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  1. I would choose mechman over all the others. But I'm getting singer.
  2. Everyone needs a alternator. But no vs threads allowed
  3. thank you, that was a great episode. that was way more second skin products than i thought. i'll send my information out right now
  4. sometimes, but not really at high speeds
  5. Yes. Really harsh thuds when switching gears. Jolts also if that's what u meant by jostle. The only way to suppress it, is with little, to no gas(which is not possible with the amount of assholes that ride my bumper). There was nothing moving when my friend got in the car and switched the gears in idle
  6. ive heard of a transmission slipping. What is dropping a clutch?
  7. if slipping is what I think. Sometimes. Still not 100% on what slipping means. That's when u let off the clutch hella fast and hope your car doesn't stall. Press the gas and it shakes with low rpms. With my Rpms up, it seems like my tires don't get traction. It feels like the engine is shaking
  8. No real bumping or jolts while idling switching gears. Im kinda forcing it into gear when down shifting from 2nd to 1st. Bump or jostle? I'll need to listen