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  1. im running a audio legion 5k at .5 on them, what is baffling to me is alot of people has told me there d1 but yet ive tired 10 different ohm meters and they all come out at 2ohms per coil so there wired at .5
  2. these are true crossfires, built by fi, i talked to dan at fi about them and i also got in touch with roger at crossfire, said daily on around 2500rms each, these are said to be the only 2 of 20 left
  3. from my understanding, these where built by fi for crossfire before smd came out with his subs
  4. alot lol, i just got home with them last night, i left them inverted, wired at 2ohm load ( thinking i have serious box rise or something ) no where near as loud as my other 18s where on the same AL 5k
  5. let me know if you can talk to him and let me know what he says, maybe he can send me an email with info about them ?
  6. could you call him ?, i really would like all the info i can get about them, thanks and i did looking at your pick
  7. from my understanding these where made by fi for crossfire b4 smd even thought about making his
  8. ive looked on google and cant find much about these lol, i do know there 2500rms each
  9. can anyone give me some more info on these plz, ive talked to a few people and one of the former owners of this set, thanks
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