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  1. It sure looks solid to me man, I only brace where I feel it's needed but mo solid is mo better... flex can affect output. I really don't think you'll have too much flex now, I was just commenting with a smile at all that bracing... wow... I'm rockin' a FI-Bl atm... tryin' for a daily /w/ #'s currently... this new sub is just sitting here just mocking me... I might lose db's with that ^^^^ being tuned lower and all but it should handle the power a LOT better. Your enclosure is comin' along nicely... keep it up.
  2. All that fancy hardware mounting the subs always sounds good, and in a perfect world will be according to plan. I like plans... but sometimes good enough is good enough in my exp. 2 XR 12's ought not tax those drywall screws too much. I'm using 1.25" coarse drywall on my setup currently. In a single ply Mdf enclosure I managed this so far with more changes coming... 50 lb single 18 clamping 3000+ so unless you're clamping mad power imo you'll be allright. Wow... all that bracing you've put in there... just wow
  3. I just roundover the top edge maybe 3/8" and it usually drops right in.
  4. I'd redo the enclosure for your power, 55in2 ain't enough port for a TS 3.5 at .5 for sure. Great #'s considering your setup (trunk, low port area and tuning). Btw... I'm curious... what seems to be your peak frequency in that Vic?
  5. Op... I'd bet you'd probably get less flak and more help by asking the right questions... shame of it is that this thread is actually getting interesting. I have a library of "Blueprints' for example but without specifics they're useless. Ideally whoever helps will have to account for specific driver, vehicle, power and goals minimum. You should supply more info I think.
  6. In my experience limited cone and lower power usually means an efficient enclosure should be used tuned where it counts. I went fairly large with my Sa-15, tuned lower-mid 40's and was probably clamping less than 1K, I never metered it for real but it was fair to middlin' for SPL. Tuned around 43hz in a medium SUV on a Chinese 3K @ 2 0hm nominal on completely stock electrical... lots of fail there but it did fairly good. Pic... it was 5.75ft3 net for a single 15 and still decently musical... well if you like rock-old school rap.
  7. Pretty good for a single 12 on 1K clamped I'd think, it's a hatch correct? Maybe slide the box all the way back, facing up in the D/S corner? You just have to play with positioning and tuning... good luck
  8. I just posted this pic using a host site and the link button above the text field when replying... I'd love to see some pics once you figure it out and have some #'s Op.
  9. I'd only go 3ft3 net or smaller if you have that q4500 wired into the dirt, usually box size is related to power or response wanted and it can change port velocities. Under 3ft3 net sounds awfully small for those subs on your power. If you built one 4ft3 net, an 8" or dual 6" even better would have been best IMO. 1000W clamped class?.. with 2 HDX 12's?.. a Q4500?.. under 2ft3 net enclosure? I'm curious... got a few pics of your setup?
  10. 6" port for 2 HDX12's on a q4500 in 1.8ft3 net?. I'm sure I read that wrong
  11. You can always join a FB group in your area that's spl or basshead oriented. Might not be in time for the show but you could possibly connect with people who have a meter or even have bassmeets local to you. And most likely someone will be there with experience.
  12. Or test... test to find the frequency and possible adjustments you need beforehand. Have fun and learn.
  13. I'll leave the explanation to others... an aero is more efficient yes. If you use an Aero I'd go with an 8" or dual 6" with actual flares. My explanation might be beyond my disabled ability to type. A slot needs more area due to the overall amount of wall surface contacting the airflow... hence the port size. With an Aero basically you can get by with less area due to the actual walls contacting the airflow being less with a round, add flares and it increases efficiency even more by smoothing the laminar airflow entering and exiting the port. Jeez... I hate typing on this phone
  14. I'd watch volume resizing the port, its going to change a bit unless you redo the enclosure, if you don't redo it it'll sure decrease volume unless its partially external. If the volume shrinks I'd lean towards the lower range of port I stated.
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