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  1. I had some kitty hair. Brand new never been opened ever since I bought (a year or two ago(& hardener)). I stored it in room temperature and the guy said the shelf life lasts forever. I go to use it a couple days ago(after a year or two). I thought it was gonna be body filler. But it was real fiberglass. I didn’t know.  It was watery, with fibers, & was nothing like body filler on YouTube. I tried stirring it to get it to be more like body filler instead of fiberglass. But it was still kinda watery. Then I mixed the hardener with it. And the hardener was watery. I tried squeezing the tube of hardener and stir/mix the hardener back to the texture it’s supposed to be. But ended up just mixing watery hardener with watery kitty hair. It was cold and dark outside. I did not think it was gonna dry.

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    2. Wishuponasub
    3. WalledSonic


      The suspense is killing me Bola. DID IT DRY???

    4. bolanorthhighlands


      Yeah I guess it’s dry

  2. $20 for everything at the flea market
  3. Bola's 2002 Kia Spectra LS

    Was tryin to get a couple pieces of damp pro b stock on the rocker panels. And a little luxury liner pro on the floor
  4. Almost threw up at work🤒

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    2. bolanorthhighlands


      Then I went to get some soup at Safeway. & I coughed standing in line. & I accidentally farted in line when I coughed.

    3. audiofanaticz


      The fart and cough is always a good one and feels so strange

    4. Skullz


      Better farted, than sharted.  lol

  5. Lady at Taco Bell charged me two dollars for a soft taco supreme I didn’t order. She gave me the soft taco but I ain’t eatin it. Cold ass soft taco
  6. Random Picture Post V2

    @meade916 is in the beginning
  7. Bola's 2002 Kia Spectra LS

    Just kinda pulled the carpet up & added more damplifier pro b-stock. And glued down the luxury liner pro in the two front footwells.
  8. Just got it. Waiting for 11 gigs to download