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  1. Just the speaker wiring pigtail on the speaker makes me want to re-evaluate my life choices and fix my build...which hasn't even really started. Amazing work man.
  2. I fucked up. I just bid on three linear power amps...thats I don't need. 

  3. Sometimes you just gotta get weird. I blame nightshift.
  4. ...and they had to be purple...how DARE you....HOW dare you. Obviously jealous, awesome setup I'm tuned in. Kinda makes me want to gold plate my Orion XTR 475...one day I will be baller enough or single enough to rock some LP goodness. Once I bulletproof the truck I may happen who knows.
  5. never been quite as terrified as riding a busa. My buddy gave me the keys I took it on some back roads which him....we stopped and reminded me that I may not want to be on 1 wheel coming out of every corner or just 90% of the time period. Sold my GSXR750 and still regret it.
  6. what image hosting site works best with SMD now? (other than photobucket)

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    2. WalledSonic


      flickr, imageshack, imgur, etc.  There are others, but those may be the most popular.

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict
    4. ChevyBoy95


      i used flickr which works great and is free. I have a yahoo email so that too.

  7. Gotta go with the CTS-V. The V wagons are fun too but thats a personal kink. Not sure about the regular CTS but I know in the Vs the 08 and up have a corvette bolt pattern so you can actually get wheels for it. That is actually one the biggest issues with my car is a stupid 6x115 bolt pattern, you may want to check just in case.
  8. so theres a big difference between people adding parts to their cars and saying it will pick up 50hp and actually putting it on a dyno. CAI and exhaust is worthless without a dyno verified tune in place, and most times those "upgrades" net like 2-5hp...so then you get into HPtuners or EFILive or a standalone ecu to actually get the most potential out of the motor and what you find out is that it was the tune that is actually picking up power and you should have done something else in the first place...like a cam or boost. (you are still going to have to dyno tune it to get any upgrade to really make any real power reliably) The biggest difference in power is going to come from a new cam and if you are doing a cam you might as well put new springs in it. That will net 50+ real hp. your heads are probably fine but a cam and springs will run you less than $500 most times and give you real rear wheel horsepower. If you are in a state that aren't emission nazis the other thing you can do is supercharge it or turbo it. The 5.3Ls love boost and you can get a safe 600hp-800hp with just boost and maybe a spring upgrade. Although boost has a way of teaching you where all your other weak links are...
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