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  1. Hello, one question.. i have 2 sa 12s with great sound quality at 35 hz tuning, 40cm x 7,5 cm slot port in the middle and 5 cubes total net volume.. car peaks at 60 hz.. box at 38... my score is highest at 60hz.. if i model the enclosure in winisd, i need a tuning of 57 hz to be able to get 8dB gain at 60 hz.. in theory... so.. is it possible (just for testing purposes and fun).. to put something in the box to lower the volume for half.. and so raise my tuning and test if numbers really go up at 60 hz? if possible.. what should i put in the box.. bricks of wood? blankets? anything else? if this is even possible.. i am sure its not legit experimenting, but just to see if numbers really go up thanks, and don't laugh
  2. i'm wondering this myself too.. i have sounddigital 2000.1d amp which has like 2600 watts at 14.4 volts! i don't have a clamp meter so i actually have no idea how many watts i get to the amp and woofers.. but when i crank the volume to the max gain, my voltage drops to like 10.5 volts lol.. i listen to 2 - 3 dBs under that value.. then it is around 13 volts.. I have an AGM baterry and big 3 otherwise.. i am thinking about upgrading alternator.. but in my country for my car i have only 2 available.. 95A for 200€ and 150A one for 500€ =/ how much do you think i would get with each? or with at least sedond baterry in the trunk for example? thanks for replying ?
  3. i got it for good price and mounted it for clear sound if i open the trunk and drink a beer with friends somewhere hehe.. i can easily disconnect it if needed..
  4. Last year i was spending some extra money on amateur daily sound system and i ended up with that.. 2 Sundown SA 12s in the trunk.. I am hitting 140 dBs on music. My car is Fiat Punto. I am happy with the results. image: https://imgur.com/a/Dqn9nC9 ps: i cannot add image.. i always get an error
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