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  1. I have wondered about this also.. maybe just depends on the vehicle and at which points the alt is mounted?
  2. Amps, batteries, alternators, and whatever else you got, please post some pics of your set-ups! Particularly the grounds.
  3. Nice, How many amps, batteries and individual runs do you have attached to the body?
  4. Soo I still need some advice about my grounds. There's plenty of meat to bite into in my trunk area and I have plenty of wire / lugs on the way. I know in the car audio world there are a lot of things that can go by a simple rule of thumb. From what I've read around it seems for every power wire there should be a ground wire of equal size running to a nice chunk of metal. Please correct me if I'm wrong though
  5. Good point. I've still got a lot to learn and I did consider just buying a bunch of agms. Its just the weight that will kill my ride man. I didnt come into this expecting to get 8500w daily. What I'm looking to do is get my two 15's moving, some mids and highs that can keep up, and not have to worry so much about my voltage, on somewhat of a budget. ?
  6. Ok, what size fuses do you use for your supply? I guess what Im most concerned with is the grounds. The lithium battery has 8 spots for (+) and (-). On the positive side that will be 2 spots for charging, 2 for mids + highs, and 4 for the bass amp. I'm unsure of what needs its own ground and what should be grounded to the battery
  7. here is my sorta half-assed diagram. please let me know if I am missing or should add anything. just connect the dots I suppose. I'm probably gonna order 50' of sky high 1/0 tonight
  8. "Up to 8,500w at 12v with 300a of available charging. Equivalent to (4) 100ah AGM batteries" is what they claim
  9. you think a 240 with 45 ah limitless lithium and XS d7500 under the hood would do?
  10. If I draw up a diagram of everything I have and plan to do with my setup, is there anyone here who would be willing to fill in the blanks?
  11. I have honestly been leaning more towards mechman, it seems like a good bunch of people run them and have nothing but good things to say about them! What are you running in your daily vehicle?
  12. I didn't even think about that. The plan was to have enough to supplement 5-7k daily and possibly be able to swap the same alternator to a newer vehicle in the next couple of years if need be. If you ran 10k+ on just one alt, I feel it is safe to assume that a 240 would do well for this setup? In a lot of ways I am still a noob, so again I appreciate all the info!
  13. Thanks for sharing guys! I'll have to take a closer look at how my alternator mounts. I know it has 3-4 mounting bolts, but there are one or two in a weird spot behind the alternator. I have machinist / welder friends that could whip up a bracket for me, just need to figure out if I can try cramming a bigger alternator in there lol
  14. I was hoping to hear a little about what kind of alternators you guys use / have used and what your experience with them is. Like what size is it, for what vehicle, how many, what is it powering, what is it putting out? ...did it fail, is it nearly indestructible, did you have to customize your vehicle to make it fit (and how so?) Basically any information you provide would be really helpful. You can only find so much information from digging on the internet before you have to start asking questions. Anyway, I want to buy a new alternator for my Pontiac g6, but I'm really unsure of what to get. The biggest alt I can find for my vehicle is a 240 amp. Basically I'd like to be able to have a more than sufficient power supply if possible. I don't think there is any room to run a second alt under the hood.. Which would be nice. But I was thinking if there was a way for me to make a custom bracket to mount a bigger universal alternator.. that would probably be best? If anybody has personal experience with a g6 and alternators, please let me know! I would greatly appreciate any personal experiences, suggestions and feedback
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