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  1. I don't even see that ST gives Vd ratings though? My JBL 2235Hs (pinky up) have a Vd of 46in3 with a 8.5mm xmax....Also it looks like the BL efficiency is not expressed by most manufacturers. Which matters I would guess. BL usually in the 70-80% range? trying to calculate Vd seems simple...Vd = Sd * xmax but it seems manufacturers want to make it more complicated...like ST for example expressing Sd in in2 and xmax in mm...I hate T/S parameters sometimes.
  2. So I have been in a do loop selling cars/trucks for the last 5-7 years usually right after I buy the audio I want for them. But I have finally said fuckit and like my truck and staying with it. So its time for some audio. I want to run at least two 15s. I want to put them in a ported box and take out the jump seat in the back so I will still have two seats back there which gives me at least 6 cu. ft to work with, if not more. I am not married to any one idea so I need some help. Most I have ever setup was in my old truck I had a shitty 15 and a JL audio 10w6v2. Actually sounded decent but wouldn't split your wig or anything. So now that I have a decent job and some buddies with garages and more IOUs than I can count since all their systems are built or fixed by me...lol. Setup I was thinking about: (2) DC audio XL15s at 2000w RMS (1) 5K or 6K from Ampere/DC/Crescendo/B2/Sundown 5.5-6 cu. ft Slot port or Aero Port setup (Ported box modeled in bassbox with most likely some Wtf need help from Torres and Trits calc or Trit) Possibly a Mechman 270 or 340 alt as my second alt as the truck only has a single at the moment Electrical/battery setup to support I want to be in the 140dB range but that cab is huge, daily not burp. So looking for recommendations or other people that have F2/3/450 trucks that I could look at their builds.
  3. I buy mine from a AV guy off ebay. They are nice but kinda stiff, basically they use nice belden cable with canare connectors or RG6 cable with a fancy connector and then terminate as RCA. Bluejeans cable does the same thing and sells them for 300$ for 25ft....I bought my 25ft cables for like 40$ and they are great. Rockford are fine too, or most reputable companies, a lot of them are just too thin of wire hence whatever resistance issues you may see. also you can make your own really easy, I am just lazy. I think the ebay handle is cabebuyer but a ton of people do this.
  4. Lol I was just posting this. My bad appreciate the help as always! (one of these days I'll grab a IMG-SG and some new leads)
  5. Nm my fault, I just saw Meade talking about it being on the wccaraudio site. Just in case anyone else sees this and was wondering WCCaraudio downloads (for DD-1/CC-1 and others)
  6. Bout to help a buddy with a Fi Q-series and Gately install. Feels good to get people back into car audio. (trying to remember how to tune.....its been a bit) 

  7. Hey I went to the site and grabbed the user manual for my DD-1, I have what I need user manual wise for the CC-1 but I wasn't able to download the test tracks because of the website they are hosted with was "having difficulties or the location changed" Can you shoot me a location where I can download both discs for the DD-1 and CC-1 and the demo track? Also are the tracks for the DD-1+ and CC-1+ the same? possibly just grab tracks from their listings too? (I have serial numbers too if that would help for my DD-1 and CC-1)
  8. I fucked up. I just bid on three linear power amps...thats I don't need. 

  9. Sometimes you just gotta get weird. I blame nightshift.
  10. ...and they had to be purple...how DARE you....HOW dare you. Obviously jealous, awesome setup I'm tuned in. Kinda makes me want to gold plate my Orion XTR 475...one day I will be baller enough or single enough to rock some LP goodness. Once I bulletproof the truck I may happen who knows.
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