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  1. What a good big 4 channel amp I can run for 4 sets of mids and tweeters. Gonna run full active
  2. Well I wanna go active so can fine tune it better
  3. I just wanna be loud and ckear
  4. If I run 2, 4 channel amps daisy chained from the rca it won't work? The sound be cut cause active on 1 Amp is all tweeter and the other is all mids?
  5. It not capable the way I said it then? Just gotta find the biggest 4 channel that can go actively? How do people do it with big system? 12 mids and 12 tweeter for example....
  6. Off the 2 amps there made to go active
  7. If I run 1 set in my truck one front and back of 6.5 pro speaker with tweeters running active do I Need to run 2 separate 4 channel amps 1 for the 4 tweeter and 1 for the 4 mids? Also will it work with the rca connecting to the other Amp for a signal? Hu Rca Amp , 4 tweeter connected Rca daisy chained Amp. 4 mids Or is there another way?
  8. Suggestions on loud and clear 6x9 thankyou
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