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  1. Dang, when did @SnowDrifter get that fancy supermod tag?

    Congrats, bro.

    1. SnowDrifter


      March 27

      Thanks man!!


    2. Kyblack76


      Finally hit the magic dick suckin number it seems. Well done yo. 

  2. We got a really easy winter here this year, only got substantial snowfalls like 3 times. Been warmish here the past few weeks too, supposed to be 50° today.
  3. Finally stopped being lazy and put the 2018 f150 wheels i snagged a while back on my truck today.
  4. The highest amperage one isnt always the best way to go, if this is for a daily driver you want whatever alt does the most output at idle.
  5. Go get an adult, have them show you how to fucking plug something in. The charger is grounded through the electrical outlet. Hook the two charger leads to the battery, charge the damn battery, this isnt hard,.
  6. Guess you'll find out when they show up.
  7. Also, go talk to your local audio dealers, lots of times their prices are better than what you see online. My guy is like 30% lower than map pricing typically.
  8. Check ebay and your local pawnshops. Ive scored some good deals on expensive gear that way.
  9. You seem to be a high ranked member.  Can you look at my post and give me your input plz.   Looking for people with experience to guide me in my box build 

    1. Wishuponasub


      Triticum agricolam or JoeX is who you are looking for bud.

    2. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Dont let the post count fool you, I know nothing, lol.

  10. Is your Google broken? http://ampereaudio.com/discontinued/subwoofers/dis-30v2/
  11. Look up lock picking lawyer or Bosnian bill on YouTube, it'll blow your mind how easy it is to open some locks without even having a key.
  12. Having the key tells me hes a pro. Amateurs just check for unlocked doors or smash windows. Most people don't know that manufacturers only use so many different key patterns per vehicle, I had a ford probe at one point, got 5 keys from the junk yard for that car, 3 out of the 5 keys I got from other cars would open the doors and start the car. The worst thing to own security wise is an old cop car, they keyed them all the same, if you have a 9c1 caprice any other 9c1 caprice key can open and start your car. House keys are the same way, the cheap lockets are the worst, some only have two key patterns they are sold with, so there's a 50/50 chance another ley will open your lock.
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