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  1. Broke_Audio_Addict

    Subs forward, port back?

    Building a wall and then firing the port in the wrong direction kinda defeats the purpose of building a wall......... If you can't fit the port on the baffle of the enclosure firing into the cabin because the space the subs are taking up youre probably using too many subs in the first place, go with 2 18's instead of 3.
  2. Broke_Audio_Addict

    Rims for winter help

    What did you do with the stock wheels? Throw those back on for the winter if you want to keep those wheels nice. No matter what you do the salt will ruin those wheels.
  3. Broke_Audio_Addict

    small subs to work in sealed box

    Stereo integrity bmkv Its over your budget but worth it. Its purpose built for situations like yours. Nevermind,,just read your dimensions.
  4. Ada strikes again. The Ada only exist so lawyers can make money on bullshit lawsuits. They literally go around looking for violations and then pay disabled people to let them file a suit on their behalf so they can extort money out of business's
  5. Ive actually seen the big 3 or 4 upgrade make the problem worse on more than one occasion.
  6. Electricity takes the path of least resistance. So in my mind if something is demanding power and is supplied by a big ole wire like an amp would be vs. The headlight wanting more power through the anemic little factory wires then the big ole power wire wins that battle. I think adding an upgraded relay kit with some fat power wires to supply power to the headlights is one way to improve this problem. Also, halogen bulbs are extremely sensitive to voltage swings.
  7. Broke_Audio_Addict

    Alternator for 2014 Chevy Silverado?

    The headlights will still dim even with a better alt.
  8. Never understood the whole fancy box thing, its just gonna get tossed in a closet never to be seen again.
  9. Its almost christmas, man, you're supposed to be in the giving mood.
  10. That rig is killer, bro. that wheel and tire combo you put on it is perfect, looks so damn good.
  11. Broke_Audio_Addict


    Theres way too much sex in here, you better move this to the 18+ section. That's some nice looking gear for sure.
  12. Broke_Audio_Addict

    Auto Start/Stop Cuasing amp to go into Protect mode

    There is a way to disable the start stop permanently. A few ways actually.
  13. My man looked like he's been practicing them reverse skills for that type of situation, dude took that curve at a decent speed. I would have got the hell out of dodge too, you dont know the situation and getting yourself involved in that could open the door to years of legal troubles even if you did what many perceive to be the right thing by ramming him. Could have potentially killed that innocent woman too, then you got a manslaughter charge. My guess is the police probably appreciate that person not getting involved in that situation.