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  1. Got a used t400-2 have 4 alpine type r 6x8 4ohm. So I ran each set @ 2 ohm to each channel for 125 watts per 6x8. Left Chanel good, as soon as I hook up right channel it goes into protection. I even tried one single speaker in right channel and same thing. So I hooked up my old soundstream back up and everything was good . Power good, ground good, rca good. What's up with this amp??? Please help
  2. So It looks like I would want to go with the 600x4. I see the p600x4 is very close to the T600-4 in dynamic power. The P600 also has the clean and clipping technology that the T does not and for 150 less. So out of the t600-4 and p600x4 where are we at apples to apples. ? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info I was leaning to the t600 anyway. But also was looking at the p600x4 that is 150$ cheaper with a few cool options line the clean technology and the clipping indicator but only has the power of the t400-4. Hummm so many options.
  4. I currently have a sound-stream TN4.900d running 4 alpine type r 6x8 2 way @ 4ohms its rated @ 150x4. I was looking at the Rockford t400-4 or the t600-4. Of these two amps what would be better as I would only be able to run @ 4 ohms no matter what. The alpine is rated at 100rms per speaker. The T400 is rated @ 60 watts @ 4ohm and the T600 is 100 @ 4ohm. Is it worth the extra money to get the T600. My sound stream sound ok but I would like to run all fosgate as I have a t 1500bdcp on 2 t010d2 now?
  5. I have the T1500bdcp. I run 0/1 from the battery all the way back to the distro block. I have 8" four gauge running to the amp. I have 0/1 gound 12" running right to the amp with a 0/1 to 4 adapter. It runs just fine
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