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  1. i didin't see this posted so please come on down to SoCal
  2. Trying to get to 150Db

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    2. Miguels


      On the dash? Because you can put the meter in the port and get that 150 easy

    3. strangeduck


      lol aculous, lets build a burp box, slam a way too much power to some subs and say, "150 is teh easy noobs"

    4. aculous


      :) just sayin...thats 150...there was no stipulation for 150 on music daily...
  3. Ok I am a forum noob for real. How do I post pics? lol do i have to upload them to a different site? Please help a brotha out
  4. I am new here and I just put in 2 American Bass HD 12's (1ohm) on a Soundqubed 3500. I have 2 xspower batteries for my front battery i use a D1200 and in the rear a D925. Im still shopping for a new alt but i got the Big 3 all done. Just waiting on a reasonably alt price. I'll post pics as soon as i can.
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