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  1. I have also heard yinlong are meant to be very good i live in the UK and there are alot of people starting to run them and they are meant to be pretty safe also.
  2. Perfect just what i thought but wanted to know for sure as i am looking at upgrading my subs to nsv4's and i have been told that the D2 versions of these don't wire to .5 it's more like .37 even though they are d2 subs the coil reads lower or so i have been told so was looking at getting custom .50 coils.
  3. Hi guys i am just after some help looking at some subs at the moment with custom coils they are dual .50 ohms i will be running two of them was just wondering what choices on wiring them would be i believe i could either wire them both to .50 or 2 ohms but just wanted to make sure before i make a purchase.
  4. OK bud i got to go to sleep now as live in the UK and will not be home till tomorrow evening if joex or trit haven't chimed in i will do a model tomorrow night.
  5. Ok bud can you post your torres calculations and what subs are you using D2 or D2 i will try to model them in WINISD
  6. Have you checked this on torres bud here what i came out with, I can try to model it but need to know if the subs are D2 or D4 have only just started using WINISD so might be better if joe or trit check but i am willing to try.
  7. Nice we don't have very many places in the UK that sell lithium so will have a look i currently running 375ah of AGM batts on a SCV-6000d voltage is really stable but looking to upgrade over the winter also want to wire it down to .5 for comps and i only have a tiny hatchback so the weight saving would also help out.
  8. What brand are they look a bit like Yinlong lithium?
  9. That's just the information i was looking for i am not unhappy with what my system just looking on how to improve it as it is currently doing just shy of a 155db not bad for just 2 15's on 6k at 1 ohm.
  10. Hi guys i am currently running 2 D1 Zv5 15's on a SCV-6000D wired down to 1 ohm. My question is say i have box rise / impedance rise to like 2 ohms or more ect if i was to wire the sub separately to two different amp the put's out 3k at 2 ohms as can only wire the subs down 2 ohms would this negate the rise or would it mean it would just increase the rise to say 3 ohms or more ect the amps i been looking at are the T2500-1bdCP. Or the other thing would be to get two 3k amps and wire them to .5 but not to sure which would work better as it is end of the competition season where i live next week so looking to do some upgraded over the winter.
  11. i am currently running a SCV-6000D to 2 Zv5 15's at 1 ohm in a 4th scores on the headrest 40hz 152.77 33hz 154.28 25hz 151.14 20hz 146.28 this is a format in the UK called PD electrical consist of 1 250 amp alt 1 stinger 1750 and 3 odyssey 2150 group 31 i have heard good thing about the ampere amps also have a look a b2 amps they are also very good.
  12. Nice one bud thanks for the info will try the above ?.
  13. i think this is what you mean ky my deck was clean all the way up to 62 on both mid amp and sub amp everything flat and using a -0db test tone (40hz for sub 1000hz for mids and high amp) i ended up using the -7.5hz for setting the gains but proberley going to be re doing the gains to -5db as it clips on some songs. The below were my latest score in pd my scores from last week were in Dbdrag i am quieter in Dbdrag i think i did a 150.4 in Dbdrag 2 zv5 15's on Scv 6000 40hz 152.23 33hz 153.69 25hz 149.39 20hz 143.69 These were my best scores i have got so far 2 zv5 15's on Scv 6000 40hz 152.77 33hz 154.28 25hz 151.14 20hz 146.28 Scores are not down that much but the above could be because of clip.
  14. Ok bud at least i set it up properly how do i check the amp's output voltage i have a multi meter i dont have my Alpine at the moment as my friend is currently borrowing it.
  15. Hi guys recently swapped my Alpine - CDE178BT for a Pioneer 80prs and was wondering if i had set my gains right as i was competing at a show last weekend and my numbers were down after speaking to a friend at the competition he said that i should have set the sub level to +6 as you will get the max pre out voltage from the deck is this the right way to set it up as i set it up on 0 on the sub level i don't have much knowledge of pioneer decks as this is the first one i have ever had. If the above is correct will re DD-1 it at the weekend?
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