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  1. Thanks homie for the advice. I won’t be competing or anything but when I go get a loaf of bread I wanna go loud lol
  2. Ok thanks homies. Yea it’s rms. I got an 8k on subs. Which still ain’t enough and 3.2k on mids n highs. I’m unable to run big alts due to the pulley on them I’ll burn them. I’m in the middle of getting a pro charger installed so largest I can do is 250. I’ve got two d3400 under hood I’m just trying to get my shit together so that my volts don’t fall through the floor lol
  3. I have a 12v elec system and I’m installing around 12k watts I’ve got a 250a alt (mechman) and I’ve got (2) d3400 batts under hood now. How many additional batts will I need to maintain 12v? Thanks in advance
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