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  1. bluegmcjimmy

    SBC Cockbox

    maybe its used if you have multi amps lets say 2-3 up front and the amps don't have line outs, i don't know, who makes it?
  2. bluegmcjimmy

    Could i compete with ***?

    nah it goes higher than that on my phone anyway, I'm gonna pay my buddy a visit and see if he has one, he does compete, he has a shop in ri called werks autosound, he builds some nice boxes and hella custom work, check here
  3. bluegmcjimmy

    Could i compete with ***?

    its ok, i want to get metered by a termlab just to see how much different they are.
  4. bluegmcjimmy

    Could i compete with ***?

    Im on the south coast i would link up with when one arises locally.
  5. bluegmcjimmy

    Could i compete with ***?

    looking to run.
  6. bluegmcjimmy

    Could i compete with ***?

    i can't find any street beat vidz....
  7. bluegmcjimmy

    Could i compete with ***?, I'm using this app, and I associate with, no i don't know how they meter....
  8. bluegmcjimmy

    Could i compete with ***?

    our org is newenglandspl on the east coast, I'm only running 150 watts rms to my sub right now, and I'm not sure about getting my ass handed to me, haven't competed yet.
  9. bluegmcjimmy

    Could i compete with ***?

    Wadddup, i metered my thumpidy bump bump with audio controls mobile app and was able to burp a 119.3 db with about 250 rms with a 8ohm sub, could i compete in beginner class, i could get up to about 125 db.
  10. Sorry, you would have turn your bass down.
  11. bluegmcjimmy

    Is there a box designer in the house, please?

    damn thats nice, no more over shopping at the grocery store...........
  12. bluegmcjimmy

    4th order-care to explain?

    thanks I'm gonna give it my best once it gets warmer outside.
  13. bluegmcjimmy

    4th order-care to explain?

    yes i would like that, i just have a perfect good sub just sitting doing nothing, it is worthy of being used.
  14. Ok the other night i was bumpin my beats and i stopped to check my mail, as i opened the door i heard a POP it wasn't loud nor was it soft, so i ducked and creeped back into my driver seat, i though somebody took a shot at me, so i kinda looked around and its dark outside, i didn't see no body, i saw a shadow of my tweeter swinging and i was like damn, that damn thing popped right off the mount, and i had to fight it just to get it to snap on it from jump. I felt like a doofus, and this guy sold them to saying they was 100watt rms each, should've know they only cost me 10.00, so i ordered a pair of skar audio vx35-st tweets for the price you can't get anything better (for those who don't know). I ordered these monday at like 4am and they came in this morning eastern timezone, now should i mount these in the door, there is enough space for an 8in mid or would a pillar mount do better? I have not seen a youtube vid on these i asked Price about these and he said there good so i purchased them, not from him though, it was 22.50 for shipping I'm not rich, so i found them else where with free shipping and warranty included. I plan on doing a video on them if you never seen or heard them check my channel for the vid coming soon, no exact date but it will get done.
  15. bluegmcjimmy

    4th order-care to explain?

    i heard about you actually i read it on here, they said you do nice boxes.