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  1. This is also a shallow sub so would 10% sealed or ported be good enough? Also is there any other shallow subs you'd recommend
  2. Was thinking if I go sealed .90 and if I go ported 1.05 net volume
  3. Im thinking of getting some slim subs specifically the JL Audio TW3 12s and run them off 600RMS (300 each). JL specs recommends .80 sealed and .95 ported. Should I follow this or go bigger?
  4. Before I had two 10 w6s I had one 13.5 w7 on same amp in a 2.5 ft3 tuned to 34 hertz on the same amp. It was a lot louder deeper. And the bass made my rear view mirror slide down. I'm sure if I do the same box for the single 12 it will slam just like that
  5. I scrapped it and got a single 12 W7
  6. Im looking to do a fiberglass box in my 2012 Acura TL in the spare tire. I have a single 12" JL Audio W7 running off a JL HD 1200/1 in a sealed box right now and it sounds accurate but not loud and boomy enough. JL's website suggests 1.75 ft3 net volume but I'm going to go bigger. I'm hoping I can do 2.5 ft3 tuned to 32-34hertz. Is this a good size box for it? Also my other question is since it will be a ported fiberglass box I'm going to be using a aero port. Will I need one or two aero ports how long and what size diameter if I go 2.5ft3 tuned to 32-34 hertz?
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