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  1. ive been really busy lately but the doors have been done for quite a while and the box is almost done but i will post that when we are totally done with it something happened to some of the pictures ive uploaded with the doors but here they are before wrapping and finished product. im pretty happy with the end result and with time i will probably remake my own doors and make them similar to these but im concidering 4 6,5s in each door or if i can fit them without having to remove the armrest 2 8s and 2 6,5s in each door. the speakers are being run on a b2 audio quattro with the forward 6,5 and tweeter wired together and the back one alone with alittle more midbass on it and we have installed a pioneer 80prs aswell.
  2. thanks, a friend of mine that does not really know the process of this thought they would actually be zebra when i sent him a picture ? dont think it will match the rest of his car though he just painted it another color and i helped him mount air ride to it so its starting to turn out really nice, just the stereo left now. plans are the doors im making for him and 3 alpine type x 12's with a removable port so we can change it for a higher tuning for spl competition and tune it to around 30hz for daily. here are some pictures of his car that we will be doing some stereo in
  3. got some more work done on the door pods for my friend, we will wrap them in black vinyl when both are done and mount the speakers, the pods themself have 5 bolts that will go through the doorpanel and mount with some washers and nuts on the back. wrapped them in fleece and will put resin and some fibreglas over them. had to cut quite abit on these doors compared to mine since the mdf rings themself will be partialy sunk into the doorpanels some of the fibreglas got some air behind it so i had to grind away some of it so there was no give in the surface first round of filler, got the overall shape done, there are a few lowspots that have to be filled in and then i can use some thinner filled to get writh of all the small holes put some primer on it to see the last inperfection easier and then marked them and filled them and sanded it again with some finer grit one of the pods pretty much done, other one has quite abit of work left on it pretty much done, drilled the holes in the doorpanel for the mounting bolts to the speakerpod.
  4. been a while since i actually finished the doors now, just havent had the time to upload anything, im super happy with the b2 hn6ps they are playing much louder than the gladens and actually there was no downgrade in soundquality. They sound amazing and there is a suprising amount of midbass from just 2 6,5inch drivers in each door. and yet again i have learned quite abit form this project on what to do and what can be improved, ive actually started making some doors for a buddy of mine with the same car that will be running the same mids and a different tweeter. i made some flush mount mdf rings for both the mids and the tweeter and i will be doing this for myself aswell when i make new doors, made the rings for the mids abit to tight in the picture and had to take some of to make room for the vinyl, the tweeter was perfect. mocked up the first door, used one of my other doorpanels to line everything up, i have to cut out alot more in these doorpanels than i had to in mine because i will be partialy mounting the mdf ring itself inside the doorpanel so it does no stick out as much as mine does. When i have my doors closed the controllers for the powered seats just barerly clears the speaker pod and in these it will be much more space
  5. finished the pod, overall happy with the result and ive learned alot from it that will make this much easier next time i do it. a buddy of mine with the same car wants to mount the same speakers as me in the doors but another tweeter so im gonna help him with it. on this picture there are only 3screws on the tweeter and they are silver, ive painted the screws black now and mounted all 4 of them. started to finish the trunk of my car after a long time, i got about half way wrapping the carpet and i ran out of glue so i have to get some more glue and finish it. this will be a false floor of the trunk over the dc5k that will be illuminated and shown in the window. going to mount some fans on both sides of it aswell to make sure it doesnt get to hot.
  6. got the vinyl and started to wrap the pod, never done anything like this so i was hoping it wouldnt be to hard, the vinyl was really easy to work with but i need some practice with stuff like this but it did not turn out to bad.
  7. got some more work done on the door pod, hopefully i will be wrapping it in vinyl tonight, got matching vinyl for my interior in the mail yesterday.
  8. after discussing the new project with a friend who has the red peugeot with the 6 12s walled we came up with changing the box abit so the port is not a part of the main structure of the box to make it stronger, so then i made this one wich i think will be the one to build. this will also make the sheets that i have to kerf smaller aswell so it will be abit easier to deal with.
