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  1. Broke_Audio_Addict

    frame ground - ampacity?

    Test it, let us know.
  2. Tell me something, does a square peg fit in a round hole?
  3. Broke_Audio_Addict

    Will it fit???

    I haven't a clue whats going on with that highlighted section in my reply, lol.
  4. Broke_Audio_Addict

    Will it fit???

    Yeah, below that cross brace right next to where the hood hinge is, GM actually sells a battery tray that fits that location. GM 15246518 should be the right part number but you might wanna do some research to verify that it is the right part number for you, you gotta buy the bolt and hold down seperately, or go junkyard shopping and getbit all out of another truck.
  5. Broke_Audio_Addict

    Will it fit???

    It'll fit on the drivera side battery tray but you have to modify the tray a little. A d3400 will fit in the passenger side tray just fine, but a d3100 wont fit there.
  6. Broke_Audio_Addict


    Asumming they both will fit under the hood it doesnt matter which one you put where.
  7. New ford big block coming out, and its a pushrod v8, too bad im poor.

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    2. WalledSonic


      imo, the "durability" you mention just came from the old-way of designing things.  The good ol days of overengineering.  If thats true, a new pushrod v8 may be just as unreliable as a new OHC design.  Just thoughts.  From a fundamental standpoint, ohc is superior in every way.  I bet if you were able to design a badass version of each, the increased system mass of pushrods would limit high end rpm and increase wear at all mating faces. Interesting to see what they come up with

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict


      This engine is not designed for high rpm use, its designed to be a low end torque workhorse.

      Its going in a 3/4 ton truck, not a race car.

      But you're right, overhead cam engines do have an advantage in high rpm applications but I'm sure you probably know torque output decreases with rpm after its reached its peak.

       why stop there, why even have cams at all?

      Its possible to build a camless engine with technology that exist right now.

      You can highly overcomplicate things or you can build something simple that you know is reliable and works for its intended application.

      Simple, reliable, strong, thats what they are after here and i bet they will sell the fuck out of them.

    4. Broke_Audio_Addict


      And you're right about reliability I guess in a way because they could for sure build an unreliable piece of junk.

      But I doubt that's what they are going to do in this situation.

  8. Broke_Audio_Addict

    Somethings killing my batteries

    If its going to be charging at 14.9 you need 12v batteries. 14v batteries charge at about 16.8 volts.
  9. What's the car rev out to rpm wise and does he drive it hard?
  10. Broke_Audio_Addict

    Somethings killing my batteries

    Does that Bart just keep going dead on you when the truck is shut off or is it dying while the truck ia running?
  11. Broke_Audio_Addict

    Which die size to use?

    The 2/0 die. You need 2/0 lugs too, that wire wont fit in a 1/0 lug
  12. Broke_Audio_Addict

    Driver side cutting in and out please help

    Check out the tinsel leads on the speaker, ive had a vad one before right from the factory on an infinity aub and it did exactly the same thing that is happening to you. Was a poor solder job where the tinsel lead connected to the terminal.
  13. Just a thought here but it sounds like the epicenter is your problem. You could use a legit eq or processor to get everything how you want it and youd have no need for that epicenter.
  14. Broke_Audio_Addict

    Okay, I found it...

    The elite.5 is about the same size as the 25 to life, the memphis amp on the other hand is a 30" wide surfboard.