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  1. so tried testing it some more, used different rca, speaker and wires. only does it in 4ch mode and wont do it in 2ch mode. swapping rca's (front to back, back to front) didnt change that fact. going to get an RA from rockford. also my 1500bdcp i have had for 8 years almost is starting to be temper mental. during the process of installing the 600.4 i had to disconnect it, after reconnecting it was giving any output from the speaker outputs. had signal going in but not out. disconnected it and reconnected everything same issue still. then for some reason started working and has been working just fine since. if the issue continues with the 1500 ill be looking for a used 2500 constant power!
  2. yeah they will, i just like to try all options first. oh, got my 2 15s playing and metered. im in the mid 140db range from 36hz to 55hz. only half power and still working on electrical upgrades.
  3. just installed my RF t600 4ch and the rear channels on the amp are making a horrible knocking sound and nothing else. so front channel works perfectly, swap rca's around and the problem doesnt follow. swap speakers around and the issue still stay with the rear channels. also does it even if the rca's are in. basically no matter what speakers i wire to the rear channel, what wires, with or with out rca's, and swapping rca's around does not make a change. im thinking bad amp. it is brand new out the box i just took the plastic off and everything. is there anything ive missed?
  4. just used it. im aiming for 80-100" port area ( slot port ). the calc said i need a min of 90 and optimal of 123. thats a 7.5 net box, tuned to 32-35hz with 3k watts. dont know if it was asked but what about xmax? sub size? dont those play a factor in port size? i mean with the higher xmax and larger subs you can potentially move more air.
  5. ive got some stuff down in nampa idaho i need to get shipped up here to alaska. just wondering if anyone in the nampa idaho area would know of a good shipping company? roughly 300lbs of stuff, one pallet.
  6. its got the same parts as the t1 minus the copper cooling plate on top of the magnets. id give them up to 800 clean power but keep a good nose out for them smelling. heating is more so the issue with them imo.
  7. 4 punch pro 6.5 and 2 punch 8" shallows. Can't forget sound deadener, batteries, copper battery terminals, and 0g to 4g reducers. Then it's build time
  8. Rockford prime 1200. Over 1200watts at 1ohm, and fairly inexpensive.
  9. Things to look at when buying tvs Native refresh rate Some tvs will advertise high refresh rates but have a low native refresh rate. This is similar to buying an amp that can produce 2k power but only actually gives you 1k. 240hz is great if your interested in 3D. In order to get good 3D it splits that refresh rate I. Half and creates overlapping images at 120hz each. If you don't care for 3D you don't need 240hz (usually) Contrast ratio So much more important then brightness. When looking at the tv in person look for color bleeding into other pixels around it. Specially white, when a white logo appears on the screen with a black background how white is the logo and how black is the back ground? Black areas can look more blue and hurt the depth of the picture and white areas can look more dim but in reality it's not a true white which makes it look darker. Model numbers The first 2 numbers represent the screen size in most cases. From there the next set is the series. Siny for instance, xbr55x850d. 55" tv 800 series. The higher the series the better internals (processor higher quality led, contrast, refresh rate, so on and so forth) Imo when it comes to tvs in a Sony fan. Not exactly pocket friendly but awesome tvs. At the moment so y has some great rebates to. If your willing to go a few inches smaller on tv size you can get a Sony Xbr 4K uhd hdr 65 800 series for less the 1500. 120hz native refresh, high contrast, top quality internals, and they are the guys at the forefront of the technology that goes into tvs. HDR by the way means high dynamic range. It's an upgraded version of 4K uhd witch helps refine and improve the image all together. Oh and before considering the oled tvs look at the Sony Xbr z9 tvs. Those are some nice tvs and are using high end LEDs that are tried and true unlike the fairly new oled.
  10. Hook it up and see how voltage is doing. Imo upgraded starting battery and add a secondary at the very least
  11. In the mustang you can pull the fuse but it completely shuts down down the whole audio system. Then there are other applications it can be used in. Vehicles equipped with a touch screen that has functions such as heater controls built into the hu itself can be adapted to give pre outs and a all the being its of the 3sixty3. Along with reconfiguring the factory audio tuning controls to be more effective.
  12. Or you could just unplug the amp they use to amplify the sound, it's literally as simple as unplugging one harness. Could you post a link to where this said harness is? Running a line out on any speaker we would still get the sound. couldnt find any info to bypass it.
  13. Fix my speaker quoted me just over 200 for one of these subs. Drop it kit that they would just send to me and do myself. Then they had a good amount of options to add in. Power handling would still be 1k rms and I never asked if they had a recomended box size for it after being rebuilt.
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