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  1. 2005 BMW 530i

    My uncle got a BMW 530i for my cousin. Are there any after market stereos that will still look factory. I saw some one remove the whole system and put a newer model(factory 2010 BMW system). But it's at least $1000. I'm just looking for a single din that won't take away any factory functions. I may need to run two systems(the factory system without touching it, and a single din separate from the factory system). Any help u can give me on a after market radio for this car would help. Heres a thread with the exact same stereo. he left everything completely stock(just upgraded)
  2. My aunt, that I thought was sneaking my car out at night, is living with us
  3. Random Picture Post V2

    Put the wrong batt in the car. Then the hood touched the battery terminal
  4. Random Picture Post V2

    Oh, never heard of him. Til now