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  1. shredder2

    2 sa 12s in s10

    Id load the port off the cabin corner/wall, subs up if it was mine
  2. shredder2

    Hds3.1 12 box help

    Try Soundqubed's site I think I found it on Speaker-box lite's site as well as SSA site... probably others too I think I found them fairly quickly when I looked Been awhile tho... idk Yep.. they're there... just checked I'd go with a single 6" Aero at 25" long in 2.5ft3 net if that volume is solid Or.... 2 4" Aeros at 23" in the same volume But the single 6" would be my 1st choice
  3. shredder2

    Hds3.1 12 box help

    Try explicit audio app or Torres calculator to get an idea about where you need to be. A single 6" is more area than 2 4". You'll probably be best off with a single 6" or dual 4" Kinda limits area when using an aero at times cause its a fixed area. Usually to do it correctly you'll need to model it on your power to determine port area needed.
  4. shredder2

    Hds3.1 12 box help

    2 6" Aeros at 12.5" long in 2.5ft3 net?.. jeez man... that's not gonna limit output for sure but I'd wager your tuned somewhere in the 50's
  5. shredder2

    Box for 2 sundown SA 8s

    Looks like the Sundown Sketchup design to me Op If it is it's linked on their site. Id wager its close to their recommendations. That space available you supplied seems smallish to me at a glance, you might end-up using closer to minimum airspace even with a round port. A slot uses more volume and those measurements seem small to me I'd try to find more space if using a slot... of course it's gotta fit thru the opening so even tho the space is available I'd make sure it'll go in there
  6. shredder2

    Ported box

    DB Drive WDX2K-12?... in my experience often the manufacturer recommendations leave a lot to be desired so modeling the things on your planned power and in the space you've got available might be something you'd want to do. I just don't see those things handling 2K rms each, possibly 1K each at best. If you got any real power... past 2K I'd be careful with tuning and airspace if it was me... of course I'm just a noob IDK if them coils will hang but for a true 2K amp at 1 ohm I'd do something like this... or close. If you wanted max output I'd try to use an Aero as well. Idk if building something close to that ^^^ is gonna meet your goals but it ought to not limit output and would give those subs a fighting chance at handling a decent 2K amp at 1 ohm IMO
  7. shredder2

    1st time trying a series tuned 6th

    I tried to close the gap as much as possible. I used 3 bar clamps at once in an area to pull it tight and minimize the gap before tightening the screws (I used 1 5/8" coarse), then worked my way around the periphery 3-5 screws at a time. Did the center with bar clamps at the edges clamping a 2x4 and a shim across the thing where the baffle was then used #8 2.25" coarse to pull it down... It was a long process, once the thing looked to be 1/16" gap I went around the thing an re-clamped it even tighter then tightened the screws a bit more, including the center and port walls. I ended up with a less than 1/16" gap and it had zero loss seemingly. I used silicone to adhere to the wood and once dry the tape was easy to apply and stayed where I put it easily. The thing is out and top off, no issues with doing so and as long as I repeat the process to tighten it I feel it works out well, I did not notice any loss in output. It sure went low well, and beat in the 40-60 range good. Only reason I'm doing another is the eternal quest for more output and extension if possible.
  8. shredder2

    1st time trying a series tuned 6th

    Second attempt soon... It's not like the bandwidth or output is bad with the Sa-15, I just happen to have another driver here to play with (RE Sx-18d4) and in my experience bigger just seems to give better results output-wise, I am only playing with 2Kish and at 2 ohm to boot so I'm always looking to maximize the output 1st and great bandwidth would be a bonus for sure. The 1st attempt turned-out so well I'm gonna try to apply what I learned on the 1st attempt towards something that ought to do well for what it is. Single 18 @ 2 ohm on 2K more or less. I'm new at Series 6th's so if anyone sees any issues please fire away. I did increase the port area in the higher tuned chamber (seemed to possibly want a bit more last time) and went with a different rear port ratio and kept the velocities a touch higher but still well under compression. 8"x 8" (64in2) on the lower chamber 21.38" long 28.5" x 6" (171in2) for the higher chamber 9.57" long. All volumes are A.D. and port lengths corrected where needed. If anyone sees any glaring concerns or helpful tips or criticism I'd sure appreciate it! This one should be a keeper if it all works out. Building is fun and all but my garage is getting a little overcrowded, so hopefully this'll be the last 2 sheets I have to buy for awhile. Just lookin' for more like everyone else... lol... I'm looking for more ultimate output with greater extension than the same driver in 9.07ft3 net at 37hz that I have currently in there on the same power. I'm thinking this ought to do the trick... thoughts?
  9. shredder2

    Enclosure Guru's please help

    See above ^^^^ Post 12
  10. shredder2

    Enclosure Guru's please help

    Just in case this is what you choose to build... good luck!
  11. shredder2

    Enclosure Guru's please help

    Just killin' time
  12. shredder2

    Enclosure Guru's please help

    I looked at it and this is the best I came up with (largest volume/lowest tune)... Course' someone else could probably do better. Nice simple box too, I'd slap that together in a coulpa' hours or less.
  13. shredder2

    Enclosure Guru's please help

    I agree... personally I'd go a bit smaller on airspace with your power OP 2.6ft3 @ 34.5hz for the pair is as big and low as I'd go after modeling it. Course' I'm just a noob
  14. shredder2

    1st time trying a series tuned 6th

    Out with one monster... In with another... Nice bandwith mid-60's to mid-low 20's... it's got me grinnin'. I've missed those low-low's apparently, I just had the dash jumping a bit...? Still adjusting filters and all but at this point I'd call it a success