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  1. i'm wondering this myself too.. i have sounddigital 2000.1d amp which has like 2600 watts at 14.4 volts! i don't have a clamp meter so i actually have no idea how many watts i get to the amp and woofers.. but when i crank the volume to the max gain, my voltage drops to like 10.5 volts lol.. i listen to 2 - 3 dBs under that value.. then it is around 13 volts.. I have an AGM baterry and big 3 otherwise.. i am thinking about upgrading alternator.. but in my country for my car i have only 2 available.. 95A for 200€ and 150A one for 500€ =/ how much do you think i would get with each? or with at least sedond baterry in the trunk for example? thanks for replying ?
  2. i got it for good price and mounted it for clear sound if i open the trunk and drink a beer with friends somewhere hehe.. i can easily disconnect it if needed..
  3. Last year i was spending some extra money on amateur daily sound system and i ended up with that.. 2 Sundown SA 12s in the trunk.. I am hitting 140 dBs on music. My car is Fiat Punto. I am happy with the results. image: https://imgur.com/a/Dqn9nC9 ps: i cannot add image.. i always get an error
  4. Channel is a 4 ohm bridged and both speakers are 4 ohm
  5. If i wire 2 speakers in series on a 250 rms channel... how much rms per speaker is this?
  6. ok tnx very much. Just one last question. It is the same for example with tweeters? like 1 tweeter 50 rms and then another 50 rms. Also 6 db? or no because they are on seperate sides..
  7. ok understand that.. just wanted to confirm this basic 3 vs 6 db thing.. so the concept is.. if you just double the power to one speaker, only 3 db increase, but if you add one speaker and give it the same power, 6 db increase in perfect conditions? is this rule still apliable in ex. if we had 4 the same woofers (400 rms each) with total of 1600 wats rms? Is this 12 db increase in comparison with just 1 sub getting 400 rms?
  8. ok, experts, please tell me once for all.. i have now 1 sub giving it 400 rms power in single sub enclosure.. I will change that to 2 subs enclosure with 2 identical subs in it and will give each one 400 rms power. So i will have 2 subs instead of 1 and all together 800 rms instead of just 400.. Is this now 6 db increase cuz i doubled the cone area and doubled the power or is just 3 db? Tnx
  9. i have a 3way alpine head unit and there is a problem when i connect both sub out and mid out to the amp esx 4120.. when i use only one rcas no matter where i put them on the head unit or on the amp, everything is ok.. All sort of combinations.. Singular rca always is zero engine noise.. BUT when i use two rcas at the same time, as a contrary, in every single combination i get very disturbing pitching noise which gets louder when i press tha gas pedal.. When i turn off the engine everything is ok.. So one rca everything ok, 2 rcas engine noise.
  10. Is this car battery enough for 1200 rms system? Maybe i will later upgrade my system up to 2000 rms... Car battery: Ground zero GZBP 12.2000X (55aH, 2000 A)
  11. so more power than if each channel is connected to each speaker? is it worth it (considering i dont care about mono/stereo)??
  12. hello, I have a question.. amplifier is 4 ohm bridged stable stereo 2x 50 w rms bridged 1x 150 w rms if i do this with two 4 ohm speakers.. is this 4 ohm per speaker and 75 w per speaker or what? I know its both mono..
  13. thanks for the reply and a link.. I will use them for a rear fill.. so.. the same gain, filter, etc.. for all 4 of them (obviously)...
  14. Hello, I have 2 Crunch 2-channel 500w amplifiers.. Specs are: 4 ohm stereo 2x 70w, bridged mono 250w rms, 2 ohm stereo 2x 125w rms. I am using one for powering 220w rms sub and one for front speakers... They are 50w rms, 350w peak blaupunkt pair.. So the point of my topic: If i buy another set of these speakers and put them in parallel with the fronts. Please confirm my questions or deny them: 1.) Because all speakers in that way are the same (all have 4 ohms) i can run them 2 on each channel and in that way make 2 ohm load, which is ok, because my amp is 2 ohm stable. 2.) i will then have 62,5 watts per speaker? (2 on each 125w channel), which is also ok, because its slighty more that speakers rms (50). 3. its worth it, because its like a free power for a new pair of speakers. Tnx..
  15. Hello, I've been just wondering... if I now have 220 RMS sub (92 dB sensitivity) and 250 RMS amp.... and if i upgrade the sub with a 500 RMS one (89 dB sensitivity) and a 550 RMS amp... is this even worth it? will I gain any dB in bass?
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