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  1. I gotta loose ignition coil wiring harness assembly

    1. bolanorthhighlands


      The clip/connector to #5(coil wire harness assembly) doesn't clip at all. The clip is broken. The wire just slides in & out.  I'm going to try pick n pull & the dealer before I order online. Can't find the part anywhere else.You_Doodle_2017-05-24T07_31_03Z.thumb.jpg.364248d037f859bc0e6751be6c750c82.jpg

  2. U know how when u step in chewing gum. Your foot sticks to the ground every time u step. & it makes a sound of something sticking every step. That's what my clutch peddle sounds like

    1. bmwking


      if you have a cable type clutch (not hydraulic), the sound is most likely the pedal return spring.  pretty cheap and easy to do yourself

    2. bolanorthhighlands



      it sounds like it's coming from outside the car

    3. bmwking


      you should have a clutch master cylinder under the hood for pedal assist, i would look into that

  3. Removed ac compressor. Just need alt bracket and alt(for a dual alt setup). I might b able to fit 1 more batt under the hood. But I was smelling gas in between the engine and firewall(real close to my alt). 

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    2. s5300


      Alright Mr. Copeland

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Youll be better off putting your extra batts in the trunk, batteries do mich better away from the engine heat.

    4. bolanorthhighlands


      For some reason it is extremely hot in there

  4. What is she saying?
  5. It looks like two different amps