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  1. Finally getting around to looking at this, awesome stuff Randall.
  2. Just the speaker wiring pigtail on the speaker makes me want to re-evaluate my life choices and fix my build...which hasn't even really started. Amazing work man.
  3. You may want to contact @Triticum Agricolam he always has helped me out when it comes to box designs and he does really nice work as well. Also I am about to pass out (night shift) But if it would help I can try and get an output from bassbox pro if you have the T/S parameters (maybe they're online already?). I think bassbox pro is way too conservative on port size though also theres a calc on the forum someplace...I'll find it tonight most likely.
  4. I fucked up. I just bid on three linear power amps...thats I don't need. 

  5. Sometimes you just gotta get weird. I blame nightshift.
  6. You sir are a repeat offender for bad music. damn son. Do I need to bring up Lil Windex?
  7. a bostick 15 and a jl W6v2 in the same enclosure as a center console. Actually worked ok but I am sure if I measured it I had a ton of cancellation or something else stupid. Oh and running a nice alpine deck in a buick century that was too deep so I just used the perforated metal strips with holes in them and put them on each side and left it dangling out of the hole. with 4x6s in the dash and MB quart 6x9s in the back. I loved that car.
  8. I have a bunch. Mostly tracks I know really well and then can use for comparison. Well recorded stuff that was mastered well. Soundtracks are good too. I am going to link youtube clips but everything I have I own on cd, which apparently makes me an antique but oh well. Albums: Tool-lateralus John van der Veer - the ark SRV - Live Alive Sade - Best of Animals as leaders - Self-titled Bill Withers - best of/lean on me The Singers Unlimited - Acapella Individuals tracks: yea theres more....I'll stop. Theres so rap and a some test tracks that are purely for setup but thats more the test tracks off the top of the dome.
  9. ...and they had to be purple...how DARE you....HOW dare you. Obviously jealous, awesome setup I'm tuned in. Kinda makes me want to gold plate my Orion XTR 475...one day I will be baller enough or single enough to rock some LP goodness. Once I bulletproof the truck I may happen who knows.
  10. keep going man thats all good stuff, plus its me you ain't gonna hurt my feelings. I am not married to any one idea. Theres no real plan on this one hence asking for adivce. I just have a ton of drivers sitting around that I was going to try in other cars but didn't so I was thinking of what I could do with what I had on hand. And I am definitely not married to a 3-way setup either. To be honest I got rid of my helix processor because I didn't want to fuck with it as I am fucking with home audio crap so much it started to feel like a job. I had the idea last night of maybe run the 3" fountek full range as a tweeter on the apillar and then a larger format driver in the kick or the door. Thoughts? Lemme know what else you got!
  11. dear god wtf happened to image hosting sites....flickr, bucket, imgur....all of them are a PITA.
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