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  1. After joining 2 doors, maybe this guy will join an X5 and a Bus Let's see how it turns
  2. Heya guys, sorry I had to work a lot today, I'll try to upload more pictures tomorrow Stay tuned first video coming soon
  3. Hey As promised some update pictures How the wall was looking on front view We also added the roof (22mm thick) #SayHelloAxel
  4. I'm uploading the pictures lol, but the setup is already playing, the wall is not sealed (about 10" of space beetween the front side of the wall and the door), and we need to mount the alt (not really good for the DC to push about 6-7kw with 4 x 115Ah + about.... 30A stock alt) stay tuned more picts tomorrow, or maybe tonight
  5. Hi everyone, Time for some update, I put there some other pictures of the box going in the car SP4 <3 <3 We went to the store, needed some silicon, glue, screws, paint bombs... We also toke some wood and put some 18mm (yes only 18mm) thick on the sides (Forgive the 2 years old daughter tried to draw something on the left panel )
  6. If you blow 1 fuse be careful, if you blow more then for sure there's a problem ^^
  7. There you go so I'm sure it's the amp ^^ My MTX had that problem, it was the power transistors close from the imput that were totally disfunctionning, caused a clipping when trying to throw more than 2.5V on the output
  8. When I push on it, it doesn't make any grinding noises. Which leads me to think that the voice coil is still good. Do you think that the epoxy isn't flexible enough and that could be causing the noise? I don't want you push lol, I want you to punch it, it will make it move harder and your fist will keep the duscap on the cone if the epoxy was flexible, it would simply absorb the moving of the duscap so will not have any noise. As I edited my first message, what happens with more power ?
  9. Heya ^^ Got a Q15 also on 1k8 rms How does that sound when you punch a little on the sub ? Try maybe to hold the duscap with some adhesive tape and see if it still sounds bad or not Also what happens with more power ? Last time I had a similar noise was the amplifier broken (an old mtx 1500d)
  10. I talked about APS (Audio Premium Selection) products, let me show you the ones I have in my personal car, 2 x 10" lowmids 300rms + 2 x 4" tweeter 100rms, on a 4x200 rms amp on paper (4x414 @2ohms 14v4 in fact), each one of the mids / tweets are taking about 100-120wrms What do you think about the brand ? https://www.facebook.com/CarAudio83/videos/1085084884887924/ Yes Q15 in the trunk, always FI
  11. Hi guys, Some pictures update, but before I'd like to show you the logo I made, based on an SP4 15", if you could drop a like on my fb page I'd be thankful --> https://www.facebook.com/CarAudio83/ I try to do some installs when I have time, this summer I'll go for a full setup I'm excited to do it Here is the monster DC 9.0k, Axel holding it on let and me...on right
  12. I think he has just enought room for a sealed 18 so the vented 18 won't have enought space ^^
  13. Thanks men I hope you'll enjoy it as us So first thing we did was to take an old box from a friend that had 2 SMD 18 v1 @28hz, and we reworked it, removed the slot port, painted the interior, and changed the top plate of wood Then we cut the hole for a 250mm diameter aero port, which is curently 70cm long inside of the box After that we made some testing and found the box was tuned down to 20Hz, it has 15cuft Net inside. Then we put it in the car I'll see how many people want to see the build and I'll add more pics later
  14. Heya dude In my opinion,after testing different size / power / sensitivity of subs, I would say that a ported box for a 15" would be louder than a sealed 18". I've got an FI Q15, 4cuft tuned @30hz with about 1k5-1k8rms on it, it's flexing and "more than ordinary" as you said, goes down to 23hz and up to 40hz maybe someone has another point of view than me, I'll let him say what he thinks
  15. Here is the car, so before starting, all the woofer/amps etc... belongs to my friend Axel, I "only" found him a free demo vehicle, and spent a lot of time designing and building the installation with him. And here are the woofer (p**n actors ) More pictures will come later, I'm uploading them ^^
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