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  1. IIRC its 5.9" ID 24" long or so... don't quote me as the drawings are on my computer, not Chromebook... it's been several months since I did the design so it's just a WAG atm... sorry It's around 11in2^ft3 I think
  2. Yes... I'm a lurker on this forum mostly... but HAD to add my .02 regarding 2-12's underseat ported in this instance. I felt an illustration would be best to make my point. Sealed maybe... ported in space listed... imo, no. Winisd/ Torres/ Sketchup... yes, it's my design.
  3. Pair of 10's is pushing it in that space ported imo... here is one for 2-Sa 10's in that approximate space you've got... 2 12's ported looks like a bit of a stretch.