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  1. I dont see how it wasnt already legal up there, especially considering we are talking about a country that has prescription heroin.
  2. Good luck, all seasons just cant compete with snow tires when driving in snowy icy conditions. Are you allowed to use tire chains where you live?
  3. Spotted a 1le today.
  4. Broke_Audio_Addict

    Headunit wont turn on anymore

    Just wire the switched 12v wire to a fuse thats switched turn on, problem solved. I have seen those pac modules go bad though so you may have got a bad one.
  5. Well i mean they are rather large dimensions for shipping and it would weigh about 150lbs. Is there no plastic place locally?
  6. Good move, lol. Some of those systems can only be reset by the dealer, youre probably gonna have to take it in as much as you dont want to. It doesnt just look like rust, it is rust. Iron will surface rust really fast, like within hours. All that should burn off once you start driving it though. Like i said, i had similar issues and it ended up being an electrical problem. Either find a good auto electric place or take it to the dealer, dont keep fucking wirh it and potentially make it worse.
  7. I just thought of something else too, you could need to relearn the steering angle sensor, with no power for so long it could have lost its stores memory for the sterring wheel positions. You can find a how to online with a quick google search.
  8. The can bus system dodge uses is really sensitive. First thing to try is to disconnect all power, then hook the factory power and ground wires together for 15 mintues, that will reset the ecu. Again, Make sure all power is disconnected. Then hook them back up, if that doesnt do the trick you'll probably have to take it in and have the dealer or an auto electric place take a look at it. There is also a guage cluster test too, but if you arent having any other issues with the cluster im sure its fine. When my caliber did that i ended up having to replace the fuse box and some of the harness up under the dash to fix it. Had no issues until it sat dead for a few weeks. Long story short i keep it on a charger when im not driving it now.
  9. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/pilots-shoulder-impaled-huge-tree-12642881
  10. Thats because tilapia goes better with some fresh lime and cilantro.
  11. Only woman that has a valid excuse if her vag smells like fish.
  12. Theres a name change request thread lurking around the forum somewhere, you just gotta find it and ask in there. Or maybe message @audiofanaticz directly and ask.
  13. Broke_Audio_Addict

    Random Picture Post V2

    It goes on an old delivery truck with a international dt466 diesel engine in it. Had to special order the filter for my customer. Fucker holds 30 quarts of oil too.
  14. Broke_Audio_Addict

    Random Picture Post V2

    When a normal size oil filter just wont cut it.