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  1. Finally got it playing.. 1 sp4 on a DC 5k at 2 ohms.. sounds clean but not loud enough. 2 aa carbon mids and 2 6x9 are over powerin the bass
  2. Nice. They are pricy on other stuff. Whey is the best at a deal since is isolated. You will be amazed when you add creatinè and beta alanine to your diet. You can push more weight and strength goes up fast. Too bad I'm cutting at the moment and will bulk by mid April.
  3. You don't take whey to substitute food.. it's to supplement. For me it's the only way to stay low calorie high protein. If I was a skinny fuck I wouldn't use it and just use chicken and turkey for my source of protein and get me to 3000 calories to build muscle
  4. Never buy from gnc.. buy from bodybuilding.Com or campusprotein.Com.. lots of them taste good The best protein is optimum nutrition