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  1. I finally decided to put them on 4 x Eton's FA 4500 each at .5 Ohm. Should give them enough power I think. Or maybe I go with a DD M5 with .25 Ohms. Allready ordered all the Lithium. Finally I think both would run them more then nice. Just hope my concept will play around 23-27hz. I will decide the amplifier question on this weekend.
  2. Hello guys, i'm going to wall a jeep cherokee with 4 zv.4 15" d1's. Is it possible to drive them on a banda 10k? What would you guys recommand me? Regards from germany, Jacob
  3. I agree with you but believe me they are serious Jacob watch their 4 zv4 wall, doing 157+dB with 15kw : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1HbJB5Osl0 He offered me a very good price, but if i order now it arrives in april and that's a bit far in the future.
  4. First of all.... Thank you all for your help! I found a dealer in belgium how ships to germany. He wants 770€ with handeling that would be OK for me at least. But I try to get in touch with the france dealer because france isn't that far from karlsruhe in germany. So big thanks @Yannick Pons I just made a vid to show you how hard the rockfords are hitting in my car. Because at least i'm not sure if the zv4 15 i want to go with hit that hard too. But a little fee just told me that the zv4's hit also very hard in a closed enclosure. So i got the idea to put 2xzv4 15 in my trunk. Here is the link to the vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMjZsOQQftA I will post my measurments in the enclousre thread, maybe one of that guys can help me. I'm going to purchase in december and I will keep you up what i've build at least, if you are interessted. Sorry for the bad english! Regards, Jacob
  5. Yes i know you can do much with optimizing the enclosure but i think i'm done with rockford subwoofers for now. The products i owned from them where always of high quality and sounded very good. For example my front system is from rockford and is powered by a t600-2. I would never change it because it has much power and i have never heard anything better so far. Maybe i've watched to many youtube videos from sundown subwoofers that are flexing the whole car so that i'm a bit to enthusiastic about the sundown's and what i've seen on the internet. My 3 P3 get my car a bit flexed but not as hard as on the videos with the sundown subwoofers. I've got the values from the trunk. It's at least: 98cm width 42cm hight 50cm length That are the final measurements that i can get the box in the trunk.
  6. I just callculated what the price for an zv4 15 inch is in € and thats around 580€. I'm ready to pay at least 600-700€ for an zv4 but with import and so and the price for an zv4 is about 1100€ and I think thats a bit expensiv. So I would be happy if someone of you guys have an idea where it would be the best place in germany to order.
  7. @mcfalcon After i quit work i will have a look at the measurements and post them maybe it will fit. @notorious97200 Do you know if there is an online dealer which ships directly from europe to germany? The import is very expensive and the customer wants at least 680€ for an x12 secound rev. Maybe you have an idea where to get a bit cheaper on the gear. Yes my 3 P3 are hittin very hard but they didn't play the deep sounds that well and i want to go straight ahead to deep frequenzys. So i should go with an x, zv or team series at least I think
  8. Yep. At least i'm still looking straight ahead to a 0,5 Ohm impedancy but then i have to buy 2 subwoofers with dvc. But to two x15 would be very difficult because there isn't that much space. Do anyone of you have drawings with cm or mm information for sundown enclousres? It would be very difficult to get the right enclosure for my car. I'm not sure that any of you knows a opel astra j, because i think in america it's called vauxhall. I got a pic from the old setup but the enclosure for the 3 p3 is still the same. Maybe one of you has got an idea for an enclousre with a 15 inch or two 15 inch subs. Thanks and Regards, Jacob
  9. Okay sounds good. Can I wire the zv4 to at least 1ohm? I didn't saw any other ports then just the 2 on one side. Regards.
  10. Hello everyone from germany! I hope that i'm just posting in the right forum. Actually i'm running 3x P3D2-12 on an SPL ICE3500-D with a stinger spv44 battery. It sounds great but i want to have more. Since a while i just took an eye on sundown and since a while there's a german dealer. So my questions are: Do you think 2 x x12 would hit harder then the 3x p3? Does this setup work fine? I hope some of you bassheads have the right answer for me. Big thanks and regards from germany, jacob
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