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  1. I got a company wanting to help out in return for getting their name out lol but I'm still in the process of getting everything figured out in what I need I got the idea for the subs and amps figured out trying to figure out batteries, alternators, and wiring. Would I need some sort of processor or crossover or something too?
  2. Alright. So if I were to put 1 of the D2700 batteries in place of the stock and the rest in the back I would still need to run at least 4 wires back?
  3. So you're saying I'd need 4 runs of 1/0 run from the engine to the back?
  4. Yea i figured that out after a little research. Been following steve meade for a while now getting ideas from him. But I'm putting it in a 98 durango. I already figured out from XS that I'd probably need around 4 D2700 XS batteries and I'm trying to figure out what i gotta do for alternators from mechman but they haven't responded yet. And now I'm also trying to figure out how to wire it up.
  5. I was planing on running 4 Rockford Fosgate T2500-1bd for the subs and a couple t1000-4ad for the mids and highs.
  6. So I've been looking around and I've been noticing that wire kits are rated to a certain wattage spec. I am brand new to the big systems as the biggest system I've built and owned was less than 2500 watts. Im looking at doing 10000 watts in subs and around 5000 watts in the other speakers. Is 1/0 gauge going to be sufficient enough even though its only rated at 4000 watts? Or do I end up tripling up on my wiring or what am i going to need to do?
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