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  1. This came in yesterday I have my wedding next weekend and I will be in Vegas for a week so I will be slow building for a couple of weeks
  2. Not the best pic but the only one I grabbed I think
  3. So the good, bad and ugly lol Good: System played with authority 159s at 30hz and it loved music. Didnt really have the sound i was looking for but what can you expect Bad: Found some RCA issues that need to be addressed, was getting a big whine through the door speakers. I have both the 4channel and sub rca for years and years. Its probably time to replace them Ugly: Didnt expect this but the pressure on the sealed side was too much for the passenger side wall and baffle. The MDF ended up breaking from itself the glue held in most areas but the MDF literally ripped at the seems from the glue and kreg jigs So birch here I come. Also needed to make a decision after speaking to Rusty the lvl 5s I have are more suited for a 6th order so I am dropping 2 subs and going to a 6th order. Since I wanted to run more power to 4 subs instead of just a 3.5 to each sub I bought a Taramps 30k that should be here soon for a GREAT price from Jon Rabe
  4. I have 4 fans just haven't installed them yet. I put them on a switch
  5. Painting just the main areas I still have to seal off the passenger side with fiberglass but that will be done the road after I do some testing because I still need access to the wires Finally wiring up amps 3 left to do right now
  6. Ended up hiding 2 batteries under the box in the back and one on the passenger side rear Started fiberglassing and ran wires
  7. Few updates First I didn't like the way I had the amp/battery racks sides and it was driving me nuts so I tore it out and came up with this design Still going with the floating amps look Amps just waiting on me lol
  8. Looks good bro, I am about to be back to the sanding part also. Kinda dragging it out lol
  9. Got 6 in for looks purpose I did order my custom glass piece from Brent Leavitt. I did decide to cut the middle boards between the amps back to the same width as the bottom piece but leave a gap in the middle that will stick out for the glass piece to mount on...hard to explain but will look like this Waiting on the link bars but will start measuring out he holes that will go for the amp inputs this weekend hopefully
  10. Small update Sold some of the V2 to get try to get all V1. Worked on the battery rack and amp rack. Trying to play around with ideas and I like the approach its going now. Basically the amps will be screwed into a piece of wood that is jigsaw out that you only barely see any wood expect where the screws will mount. Then that same piece of wood is kreg jig into a bottom piece. 3 amps on top and 3 amps on the bottom. I will be running them strapped each pair @ 1ohm(.5 per amp). I am still trying to figure out to do with the middle piece though. I am ordering a custom light from low notes garage and I want it to go between the amps so I will figure out something soon for them. The link bars should be here soon as I can get started on wiring very soon and ordered a cockbox. Anyways enough babbling lol
  11. Yeah it would protect as soon as I turned it up every time. Wired to 1ohm and worked perfectly