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  1. The sound is great. I was really surprised with em. I turned off the built in cross over on the HU just to see how they sound completely full pass and they play really clean and they do it loudly. They’re at about 90 [email protected] Of course they’ll be highpassed with the substage on. My question was more about what’s better for them and the amp longevity wise. Flat on the passive crossover and boosted on HU or flat on the HU and +3 on the passive crossover. This is my first “done correctly” set up so I wanted to be sure.
  2. I’m running 2 sets of Memphis SixFive series 6.5” components on a JBL Gtr104 amp. Pioneer 490 double din. Wondering which option is better for getting some extra “sparkle” out of my tweeters. Leave them set at 0db(flat) on the crossover and boost the deck EQ a bit to compensate, or set them to +3db on the crossover and leave them flat or cut a bit on the deck EQ. Which is better on the amp/passive crossover as far as keeping the signal clean and not introducing extra stress(heat) at the amp/crossover?
  3. So finally rims are on paint and body finished except the pin stripping. Suspension has all been undercoated until i get the change and the time to rebuild it too. 24x9.5 rim. No lift or cuts. 255/30/24 fits just right. The interior is still waiting for the the headrest and embroidery and then it goes in. The pictures don't capture the effect of the ice blue pearl but maaaaaaaaane when the sun catches it!! This winter will bring the crate 355 engine and then the audio build starts this spring. Thinking 1 15 fourth ordered and ported through the rear deck. Any suggestions welcome
  4. Name: Chevrolet Caprice Classic (1985) Date Added: ÚTE_ADDED% Owner: bam334 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  5. Yeah that shot look good. So I notice you and the guy on the video both still want the sub right up against the seat. Is my idea of letting it fire into a chamber created by the space between the seat and baffles and the space behind the display panels not likely to work? I would do the experiment over and over but I'm a trucker and not home a lot so I try to be one shot one kill with most of the car so far
  6. I really don't want to get into cutting to make a fold down seat. Plus that would leave me in a situation of putting all that pressure in the cabin and parts are getting harder to find and more expensive for these. I'm thinking I can do it like my lesabre was and deaden it all 2 or 3 times over. Every caprice I see where I live rattles to retarded levels but then again maybe they aren't deadening at all?? Some people like to rattle...I hate the shit lol
  7. Here is a shitty picture of the trunk from before it got painted so excuse the junk trunk If you notice between the wheel wells the trunk floor angles upward. What I thought about is placing the box right on the edge of where it angles upwards. Subs and port facing the back seat with the back wall of the box being plexi to see the magnets. From the edges of the box I would have panels come out at a 45 degree angle to the end of the trunk. This would the hold amps between mdf and plexi. What I want to know is if the space BEHIND the panels for the amps and the gap between the box and seats would work for me or against me. The space would be sealed off at the top. You won't be able to see in there behind the panels or box if you're looking in the trunk. Again this is not aimed at being a spl build just freakishly low Open to any ideas and suggestions
  8. I'd like to hear some input from people who've got experience with the old schools, in particular the box Chevy. I'm not too concerned with meter scores on this build but I want it to be aggressive and low. My questions are: 1. Has any body been able to successfully tame the rattles these are cursed with( I know deadner only goes so far) 2. With the trunk being so big would facing the subs and port forward about a foot from the back seat bring back some of the low freq response I'd loose facing them this way (the trunk itself would be sealed off from the front of the woofers and port but I'm thinking that since there would be a good amount of air space left on the non visible side of the trunk display it may help work in my favor) 3. If I enclose the 6.5s for the rear deck( to keep them from being pressurized by the subs) would I change the sound of them negatively? I plan on using 2 sundown zv4 15's but open to the idea of 12s if it helps with the rattles
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