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  1. My upper and lower are going out on the front right. 140k miles. Oh well. Life is life.
  2. Fuckkkkkkk. 3rd time to autozone. Wrong u joints again. Brought the old ujoints and my driveshaft this time. Moog makes 3 kinds (4 inner clips, 2 inner and 2 outer clips, 4 outer clips). Anyways mine is the 4 outer clips. Now I can put my truck back together.
  3. All I hear around here is Moog this Moog that. So anyways bought Moog Super Strength u joints. The people at AutoZone didn't ask regular or extended cab. Turns out there's a diff in u joints. Fml
  4. 1 day off today. 20% chance of rain. Start changing my u joints - starts raining.
  5. Yeah I know what you mean. When I tell people at work about what I want to do and show them videos they are like " Why would you want to destroy your truck". Whatever....
  6. Yeah, Thanks. Really what's going on right now is the best thing for her. I can't keep her out home (without putting myself in jail) so the ankle monitor deal is what needs to happen. If she decides to take that off well then sorry about your luck. See you when your 18.
  7. Yeah my parents kicked me out at 12. My grandparents took me in. I left at 15. But these days kids are the boss according to the laws. I've already talked to the police here in Texas. My resposibility till 18 unless she's a runaway and reported so. At 17 they can't make her come home but if I haven't reported her as a runaway and she commits a crime its on me. But if she is reported as a runaway it's on her.
  8. Till the 8th. Damn spell check. Yeah I plan on her getting a job this time but as was stated it would fall back on me. The ducking laws are stupid man. If your kid tells you "fuck you, I'm not doing it" there's nothing you can do. Whoop a 16 year old? Kind of dumb and pointless.
  9. 16 yo daughter in jail till the 85th. Comes out with ankle bracelet. Get to start paying probation fees again. Yay me.
  10. Any reason thread got deleted? Just want to know why so that it doesnt happen again.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. OrionStang


      You can post links most the time, but that place......

      Don't know what happened with all the posts LOL

    3. audiofanaticz


      Besides didnt you make a different thread complaining about how few strands the wire you bought had?

    4. mcfalcon


      Yes I asked for info. Did you read it? It was in English.

  11. May be purchasing a singer.......

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    2. Amart88
    3. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Hells ya singer makes some beastly alts love mine.

    4. Miguels


      oh it looks like youre getting a good deal then.. mechman hasnt shipped mine

  12. I saw on the news this morning that Microsoft is working on a cross platform system. It included PS, PC, and others. Don't know if y'all already know.......
  13. 200 sandbags today, 200 more tomorrow. Water is getting closer.

    1. OrionStang


      Just don't put yourself in danger. If it gets too crazy, get out of there.

    2. bighossf150


      and all that water is dumping into sabine lake, I work on the lake 1/4 mile south of the mouth of the neches river. They are saying we might get the whole yard flooded

  14. All I see for my 01 GMC 5.3l is a billet 250 Eseries. Is that included or do you make a non billet?
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