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  1. I just wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong because with out the probes touching anything the dd-1 does NOT say low batt... Regaurdless of how long I have it sitting on it doesn't say low batt... It's only when trying to set gains with probes on place does the light come on
  2. I'll try replacing the 9v again... Done that in the past... Woulda expected the 9v battery to last more than one use but whatever I'll throw a Duracell in see if that lasts more than 2 min lol
  3. When the probes are not touching the speaker terminals it doesn't show low battery... It's when the volume is turned up to my max undistorted on my head unit then start turning my gain that my dd-1 says low batt... If I disconnect one probe the light goes away
  4. So I've heard of several Guys not running the bass boost knob on their amps so I figured hell why not try this.... Is it normal for my dd-1 to have the low batt light come on when trying to set my gains? Amp is orion xtr2200.1d.... This is round two with this amp round one ended up in smoke I was trying to keep my bass and loose my speaker distortion by turning down bass in eq then foolishly turned my sub level max on my head unit (pioneer app radio v1) Needless to say the guys at md audio hooked me up got new amp and just doesn't seam like my gains are right... First had it set with track 7... But amp seemed to be getting hot... Having fried the first one is making me nervous. Lol My dd-1 also does the blip distortion thing another guy on here was talking about.. So some help and advice would be greatly appreciated
  5. Yes x8 specs would be really nice... Considering I just bought 2 and there's virtually nothing for specs on these on the sundown site even
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