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  1. That’s badass, hope he enjoys it. There will alway be someone to hate. As a father you should do your best to help your children be better and get farther ahead than you. Black/white theme is my favorite mine
  2. Could something like this be used to make a quick connect/disconnect for amp power/ground/remote? Trying to come up with a way to make my wife one 12 setup easier for her to get out by her self.
  3. Nice ride man. Love the new body. I had a 14 f250 and now a 16 f350 drw and love it. I'll add this just in case you don't know. Stay on top of your service,fuel filters and only get fuel from a high volume station . The fuel system is very finicky. My 14 cost me 9k in fuel system repairs due to contaminated fuel.
  4. Skar has a video of the rp doing 1700 on dynamic burst at 1ohm. It came up short on uncertified at 1300
  5. Punch 100 dsm on 4 sp-88 8's and a punch 40 dsm on 2 6.5 3way pioneers
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