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  1. I really just want to post all liberal pictures just to annoy shade tree. Is this really a place for politics? Make a thread in the political section for random political memes since that's where it should all go.
  2. My dealership told me to change my full synthetic oil every 3k because you can't trust what they put on the bottle. Of course they want that, charging $49.95/oil change.
  3. Someone went in our backyard and our ring doorbell camera didn't pick up whoever did it or they went on the side of the cars at night. Gate was wide open and our dog was behind the garage, and didn't come back when I called her, so I thought she got out. That feeling of your gut being in your feet is awful. Let she doesn't try to get out of the gate even when it' but her not coming back to the door scared the shit out of me.
  4. If there are only going to be this few entries if like to nominate myself. I've been planning a build in my 2017 Acadia and winning would jumpstart the build. Haven't been super vocal lately but I've been here from close to the start and would appreciate any vote.
  5. AA makes subs for multiple complanies. FI, Crossfire, SSA, there may be more. They made this sub for Crossfire. These were made for Crossfire based on the SMD V1 and there were only a handful made. What amplifier are you using? If it's only wired at 2 ohms and it's a 1 ohm stable amp, that's probably why they aren't as loud. But also if I remember correctly, these weren't designed to put up crazy high SPL numbers
  6. Hey corey0928, 


    7 years ago you posted a sales listing advertising a Cobrda DVC970 for sale. Any chance in hell you still have that thing? I've been hunting for one for ages. 


    Thanks either way, I attached a screenshot of the post I found.


  7. Want to tag Ahmed real bad for that picture, but I think he might even say no
  8. Shopping for cars. Don't know if I want to get my wife another lease or give her my Acadia and buy a car I can just run into the ground and probably save some gas money. Also wouldn't have bought my Acadia if I knew what our housing situation was going to be so I don't really want to keep driving that 28k miles per year.
  9. That looks identical to the one I got a few years ago for more $. I didn't know Lowe's sold Craftsman
  10. 3rd round pick for a 30 year old receiver for 8 games is pretty generous
  11. I don't think anyone in the NFC North is any good. There's talent but nothing special. Really thought this division was going to be a 3 team playoff division. Now we might not deserve 1. Minnesota has too many injuries, Green Bay only has Rodgers, Chicago's offense looks not great, and the Lions are the Lions
  12. I still don't know what a catch is
  13. With the new CEO I'm surprised there wasn't. What kind of degree do you have? They are picky
  14. My work just upped our yearly incentive/cost of living raise from up to 4% to up to 10%.
  15. corey0928

    if you had to pick one

    Sundown is proven and reliable, good resale value, but is overpriced? I haven't shopped for car audio in a while but sundown was always within reason for a high quality product.