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  1. we would need to know a bit more information before doing so -what kind of vehicle is it in? truck? car? SUV? -what dimensions do you have to work with? the boxes aren't very big so they could fit most places unless you're trying to squeeze them under or behind seats which is why we would need the workable dimensions.
  2. a bit late on this, but in case you haven't figured it out you would just need to make the port dimensions match that of the side of your box.
  3. "too complex to display" means that you don't have a standard length/width to display as a measurement. putting 24" x 18" x 22" x 45" x 11" just isn't practical to list out and expect it to be understandable.
  4. i made my own relay for mine and used some extra plugs i had to fit into the ballasts. works perfectly.
  5. if they're connected to your battery they should work fine. you're basically replacing the headlight switch with your own
  6. i'm having trouble seeing the pictures on the previous page too. i get so far down and it errors. and my computer and internet are pretty quick. but from what i can see, this is looking pretty bossly
  7. hooked on these 2 and i just heard this one earlier today too https://soundcloud.com/phivestarr-1/charlie-farley-whats-good-for
  8. trying find good ported box calculator

  9. Torres

    Slamology 2014

    scratch that...riding up solo tomorrow, hopefully around noon
  10. Torres

    Slamology 2014

    lmao i'll be right there with you. maybe no shirt. last year i wore a tank because it got hot and i had some hideous tan lines that lasted allllll year. got to put up with 'omg nice shirt' every time i went swimming. i'm bald with a beard and some tattoos and will be walking around with an asian that's actually native american lol
  11. Torres

    Slamology 2014

    last year there was a lot of theft if i remember right. i don't think that was the only year either. camping would be fun as hell there though
  12. this is going to be at slamology? i'm going to have to peep this one out
  13. Post a screen shot please do I can see everything
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