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  1. When people pass you, get in front of you and then slow down. Had cruise control set at 75, in the middle lane, had 3 people pass and then slow down when they got in front of me
  2. We got new "security" at work and they are making everyone sign out everything people have been taking out of the building. They just stopped me for taking out 3 6" wires and a roll if tape. I asked how much they think this is worth because it's literally worth like $0.70
  3. Trail hawk. Only ~40-45k lol. Can't be spending 80k on a car.
  4. Use Flickr. Worked better for me. Nice Jeep. Was going to get a trailhawk but my wife liked the Acadia better
  5. Going to put my 2017 GMC Acadia in for this. Needs serious improvement to the lows. Plan is either to take out the separator storage and make a small box or take half of the space from behind the 3rd row. My wife even wants some more from the speakers in here.
  6. Saw this gem today Idk how to upload images at the moment apparently.
  7. Literally ordered a dash cam this morning. An accident just happened in front/on the side of me and debris hit my car.
  8. Went to the driving range on my lunch break yesterday. Typically go to lunch at 1130 so when I get back I don't have to do anything for a half hour since most take their lunch from 12-1
  9. You can't lemon something unless it has been in the shop repeatedly for the same issue. This is going to be her car in about a year but I don't think I can drive this for a year and I will crush the miles on her lease or I'd just take her journey.
  10. New. I picked it up Friday at 5 pm and had to work Saturday so couldn't make it to the dealer. But the sales guy is about to get a long phone call this morning.
  11. Wife won the battle of what vehicle we should get. Bought a GMC Acadia, I hate driving it. Only had it for a few days and it's killing me. Bought one with the "upgraded" speaker system w/ subwoofer. My ram had more bass with the 6 stock speakers. Also it's making a weird noise apparently near the rear tire. Oh and I made the intellilink system crash when I was trying to mess with settings. I've had nothing but bad luck with new vehicles lately.
  12. Kia

    Build a box out of cardboard and see if it fits without moving any of the sides. I couldn't get 2 15s in my 07 Spectra. Does your mom know you are going to tear her car apart with 2 15s and 7k? Do you have the electrical to support 7k in a rio?
  13. Co-workers. At least 5 of them. Simple logic going right over their heads
  14. Prime Day

    I bought some plastic containers for lunches. Everything is probably just shit people don't want