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  1. shredder2

    ZV3 15 box help

    I just whipped this up... See... no problem with the added port area and smallish volume.
  2. shredder2

    ZV3 15 box help

    Let's say... 3.75ft3 net with 63in2 of port tuned to 34hz for instance.... I dont see a problem designing something like that. Pretty standard IMO An 8" aero is gonna be a bit of a squeeze and for 3-3.5K might not be enough but is better suited for a bit less power Any idea of the actual dimensions you've got to work with?
  3. shredder2

    ZV3 15 box help

    I'd shoot for around 4ft3net at 34-35hz and 65in2 of port minimum for your power... 3K If your strapping into 1 ohm I'd go closer to 70in2 or a little more for the added power. If you got the room it should be no problem.
  4. shredder2

    ZV3 15 box help

    Go with an 8"aero... or 2 6" aeros for ported but it might get a little long... sometimes compromises have to be made. The 10" I alluded to in the other thread was for the 4th front end where length wouldn't be an issue and I like a decent amt of port area and the tune is mid 40's, the length shoulda been manageable. For ported you'll need to watch length for a mid 30's tune with 49-56in2 of port. Keep it around 4-4.5ft3 net and it shouldn't be too bad. As you have more room available idk if you'd consider a slot so compression wont be an issue cause of your power. Personally I'd go big on port area and smallish on volume with the power you've got. Aeros limit you to a set area but a slot can be sized. Something like this ought to work out pretty well... I coulda doubled-up the materials all around with the space you probably got available easily.
  5. shredder2

    Hcca 3k losing power at high volume.

    Port compression.... JK Sounds like a battery bank is in your future man
  6. shredder2

    Sundown Silverado box

    Good luck man... I found out that doin' a pair of X-8's underseat for 2K with a slot meant a ton of compromises but turned out well... I had to rake the baffle just right to get clearance. Took some figuring that's for sure... That was with no trans hump to get in the way... Sa-10's were easier... same flat floor. Sa-8's shouldn't be TOO hard... lol Underseat boxes are a challenge to do especially with a slot port or getting enough port area/length with a transmission hump in the way
  7. shredder2

    ZV3 15 4th order, need some opinions

    I'd consider tuning a bit higher... say, 45-47hz... the output will increase and you said 3K plus correct? I'd try for more port area as stated, IDK what your looking for sound-wise but a slightly higher tune won't necessarily make the thing not go low. 49hz tuned in my Honda goes under 30hz but I opted for a smaller sealed and high ratio with a lot of port so I got that peakiness I was looking for, Heck it's only a 750 watt sub so I tried to get some decent output (even if it is an SA-15). I looked at yours... and for example, slightly increasing volumes to 1.9/3.8ft3 and tuning to say... 46hz for example might allow you to use a 10"as the port length becomes manageable. That much port sure won't hurt as the sub needs room to breathe (it'll be burp worthy... lol... +4Kish?)
  8. shredder2

    No subwoofer break-in my ASS!!

    Thats a 4" coiled Hi-power team sub... IMO you were barely tickling the beast. I remember quite a thread but save me the reading... whats your volume/port area/tuning? Sheeit... that thing looks like it needs 5K+ and a SUV to put it in. BIG box after the port area needed/tuning... wow
  9. 3k of input on 4 8's... wow... you'll need a lil' port area for sure on that, it looks like it's gonna be fun to find a compromise that'll work well.
  10. shredder2

    Noob here. Looking for a little help.

    Re- baffle the whole thing if you want to stick with what you got... cut new holes and try doing your calculations with a 3" round on each... you'll find it will be easier to tune lower with a given length of port and the port area should be fine. A side fire ported would be best in that truck but if I had to work with what you got, that's what I'd do. Really... I'd just re-do the thing and get a better amp if it was me.
  11. shredder2

    Why 2+ ports??

    It's all about port area/volume and tuning... power dictates area.... install and configuration counts as well for final response but those are the 3 biggies.
  12. shredder2

    Need help please sa 8 v2 d2

    Looks to me like with the dimensions you gave in the original post that you'll need to raise the front & rear height .5" to get magnet clearance... (.404" exactly, I'd go .75" at least to make it easy) unless you invert the subs , I just don't see another way to have a front facing baffle. I got 2.46ft3 net before displacements with those measurements so you definitely got the room to do it right IMO.
  13. I think a center port with bends needs end-correction, but if the port is straight and the program doesn't specify bends no correction is needed. That's how it has worked out for me anyways, when using Torres I always redimension and back check my tuning in Winisd anyways so it's always different than what Torres says.
  14. I always thought that 2 common wall is top panel and bottom panel... 3 common wall is top, side and bottom panels... 1 is using one side for one portwall only and 4 is like a centered square port... I suppose I could be wrong but that's how I read the FAQ's You gotta look at it from the face and count how many walls the face of the port only uses I believe.
  15. shredder2

    2 12 inch skar evls box help

    Pm me if you'd like me to try to help.