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  1. here's a video of the speakers set up and the range just need to finsh the doors off only put them in to test them i could go further back but didn't want to go to far from the car really happy with the overall sound definitely better than my old T1 5.25. so thanks all for the help.
  2. I went with the T600-4 birth sheet says it does 122 watts at 4 ohms also got myself a set of T2652-s was all half price so was a good deal. Thanks for the help guys.
  3. So would it be safer to got for the 600-4? I currently have a 400-4 running the T1 5.25 comps but looking to upgrade to the T2 6.5 but the T400-4 only puts out 75 and the T2 say 100 so is it worth the upgrade the amp at my shop is half price.
  4. Hi guys looking at buying some RF T2652-s 6.5 components this weekend as there on a really good deal at my local shop was thinking of getting a T800-4AD to power them but wasn't sure if it was to much power for them if anyone could let me know ASAP as i need to go out and get them in the next few hours.
  5. As far as i am aware you can't wire two Zv5 D1 down to .5 ohms. You need the D2 but why do you want to wire down to .5? Here is the wiring diagram for both D1 - http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/woofer_configurations.asp?Q=2&I=12#results D2 - http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/woofer_configurations.asp?Q=2&I=22#results
  6. Sweet well thanks for the advice might just bite the bullet and order both as i am from the UK and waiting times on the Zv5 is like 5 weeks so will run 2 on 6k.
  7. Right so that's the first bit sorted i need the D1 so i can wire the single sub to 2 ohms and when i get the second one i can wire both down to 1 ohm. But what about running the single Zv5 at 2 ohms on the 6k amp is this safe as sundown says it will put out 3k power?.
  8. Right i am currently in the middle of building a new system as i blew my old sub and don't want to recone as i want to do a new build this will be my first big build. What i am looking at buying is 1 Zv5 15'' and a SCV-6000D and wiring the sub down to 2 ohms as sundown says the amp will put out 3k at 2 ohms. Reason for getting the SCV-6000D is because in a few months maybe after Christmas i will be buying another Zv5 15'' and wire them both down to 1 ohms so both will see roughly 3k. Reason for this thread is to ask if its safe to do wire it to 2 ohms safely or will it over power it? If so which Zv5 do i need the D1 or D2. Many thanks.
  9. well im in the uk its costing me £299 pounds was meant to be £400 pounds so pretty decent discount. Don't know how much they cost in the states.
  10. sounds good then will pop down the shop tomorrow to pick one up thanks for the quick reply.
  11. Hi guys purchased some T152-S a while ago and have yet to install them as was waiting to buy a amp to suit and my local car audio shop has a sale on this weekend. was thinking of getting the T400-4? Is that a good choice for these speakers. Thanks sTp.
  12. OK cool guys thanks for all the help will give the -10db ago at the weekend and just be careful also on the disk i can't see a -7.5db tone is there somewhere i can get this? Thanks sTp.
  13. Right guys sorry to bump this but got a question what track do most of you use to set your amp gain up with i have currently used track 3 on the CD but was wondering what you guys normally use? Thanks sTp.
  14. so basically set the subwoofer level to +15 on the headunit then play the 40hz track and when i find the clipping point of the HU back it off by one and set the amp gain to suit? also this might sound like a stupid question but when using the dd-1 the red lead goes to the speaker positive and the black goes to the amp ground? Tahnks sTp.
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