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  1. just wire the relay correctly
  2. ive had this truck sitting for about 5 years now and i think its time to get it done going to get a 5/7 lowering kit in a few weeks and slam it.. going to get the 454 running again and finish up the 700r4 to get it to cruising ready. going to work on the body and try and get the audio done before i do anything else to it.. its not much work but been spending money on other toys that put this one on hold stay tuned for updates
  3. im still looking for a solid cam, you know where to get one that are good? right now im looking into the trick performance stage 3 polluter
  4. i got 4 from pipo and thinking of putting them in a blow though pushed by a DC 9k
  5. im going to be real... dont be fucking stupid and replace the wire.. dont tape it dont fuse it.. run new fucking wire a different way so it wont get damaged again also,, it already started to corrode. the corrosion might be deep in the wire and cleaning that area might not do shit for you youre trying to save $100 and 1 hour of your time but its going to cost you your car and equipment
  6. i use a bigger one to crimp then move to a smaller on.. it worked for me
  7. same.. 16 ton comes with a lot of the dies
  8. https://www.facebook.com/UncleSamsMisguidedChildren.Net/videos/610482655814404/
  9. mine changed on its own.. it now has a video game background
  10. just removed the DC 5k from the expo and will be using it in the impala.. the temporary system will be 2 Fi SP4 in a prefab sealed box.. going to be putting the 6x8 infinity kappa in the doors and maybe some 6x9 pioneers in the rear on a DC 175.4.. that or use the Fi 7 carbon mids i have.. still debating on what i will use for mids and highs but planning on getting it done by the end of the month