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  1. Didn't see that head unit post. I do have a pretty decent pioneer double din. But it's going through a clarion eq742 or whatever numbers and also through an old audiobahn crossover. I have the tweets crossed at right around 4.2k if I remember right and also have the stock passive crossover with em. The PAs are 4ohm (wich is why when I had em both it sounded louder cause 2ohm load) The tweeters are I dunno what ohms actually. The PAs sound good (for what they are) just not loud.
  2. The other channel on the Rockford goes to my rear door coax speakers and the other channels on skar are open right now. They went to my fsx8 PAs. Just unused till I get my other panels to fit like I want. I turned down the gains on the tweeters and it sounds better but definitely not loud. Maybe I'm used to having the 8 and 6 and 5.25 also but it seems like my cheapo kicker coaxials were louder than these PA speakers
  3. I took my door panels off to rebuild them I didn't like the look of em. They had: Skar fsx 8 Skar fsx 6.5 And a skar 5.25 component set Now I'm just running stock door panels with a fsx 6.5 and a super tweeter. I'm not understanding why it's not loud though like I turn up volume and the tweeter wants so start distorting before the PA speaker has good sound coming out. Tweeter is on a Rockford 400.4 and PA is on a skar 125.4 I've seen people way louder just running off of their head unit. Maybe I'm not tuning the amps right or something HELP
  4. ok gonna start my build log will post pics when i reinstall everything Car 2000 deville head unit pioneer double din eq clarion 746 audiobahn crossover front stage skar fsx 8" skar fsx 6.5" skar spx 5.25 components skar vx1 super tweets skar vx1 super tweets subs 2 skar zvx15s in 8 cubes slot port to 32hz amps skar sk 85.4 for tweets rockford 400x4 for kids (soon to be sk125.4) orion hcca 5000d (soon to be 2,until i can coin out a pair of sk4500s) electrical mechman 320a alt (should be here this week) 2 stinger sp2250 in trunk yellow top optima under rear seat 2 kenetic 600s in air box a ton of 0ga again i will be posting pics as the build get put back together,starting when alt gets in.
  5. Will post results once I get the alternator in. And everything reinstalled.
  6. My speakers ohm out to 1.3 so assuming different wiring itd be about .6 ohms per amp.
  7. ^^^ be careful, that'll put an eye out Seriously though. Amp pulls a max of 250amps at 1 ohm. According to ohms law if I did it even close to right would be pulling 333.33amps at 12 volts to make 4000watts (just going high on numbers to be safer) So let's say 670amps for both amps at 12 volts. Will my electrical hold it??
  8. ^^Lol^^ wish it was light enough to float much less three people trying to cram it in the trunk. closing the trunk lid wedges her in tight.
  9. My buddy has a computer shop so I'm sure I could get a bunch of fans going across amps. Oh btw trying run 2 of them at .5
  10. Also my box is around 8 cubes so there will be good amount of box rise. Can't put another alternator on a fwd northstar without some crazy small alt and different bracketry. Would more battery power help?? I'm gonna do it just trying to be safest with what I have already. If I blow an amp more reason to upgrade right??? Will keep fire extinguisher nearby too lol
  11. Im just trying to get a little more power until i can afford either more subs or more amps. If I can find somewhere to stuff my other batteries I could prolly get about 470-590amp hours
  12. Had my 2 orion 5000d's running 2 ohm on my two skar zvx 15s and it wasn't enough power for em. I have a 320amp alt on the way and have about have about 350amp hours of battery bank plus some capacitors. Also 3 runs of 0 ga. positive front to back. And just ordered some of the dual 0 to angled 4 inputs for the amps. I plan on hooking volt meters to the input of each amp once everything gets here just to keep an eye on em while driving.
  13. New question. What's it take to run it at .5 ohm??
  14. Aj since your the only one really helping here (Thank You btw) Im just trying to get a little more power until i can afford either more subs or more amps. If I can find somewhere to stuff my other batteries I could prolly get about 470-590amp hours.
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