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  1. shredder2

    1/2inch wood for enclosure?

    Is this accurate except the baffle being cut at 90 degrees up top?.. looks like it's gonna be awfully close with magnet clearance against the top panel. Obviously you fit em in there... looks like something in my interpretation of your drawing is probably off. It's Sa-10's correct?
  2. shredder2

    1/2inch wood for enclosure?

    Why the step in the top panel?... does the seat hit somewhere in there if it's flat?.. If so put up a pic with measurements, especially the side view overall measurements, A vfl 120.1 @ 1 ohm then (what's that supposed to put out?)? What tune are you lookin for... low-mid 30's?
  3. shredder2

    1/2inch wood for enclosure?

    Provide some type of diagram side plan showing what will fit in your vehicle and someone might come up with something... 57" wide huh? That's just an example, a hand drawn one would work... just makes it easier
  4. shredder2

    1/2inch wood for enclosure?

    It's all .75" materials with a 5.9" ID port 24" long.
  5. shredder2

    2 12 inch skar evls box help

    Skar's cutout recommendation used to be oversized above what's needed... what a PITA!.. I had to center the sub carefully and angle the screws outward with my son depressing the surround. All ended up well but I was pissed at first cause the cutout was so large. How much port area did Skar specify H" x W" ?
  6. shredder2

    2 12 inch skar evls box help

    If you do it, do it right IMO... this was 81in2 of port in 5ft3 net tuned to around 30hz and it slammed... That said... it was bottom heavy for sure, I lost some SPL tuning so low I sold the subs/amps since but if I wanted to do it again I'd probably tune a lil' higher. That 30hz tune was fun but I like a higher tune so as to not lose as much output... decaf rebassed was fun to be sure, but a 33-34hz tune would have been spot on for my tastes IMO. Those EVL's do pretty good and I liked the low end, but a slightly higher tune is something I wish I had tried... it got close to a 150 with a different box/tune but wasn't musical (Burp box). I built the Skar recommended enclosure at first but it limited output on my power, for around 3-3.5K of input this might serve nicely with a slightly higher tune IMO.. As far as setting gains... mine were under 9 O'clock at clipping... I agree, it's all about matching the signal. What did you end up with as an enclosure?
  7. shredder2

    Volume of a 2' octogon box

    I use this link for the area of an octagon... then multiply the value by height https://rechneronline.de/pi/octagon.php
  8. shredder2

    15" SP4 v1 Enclosure help

    Not bad... see post 21 for bracing displacements... a touch low on port area on your power but you'll probably never notice... Nike it!
  9. shredder2

    Tuning of box for dual sundown x12v2

    I'd tune to 32hz if you want some punchiness and still have it diggin'. A 30hz tune or lower would be great for pure lows but since your tastes include Rock, I'd tune a hair higher... at 32hz tuned they'll still dig well and not totally fall on their faces above 50hz. X's are bottom heavy (response wise) subs, personally I'd tune higher say 33-34hz... but if you want LOWZ 32hz is gonna dig pretty good. Those U's look like they'll give more of a response you'd like... still handle the same power and get low but NOT like an X
  10. shredder2

    15" SP4 v1 Enclosure help

    It all depends on the size of the 45's... 4 ea 3" 45's and a dowel, all 12.5" tall = .08ft3 roughly Thats 2.12 2.12 x H for a set (2) of 3" ... 4 ea. 4" 45's and a dowel, all 12.5" tall = .13ft3 roughly That's 2.86 x 2.86 x H for a set (2) of 4" Dowels are easy... same as finding the area of a circle then volume of a cylinder... Pi X radius2 x Length. In this case using a 1.5" dowel it's 1.76 .(75 x .75 x 3.14) X 12.5 (L)... that ends up as .012ft3 Helps a bunch when you've done it awhile and the values are automatic... lol
  11. shredder2

    15" SP4 v1 Enclosure help

    A set of 3" 45's (2) is 2.12x2.12xh... in this case 12.5"... so 56.18 divided by 1728=.0325... double that for 4 ea 45's to .07. A 1.5" dowel is h x 1.76... in this case 22 ÷1728 or .012 so together its .08ft3 displacement for bracing if you go that route. A 4" is 2.86 x2.86 x h... so its more displacement... not 100% dead on but pretty darn close. Hope that helps
  12. shredder2

    15" SP4 v1 Enclosure help

    I've always gone with 65ish in2 of port area with high excursion/power 15's to avoid compression... here... I whipped one up for your power in the approximate space you got available. Probably not configured correctly and it's a V2 but IMO it's a good example of what you're lookin' for... It turned out smallish as the tune you're lookin' for really displaces some air (port displacement)... but should do fine IMO. I'd err on the hi-side of 16in2^ft3 for your power if you can find the space.
  13. shredder2

    15" SP4 v1 Enclosure help

    You got a lotta power... I'd say try for over 16in2 per ft minimum if you want it around 4ft3 net. Might have to go taller if that's the only way you can go, IDK how you want it configured but as far as airspace/port area with your power I'd sure try to find more port area if it was me. 65in2 would be about right IMO
  14. shredder2

    Requesting dual Sundown X8 box help

    Church.... hence the bracing, it would be a mutha' to assemble as I drew it... definitely NOT for the beginner... lol
  15. shredder2

    Requesting dual Sundown X8 box help

    That's a by product of finding sufficient port area for his power along with some decent volume... it IS 2K of input on a pair of 750 watt drivers... so I did my best accommodating both and found a pretty good balance. Yes.. it's intricate... a swiss watch so to speak, and still a collection of compromises but should allow those X's to open up and put out better than 14in2^ft3 in 1.5ft3 net. Tryin' to accommodate all factors made this a challenge... and I like challenges... lol By no means a perfect solution IMO but a pretty good result I think. And ya'... .75" all around is best, add a double baffle also, even braced as well.. but the space given along with the input power is what got me interested and lookin' at alternatives, it was definitely a project.