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  1. I bought the Audiocontrol LC2 and we have the box now. I bought 2 Sundown Audio E12 V3's and they didn't fit in the box for the F150 so...I bought some Rockford Fosgate Punch P312 D4's Shallow mount subs. We are waiting to get those in to put in the F150. I bought an American Bass Phantom 2500 to power the Rockford P3's. Looks like I will be doing a separate build for my 01 Jeep Cherokee now since I have 2 Sundown E12's that are brand new. Now I have to figure out an amp for them. Both Vehicles have stock electrical so I will probably need to do the big 3 on them both. I have a lot of work ahead of me for the spring time.
  2. Yes all we are wanting to do is add 2-12's and an amp. The reason I went with the Audiocontrol LC2i is because I thought with stock stereo bass signal is limited as the volume increases. I heard with the Audiocontrol it compensates for that and keeps levels the same as the volume increases. We will have to tie into the rear speakers to get the signal UNLESS this particular head unit has RCA outputs. I'm not sure of that because I haven't torn it apart yet.
  3. Well it looks like I will just use the existing stereo integration. I think I will start by ordering the Audiocontrol LC2i. We are going to put 2-12" Sundown E's on an American Bass Phantom 2500. Just some nice low end slap. Nothing mind blowing. Thank you guys for replying.
  4. Hello everyone. I am wanting to put 2-Sundown 12's in my son's 2014 Ford F-150 4x4 with sync. I am wondering what options I have as far as installing the subs in this truck. I have been searching for stereo install kits for this particular factory radio. If I could find an install kit for the truck I would buy a new head unit for it. Can someone point me in the right direction as far as locating a kit that works with these factory controls. Any help would appreciated. Here is the picture for reference.
  5. The ducks have been done before but they have not been done in a long time!!
  6. I like it! I have an 01 Jeep Cherokee and I could not help but notice you are from Louisiana. I am in Louisiana also an want to do a mild system in my Cherokee.
  7. After looking on the Db-r website I couldn't find the post where Chris fixed the amp. He used to keep a forum of the repairs. BUT after looking through my stuff I found that he replaced a transister in the amp and he charged me $125 dollars. Shipping is what cost the most for this amp. Cost me around $50 to ship it anywhere. It is just because it is real heavy. It is a beefy amp for sure. It would be worth getting fixed for sure. I just don't have the system anymore and I need the space in my closet for other things. That's why I am selling it. Hell it will make 3000 watts on a 16Volt system and 2000 @ 1ohm on a 12 volt system. It is a beast.
  8. Oh it is worth getting fixed. If you are into car stereo comps where they go by the wattage of your amplifiers. Thus amp is rated 150 watts @ 4 ohms. Meaning you enter in the lowest watt class and have 2000+ watts on right electrical. It's a cheater amp. Let me get home and do some more research on it so I can let you guys know exactly what could be going wrong with it. I'm at work on iPhone.
  9. Well I was driving down the road playing it loud listening to rock music. The subs stopped working while the highs and mids kept playing. I turned it off and never turned it back on. I figured I messed the amp up so I unhooked everything and took everything out. The amp was warm to the touch. Either it went into protect or something let go inside the amp. I honestly don't know. If I had a way to hook it back up I would, but I sold subs and everything.
  10. Whats up guys. I am selling my American Bass VFL 150.1 that has been laying in the box in my closet. FIRST let me say that I believe that it needs repair. I don't have a system anymore so I have no use for repairing it. It went into protect one afternoon and I unhooked it and never hooked it back in. A fuse or something inside may have poped or it just might have went into protect, because it got hot. Anyway I need it outta my way. So I am selling it. It weighs ALOT. So most of the price is for shipping. $125.00 If you know what this amp is capable of then it is worth getting it fixed. Next I have a 100% working Audiocontrol Epic 160. Has built in 160db spl meter and volt meter. $110 shipped I need these gone. Thanks. zaxfire69
  11. I still have the 160..The volt meter is less than 1 volt off so real accurate. The Spl is fairly on point. Not much off. Very worth the price I am asking for sure.
  12. Follow these instructions Steve. It works Great.. http://www.ehow.com/how_2160460_custom-iphone-ringtones-free.html
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