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  1. So these boxes seeing work for a single ported SA8? The plan is to keep one for now and then later add another 8" Could you design me a ported box for a single SA8v3 tuned to 33 Hertz. 20wide 10high 10deep. The less space you can use the better
  2. How much airspace did you give them
  3. How would this box do. Could you tweak it and make it more sound quality oriented? https://subbox.pro/en/b/dVFV5ZFeJ Or this one but prefer first one https://subbox.pro/en/b/Sp2ufH06v
  4. I don't have that set up anymore I sold everything now I'm starting fresh in a new car. So go ported on a single SA8v3. Could you give me a outline of cutout sheet. I prefer 33 Hertz If I go sealed I'll probably go with the SD4
  5. Let me start by saying I'm going to putting this in a Acura RDX SUV and gonna run 500rms. I'm looking for more sound quality than output. I want a nice sq ported box for a single SA8v3. I'm want less peaky but a nice smoother response. I'm not experert but I'm guessing around .60 to .75 net ft3 tuned around 33hertz? Could someone come up with a box for 20wide 10 high 10 deep. Also as I said before I'm looking for nice sound quality. Would I be better off going with a sundown 8" SD4 sealed or even a JL 8w3v3?
  6. But even if I don't need it the LC2i PRO and the kicker KeyLoc will do the job?
  7. Don't have a way to test it unless I take to car audio shop
  8. So probably best route isntongo audio control LC2i PRO or kicker KeyLoc
  9. There 3ohm. Also will the JL Audio fix82 also work? https://www.jlaudio.com/collections/car-audio-subwoofers-w7ae/products/8w7ae-3-car-audio-w7ae-subwoofers-92117
  10. So the Audio control you have experience with and will do the job? What about the kicker KeyLoc will it so the same thing? Only reason I ask is I have a friend who works in a electronic store and can get me a better price than retail. Also on a side note say I the 8w7 and get the kicker smart 500.1. Would I need a LOC still or does this have it built in. And my sub would be under powered at 225 at 3ohms. https://www.kicker.com/key-5001-1-channel-smart-amplifier
  11. Does the Kicker SmartLock do the same thing? https://www.kicker.com/keyloc-smart-line-out-converter
  12. I want to add a little bass to my 2020 Acura RDX. It comes with a ELS 3D sound system which sounds really good but is missing the depth in bass. So im thinking of adding a 8w7 in a sealed box running off a JL XD600/1 which will give the sub 400 to 500rms at 3ohms. My question is what kind of LOC will I need? I have 4 in mind bur not sure if I need a regular one or one with bass restoration. I watched steves video and got some info from there. THe LOC im looking at are the following below. SMD HLC-2 Kicker LOC with remote wire Kicker KeyLoc Smart Audio Control LC2i Pro
  13. So if I aDD that kicker HS10 I will need a LOC like a lc2i?
  14. What about adding the kicker hideaway HS10. Would that add more depth to my bass?
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