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  1. Alright guys, here's the spill. I bought this alternator for my 2000 GMC Sierra z71 with the 5.3l. I have since wrecked that truck and am putting my system in a different ride. So this alternator is useless to me now. I do however need one for the car I am going to be building. Anyways, this thing is brand new. Never been mounted,test fitted nothing. Sitting in the closet since I bought it. It does have the billet upgrade. Asking price is $700.
  2. My upper and lower are going out on the front right. 140k miles. Oh well. Life is life.
  3. Are you set on 8's ? I'm asking because you said you have lots of space and took the backseat out but asking about 8's. I'm a little confused.
  4. Yeah when I type on 16 ton hydraulic crimper on eBay all that comes up is a 39.99 unbranded deal. I don't know anything about crimpers.
  5. Fuckkkkkkk. 3rd time to autozone. Wrong u joints again. Brought the old ujoints and my driveshaft this time. Moog makes 3 kinds (4 inner clips, 2 inner and 2 outer clips, 4 outer clips). Anyways mine is the 4 outer clips. Now I can put my truck back together.
  6. All I hear around here is Moog this Moog that. So anyways bought Moog Super Strength u joints. The people at AutoZone didn't ask regular or extended cab. Turns out there's a diff in u joints. Fml
  7. It looks like OFC. It will probably work Just fine. But also as audiofanatics had enlightened me this company's OFC is not the same as another company's OFC. But its better than CCA for sure.
  8. 1 day off today. 20% chance of rain. Start changing my u joints - starts raining.
  9. probably cheaper to buy new with free shipping then used with shipping. Unless you happen to find some close to you.
  10. Yeah I know what you mean. When I tell people at work about what I want to do and show them videos they are like " Why would you want to destroy your truck". Whatever....
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