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  1. I sold a GOOD 15inch dc audio xlm2d2 with a inverted dust cap to someone on craigslist for 325.00 so i could buy a this 15inch dc audio xlm2d2 on ebay so i could have two 15 inch dc audio xlm2d2s that matched.you can see the subwoofers in the smd garage (rons02explorer)I also have a smd dd-1.he didn't even send me the one in the picture.he sent me one with a scratched f-up motor.yes it was a open up video and to check it.i was so excited to get this subwoofer.i felt like a kid in a candy store until i checked it.i bought the inverted dustcap xl from ebay and it was good and all my amplifiers are from ebay.no problems til now.i'm still waiting for a reply from him.can i post the video without getting in trouble?i don't know the rules.if i say nothing about eBay or seller?
  2. The other side said nothing.
  3. Is there anything else i should do?
  4. I received subwoofer from ups so i opened the box and checked the ohms one side says 2 ohm the other side says Ω so i tried a different meter samething so i tried again and again and again then i repackaged subwoofer and sealed box.the subwoofer arrived in a wooden crate.i repackaged it in the crate.so then i contacted ebay because i never ever ever had to return anything before.i did all of this on my living room table.my girlfriend recorded all of it.ebay said contact seller and try to resolve the problem.so i contacted the seller and sent a picture of both meters hooked up to the subwoofer and told seller we recorded everything.then seller said he checked the subwoofer before he sent it and it was good.then i sent a return request.and now i'm waiting for seller to respond.ebay said wait for a response and that if the seller don't respond by feb 3rd then contact ebay again.
  5. Sorry (1?17)(1-71) is part of someones name) it has nothing to do about ohms. I don't want this to happen to anyone else
  6. Plus i can show that the item never left my living room table plus repackaged there all of it on camera.I shouldn't of said bad seller because he might make it right.I should of waited until i found out what he is going to do.
  7. What if one coil reads 2ohm and the other one doesn't and if you tried different meters ,switched sides,push down,absolutely nothing.
  8. It wasn't dual 2 ohm.1-71
  9. But what about the other stuff he is selling? I'll wait to see if he does the right thing.
  10. I bought a used dc audio 15inch d2 subwoofer from someone on ebay he is trying to say the subwoofer is good but i video taped ups arriving and opening of the box and testing with meter complete.i didn't tell him i video taped everything.plus he said don't switch subwoofers.(i will video tape putting subwoofer back in box and marking it)this person has other items on ebay right now.i sent a return request and contacted ebaythey said don't worry.i read that the seller even has to pay for shipping the subwoofer back to himself.should i post his name and the video or should i wait for my refund first? I hope that he reads this.I had to go through a lot of stuff just to get the money to buy the subwoofer.
  11. Ron02Explorer-Rebuild around March or April 2016

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