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  1. Battery finally took a shit. I hope nothings wrong with the secondary

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    2. moh.vze.com


      But I haven't tested to see if it's dead ~.~. For all I know it could be pulling power from my XS D2400 and XP3000.

      Nonetheless, I'll be replacing all three batteries within the next few months with new ones for a fresh beginning.


    3. bolanorthhighlands


      i replaced my front batt.. now i want to replace my rear batt

    4. moh.vze.com


      gotta wait for them 20% site wide eBay promotions :)


  2. About to make the brake lines longer
  3. bolanorthhighlands

    Random Picture Post V2

  4. NRG Innovations RST-006BK
  5. New steering wheel feels way better
  6. Too heavy for all that
  7. Got some new mirrors. The new driver side mirror vibrates really bad. I went to roll my window up, and I tightened the bolts down way too tight installing my mirrors. It squeezed the channel the glass slides up (right by the mirror). Almost knocked my window off track. Couldn’t roll my window up. I had to loosen the bolts and it rolls up.