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  1. Hey, I was wanting to do a wall build in my tahoe and make my roof stronger. I already have the roof deadened with sound deadener from skyhigh. i wanted to use wood and i dont know what to use. do i use liquid nails? birch or mdf? and should i remove the old sound deadener or can i just go right over it? thanks!
  2. they are discontinued and he doesnt sell them anymore and i already have 2 sitting around and im trying to get 2 more.
  3. Ok so ive been messing around in google sketchup and so far ive got 14.88 cuft sealed side and 27.34 cuft. internal demensions of ported side are H-19.75" W-46" D-52" and internal demensions of sealed side is H-10.75" W-46" D-52" is that enough space?
  4. Hey, i just got 4 fi sp4d2 v2+ 18s and i wanna do my first 4th order. Really only wanna do it for music and the port tuned to around 45hz. I will be powering them on 2 crescendo bc 3500 half ohm each and eventually get 2 more. this will be going in my 1998 2 door tahoe and the max dimensions are H 35.75", W 49", D 55". Would this be enough space for 4 18s? If im missing anything please let me know. Thanks!
  5. Hey, I’m looking to buy 2 crescendo 3500s. Don’t really care for cosmetics just want it to be working fully. im in Alaska. Thanks!
  6. anyone have any experience with gp 1/0 ofc? i see it all over facebook.
  7. I hear SolarTintWF has some good film that looks and handles well for the price. Could buy a 100' roll to tint your car and use the rest to make a few bucks on the side depending on your skills.
  8. Fizeeq

    SMD CC-1

    Sorry just lookin for a cc-1
  9. Fizeeq

    SMD CC-1

    How much and I'm in Alaska btw
  10. Fizeeq

    SMD CC-1

    Looking to buy a used smd cc-1
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