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  1. are n1"s availible want a 15 thank you
  2. i want to say thanks to fi who responded in pm.and hopefuly im on the verge of resoloution.ty for everyones help...
  3. i did that 3 weeks ago no response...
  4. i have called and emailed..i feel im gettin the run around could someone pm so i can have some contact .its been a month...i do not want to put the issue out in the open thanks...
  5. a bunch of us are waiting for REAL 5 CHANNEL AMP to run the whole system i got four cars and they are all single sub set ups..please o please..
  6. do they fi..dc is loud has weak spiders and tinsel slap.....fi just built better period just because its cheap u get what u pay for ..hell dc are made after re...go fi..its a hell of a difference and i have had both..
  7. y not recone ur avalanche???..
  8. why so many people that arent involved in car audio hate meade so much???...
  9. funny all damage and heat.and the TINSEL LEADS ARE JUST FINE HOW ABOUT THAT..i had to get that off my chest....
  10. do it and let us know how it does gonna b a litle box...but when i get mine im sealing it..
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