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  1. You can always join a FB group in your area that's spl or basshead oriented. Might not be in time for the show but you could possibly connect with people who have a meter or even have bassmeets local to you. And most likely someone will be there with experience.
  2. Or test... test to find the frequency and possible adjustments you need beforehand. Have fun and learn.
  3. I'll leave the explanation to others... an aero is more efficient yes. If you use an Aero I'd go with an 8" or dual 6" with actual flares. My explanation might be beyond my disabled ability to type. A slot needs more area due to the overall amount of wall surface contacting the airflow... hence the port size. With an Aero basically you can get by with less area due to the actual walls contacting the airflow being less with a round, add flares and it increases efficiency even more by smoothing the laminar airflow entering and exiting the port. Jeez... I hate typing on this phone
  4. I'd watch volume resizing the port, its going to change a bit unless you redo the enclosure, if you don't redo it it'll sure decrease volume unless its partially external. If the volume shrinks I'd lean towards the lower range of port I stated.
  5. Actually I'd probably go 60-65in2 of port in that volume. And that's sticking with a slot btw. Sorry man... if you're clamping 3k I'd definitely increase port area with that setup.
  6. How much power are you clamping and what is your net volume in Ft3 approximately? Basically you have a 7"x4" port then?.. 28ish in2? Usually a 15 on any power needs 50in2 plus of port.
  7. Shouldn't port pictured above in Sketchup be 1/2 the 4" width on each side after the bends along the backwall? Maybe I'm delusional but the 4" width looks uniform throughout.
  8. 2 Evl 12s in my experience should have some extra port area above the recommended if your are planning putting any legit power to them. That 48in2 recommended was limiting output in my setup until I redesigned the enclosure. On a pair of Cabs strapped at 1 ohm in 5ft3 net @31hz the port area used was 81in2 in my setup and it got down pretty good. I'd port it for your planned power/volume unless you're married to the manufacturer recommendation. Wrong section btw... I'd try posting in subs/enclosures for more responses.
  9. I'm stunned... using deck power for your highs and a Nsv418 on 5k for the substage? There's some balanced sound...
  10. Speaker outputs? Are You using deck power for your hi's?
  11. Airgashm is right... In vehicle the tune can lower in my experience. Looks great for a jigsaw job, bet that saw got hot. I'm interested in your impressions after a quick tune. Lotsa fine tuning to do I'm sure... but your feelings/video would be great at this point. Try "Behind blue eyes" go chopped, twisted or slowed... If you wanna dig hard... that ought to get you started. Jmo... it's a good reference imo
  12. Liftback?.. does it have some sort of cargo cover? Looks to me if you pushed the enclosure as far back as possible or find optimal positioning it'll be loading off the hatch glass facing upwards. Easy to get loud AF when it's a hatch....just play with positioning but either face backwards or push it back and face upwards. How much power are you putting to your "average sub"?
  13. One more audio purchase and the woman was gonna go on a tear again. My Bl shipped and I asked to have it held locally for pickup while in transit... went like clockwork, but it shipped so fast it was halfway here before I could put in a request and they could update the shipping instructions. Worked so well I upgraded amps on the DL the same week... UPS this time Then that Northstar battery got ordered.... Been quite a month for me... 1st time I haven't had to justify a single dollar on audio
  14. Good luck with that Amazon purchased enclosure Op... Got a link to the item? I'm curious
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