  9. it was cold as hell outside the days i got this done and im currently away so this is about how far i got, i have reinforced it some with micro glass balloons that i did not take any pictures of. currently working on a new box for some sundown zv5 18s for my car. going to build the box probably just after new years and probably going to order the subs by easter if everything goes to plan so im ready for the summer season and some competitions. also need to get the dc 5k that stopped working again fixed... since there is no warranty anymore i opened it and some mosfets are blown on the power supply side. which i find very strange since its been loaded at 1ohm before rise and never seen below 12volts. this is how im planning on making the box, its on its side right now, the plan is to have the port in the top and kerf it, never done kerfing so think im gonna do some practising before i try on the box since the pieces are quite large to kerf and i dont want to fail... its just about 500liter (17,66cubic feet9 with port and about 370liters (13cubic feet) after port and sub displacement tuned to 32hz
  10. fixed the alternator pulley and mounted it in the car and now its working great, now that i can actually turn it up abit without the voltage dropping to low its much louder, hoping the get a chance to meter it to see how much louder it is, it feels MUCH louder than before. started working on some doorpods that i can wrap in vinyl so i can get my original doors on again and not use the black ones that i put together jusr so i could use my components. just got the basic done tonight, hopefully i will start with fibreglass tomorrow. this time it will be separate pods that i make on a fibreglass moulding that i took so i can just screw it on the door and makes it easy to wrap with vinyl.
  11. looking good, did mike have to do anything special for your alternator to fit or did it just bolt in with the normal pulley? did you run your wires on the drivers side of the car or did you just route it in the back of the engine over from the passenger side?
  12. ive ran 3 runs from the engine back to the trunk in and 528i sedan and its no problem, you just run it along the original one under the passenger seat and take it out through the fox with the ecu under the passenger side filter for the ac. here are some picture of the run on page 4/5. its all done in a couple of hours and much better in my opinion on this type of car as it is really flat underneath if you arent running it really close to the exhaust. and i scrape on speedbumps alot so i feel much safer having the wire inside. there is alot of foam for insulating under the carpet so you just have to cut a groove in it a couple places and the carpet will go flat down and you wont notice that there is anything under there as there will be no bulge in the carpet.
  13. went to a car audio meet and competition this weekend, saw some cool cars but forgot to film them and take pictures, just sent out some snapchats to friends did not really think of taking pictures to post here. i took a couple pictures of the car that won in the extreme class and highest 30sec average. really small car with 4 soundstream 18s on 2 ct sounds 7ks on 0,5ohm. it played a 155, something and did a 145,6 30sec average. one amp on each side and then the mids and high amps infront of the box behind the seats. took 1st place in my class with a 144,6, the pulley for the alternator went to shit so i was on stock alternator and did not have more electrical to turn it up any higher but im happy so far with that result. not bad for a sedan with non folding rear seats, just the skihatch to let all the pressure out through. After the 1min of playing full tilt the subs were not even warm so they can definetly take more so im going to push them harder and see what i can achieve in this car when i get the singer 370 back in again. just going to keep it this way until summer then its rebuild, ive been thinking of wall with sundown zv5s were concidering 4 15s or 2 18s but i think im going to go with 2 18s because of both space and weight. im already pushing the limit of what i am allowed to put in the car in weight.
  14. we actually had some nice weather where i live last week so i started to rub down and polish the car, got a quite nice result for a 18 year old car with the same paint as it came from the factory with. it has some beauty marks but not something im going to be doing anything about since im only going to keep the car for about a year longer before i get a new one. the there is quite abit of dried of residue that the pad throws on the car, this dor was actually scratched up pretty bad in the middle of the door but you cant really see it on this picture and you can barerly see it now after its been polished, it was very ugly before but i put some paint in it and rubbed it down and then polished it.
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