stop buzzing or just distorts I can't even mess either epicenter knob because it stops working. Thought it was my rcas but wasn't thought it was engine noise not that either. Then after I disconnect it it's like the noise resonate in the rcas lol
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