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  1. lol. been keepin busy. things are goin well, just don't get on too forums too often since the break from spl started. anyways to stay on topic, i think it's similar to the answer to the deadener/peel and seal topics we see too often. do it right the first time so you won't have to do it again down the road. long run, chances are it'll be safer and cheaper to run ofc the first around.
  2. there's more to the cca vs ofc than just how much current you can carry per dollar. sure you get more capacity from cca per dollar than ofc but for how long? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galvanic_corrosion *edit - i may be completely wrong but my guess
  3. and then you realize you have to bring your own toilet paper half the time lol. what city is this if you don't mind sharing? just a guess but Ningbo?
  4. and thank ya, so it's not as big of a change from the previous to 2012 version?
  5. i'm sure you could rip off some idiot for more lol. just type KICKER!!!!! OMG KICKER!!! LOUD BROken WINDSHIELD LOLOL LOUD KICKER!!!!!!
  6. Youre using the wrong input. It's not main aux in. Should just be main in.
  7. i clamped a friends doing 572 starting from 1 rising to 2 ohms on a burp. single channel.
  8. you have the electrical to support a million sa-15s. just not the amps to power em i'd take the trade. check the coils and spiders and what not while you're there. if some are blown talk him down on the cash part.
  9. Isnt that one guy that was at our "car show" at the stadium selling his 4 15s? lol ooohohhhhhhh rick. lol. ya. i know him. if it's him subs should be good. i'll ask him about it later today
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