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  1. my ringtone is slim thug - associates text tone is some kind of tone that came on the phone
  2. just sit her down and be honest with her and tell her why you want to wait... listen to her side as well so she cant say that you just want it your way. maybe you can make her understand or compromise. if shes just wanting to get married because she thinks it is the "in" thing to do, well... idk how to tell you to handle that one.
  3. if you have an itunes account its on there... screwed and chopped by watts
  4. color changin click? to bad those days are over. bobby booshay is one of my fav cds ever
  5. Mixtape Messiah 7 is up for free download at chamillionaire.com
  6. cool thanks, if nothing else works ill try this too. if not, ill probably be looking for a 350 to drop in it.
  7. before i try to start it im gonna turn it with a breaker bar (if i can) and let it get most of the oil out.
  8. i know the previous owner, he bought it brand new in 94. its never been run hot or anything to cause it to seize up. so im guessing its just some of this good ole louisiana moisture. i took the plugs out and put some marvel mystery oil in. ill let it sit for a couple of days then ill try again.
  9. i have a 94 s10 blazer with a 4.3 vortec in it. the motor is locked up from sitting for a year and i was wondering if yall new any tricks to free it up. ive been told that i need to take the plugs out and spray some pb blaster or some marvel mystery oil in. has anyone ever tried this or know another way of doing it? ive already tried to turn the crank with a breaker bar, it wont budge, i took the belt off and all, nothing.
  10. i represent this pt. 2. sounds like the old slim from the swishahouse days. its a must have if you like slim thug.
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