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  1. Factory specs aren't my first desire LOL. The suspension wasn't the greatest on these even new. I'm all for a monster rebuild price depending.
  2. How do I contact this person? I think one could build a pretty decent woofer out of it being such a big motor structure
  3. Anyone besides psi rebuild a power hx2? Not a punch series. It has the 4 inch coils . I don't wanna go with psi yet because I hate the fact that I can't call them and talk about it !
  4. Anyone have one in stock? Can't seem to find anyone that has them.
  5. Sorry for the delay here lol just busy with work. It's a dual 2 ohm coil. Black spider so it's an early x12 according to the guy I called at sundown. Reglued it and no difference. Next question. Box suggestions ? It could be wrong.
  6. I'm going to bring home my meter from work tonight and check the coils. You could be right on that. Good thing is a recone is cheap. And I paid 200 for the sub so it's worth putting the money into even if I have to recone it.
  7. Haven't had time to mess with it anymore yet. My charging system performs just fine, it just needs more power. I am Planning a second battery in the near future. As far as the sun goes. I believe it's a recone. There are spots around the outside where the sorround is not stuck down to the basket which I believe creates a massive air leak. Right?
  8. Well. Before this goes on farther I will try it all again. I know it was taking some power , lights were dimming as it hit.
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