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  1. I have a mechmam billet 370 and ran it for 3 years with no ground on it. I just had the 3 mounting locations and it never gave out.. only thing that made it eat shit was high rpm. High output alternators don’t like high rpm
  2. Is it hairpin? I have a singer alternator and it’s no good at idle but really good at 1500 rpm and above
  3. I don’t get why people run amps at .5 ohm on a daily. The difference between .5 and 1 ohms is a few extra hundred watts which makes no difference to the ear.. on a competition setup I get it but a daily is not worth putting equipment through abuse and blowing it up.. people think just because someone putts 10,000 Watts to a sub in a comp they can go do the same to their daily and reason they have blown subs.. running .5 ohm or 10,000 watts to a sub for 30 seconds is not the same as .5 ohms or 10,000 watts to a sub daily.. I run my dc 5k on a fi audio sp4 at 2 ohms and I’m happy. No blown sub no blown amp. Sure I can wire it to .5 ohm and get a little louder but why? Not in competition why risk equipment
  4. Stay with large case hairpin, If you’re only running 1 alternator do not get the 390 amp alternator get the 270. They make the power on high rpm and you won’t have voltage/amperage at idle the 270a will make more amps at idle.. if it’s your daily I assume
  5. It’s not going to work.. look at how trucks flex even turning or uneven ground. You’re going the make stress cracks and possibly destroying the truck.. what you do is get accordion boot and remove the rear glass. The boot will be weather strip that will have flex to it
  6. The Toyota Camry I have has those shitty lug nuts too.. I got a screwdriver and looked for a socket that fit. I’m going to have to replace them
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