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  1. To add to what Nick said, I have personally done a 21 in 7.5 cubes tuned to 29 hz, 9 cubes tuned to 32 hz, and 10 cubes tuned to 32 hz. Each time was ran off of one 20.1 amplifier. All enclosures were built with a port area that equaled around 14.5 sq in of port area per cubic foot of enclosure. Out of those enclosures, the 7.5 cube enclosure worked the best. It was probably the loudest of the three, and that 21 liked to play the low notes. This is just my personal experience, and there have been some others I know of who have had great luck using a bigger enclosure, but I dont know their enclosure specs and can only speak about what I have done. Hope that helps.
  2. Just to introduce myself, my name is David, obviously by the screen name. I work for Incriminator Audio and have been a part of IA for around 11 years now. I used to compete in dB drag and was one of IA's first competitors that they sponsored. After I stopped competing I stayed friends with Nick and basically just never let him get rid of me. After some time he decided to get me on board officially and now I help marketing, product R&D, and I oversee Team Incriminator Audio. I will be on here as much as I can to help Nick answer questions any of you may have and to post news and pictures of awesome IA builds and products. I am excited that IA is now a part of SMD and look forward to talking with many people that we might have never had the oppurtunity to talk to had we not partnered with SMD. Thank you all for the welcome you have shown IA and let us know if we can help in any way.
  3. Thanks for the welcome. We are glad to finally be here.
  4. You wrote this long paragraph and you mention Scottie but not me...smh. Lol. What about Cujo?
  5. Ok ok....Im here. Should we show them the BIG stuff or just wait until we get some feedback on the smaller items?
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