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  1. I need help to decide how much power should I run on 2 zv5 12s at 1 ohm wont to get loud but still be on the safe side any help out there
  2. What do you set the phase on amplifier I have the scv 300
  3. So i will have 2 positive and two negatives ran into the amp from the Subs the way you told me to Wire them up
  4. I have 2 zv5 12s Dual 1 ohm how do i Wire both of the subs up to Equal 1 ohm having a brain fart can someone help me out
  5. Go to youtube basslife919 check out these amazing sundown zv5 12s
  6. Check out these Zv5 12s on youtube basslife 919 the zv5 has soo much ass lol amazing sub
  7. I have a XS power D4800 my starting battery in my car and for my secondary battery I have a XP 3000 I'm wanting to add another XP 3000 do I run the positive from the first xp3000 to the positive on the second XP 3000 and the same for the negative side will that work I am new to the car audio world
  8. I just wanted to say that Sundown Audio is one of the best car audio companies in my opinion Jacob at sundown designs some of the best subwoofers that are out there and amplifiers and speakers and their customer service is Excellent for that said Thank You Jacob from all the great equipment that you have made for us Bass heads !!!!!!
  9. Yes that is correct that is for me In nc fOr the rma Exchange thanks for letting me know that they're being built in progress now! can't wait to see Them. great work Jacob!!!!
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