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  1. I would love to, but being my car is so small, big amps are out
  2. Hey PPL, Need some advice. I'm building a demo/comp car here and Japan, and of course DC audio will be the star attraction" My question / problem is, which would be better 2 10s or 1 12. My car is a "Honda Zest" http://www.leblogauto.com/2006/02/honda_zest.html I know its not in English but you can see what the car is like. For power, I'll be using a crunch gp pro 3000d amp and 2 12v batts.
  3. It's already been said but.. you got a heck of a fan buddy. It must be nice to be at that level!
  4. I think I'll be hanging out here now. I got MY pen(s) and books ready! Since class has began, I have a question for ya. in your 2003 build, how many cubes / liters was your box? and, how do you figure your cubes with the angle boards? I got my box done and its 52.61 cubes right now and tuned to about 50Hz doing a 56 / 57,(no angle boards installed yet) I'm trying to get it down cubes down and the Freq up to at least 65Hz. This is where I was told that astros play best.. Teacher.. advice please
  5. Steve, I just peeped out your tear down and rebuild. All I can say is that, thanks to pics like this, it inspires me to keep going when I'm ready to quit! I'm in the mits of doing my astro for DB Drag, and taking her apart seems to be the biggest job. I'm trying not to even think about the box build. I also noticed that your almost a one man operation, same here and its no joke, after doing your day job and come home to do your night work is a killer, but again looking at your work. I know in the end, it will be worth it! Thanks steve, keep the pic coming, they help and inspire more then you could ever imagine.
  6. sounds good, keep us posted. if possible take some pics as you build. The more you give us, the more we can try to give you!
  7. No need for 2 boxes!! 1 box, changable ports. Unless you just want to build 2 boxes
  8. Did some more checking, as for ports, you can do changable ports, the would be your best bet if you want to walk the line between comp and street.
  9. Boss man, I'm not a pro at this but I do suggest that you chamber each sub, reason being is that if one sub goes, the other 3 subs will be off as far as cu.inches is concerned. Also, a street box and comp box are not the same, one your building for ground pounding(street) and the other (comp) is for the mike/sensor.not your ears!! depending on how serious your gonna get, I would stick with the street build, it would sound better. Comp boxes are made for 1 note/freq. If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me.
  10. Tony is a Great guy! I met him at MES here in Japan. Steve your name came up a few times!hehehehe Steve, If you get to talk to tony, ask him about the girl at the MES show!!!!! watch him bust out laughing!
  11. I followed his build, though about it, but being here in Japan and building it on my own, Not willing to trash my stuff again. gonna go simple this time, besides, I can get more advice on a box build that mostly everyone is using. :w00t:
  12. I bit scared of the bandpass design, I built it wrong last time and It cost me a recone, and living in Japan, a recone can be expensive! but I did want to try a design that I saw a while back, the same type of design that is in scott owens truck.. the tube design, I hear dante and some others are using it. I have no idea on how to build it or tune it.. suggestions please.
  13. Pretty loud man :w00t: x2 The test bed will be my accord wagon, the coop da greasy will be the astro. gonna add 2 more D1's to the mix. and 10 moe batts :weight_lift: Gotta break the 160 mark this year!
  14. There has been an update since this post started!! the autoteks are for sale, I'll be using 4 goliaths and as many 16v batts as possible in the accord! :^ so it goes like this: 4 Goliaths 10+ 16v batts (another 10 on hand!) 2 ATOMIC apx18D1's ported wall. size tbd Moe power :nuke:
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