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  1. My wife is 110 lbs after a baby so I might not be the best one to respond to this lol.
  2. She's a thin girl with a mashup of Pennywise and Harley Quin. Nothing special
  3. lithium management?

    Look up what the max charging voltage your battery can sustain. You really don't want to overcharge a lithium battery. A BMS is great but only if it disconnects the battery from the alternator/power source
  4. No Shave November 2017

    I trimmed November 3rd for a meeting but will let it grow until the last week of November. We have the owners of.our company coming in so have to look nice. Here's where I'm at today. Neck grows to low and too itchy to keep lol. Edit forgot about photo bucket sucking
  5. Your boyfriend disappointed in you?
  6. Can I enter my "upgraded" stock system lol. Awesome prize, good luck to all applicants
  7. Amps without fuses????????

    You don't protect the device with a fuse, you protect the wire, if you properly size the wire to the amp.
  8. My golf clubs may have stolen from the resort we are staying at. Most annoying part is one of my clubs is a 3 wood from a LONG time ago that my grandpa gave me with my first set of clubs. I don't use it much but he was the reason I ever got into golf and most sports in general. Can't replace sentimental value
  9. Yea they don't like when you tell them no. If.you want to resubscribe to XM just ask what the price is and say it's too much. Had an offer for a year for $25 I think back when. I never listen to it though
  10. When people pass you, get in front of you and then slow down. Had cruise control set at 75, in the middle lane, had 3 people pass and then slow down when they got in front of me
  11. We got new "security" at work and they are making everyone sign out everything people have been taking out of the building. They just stopped me for taking out 3 6" wires and a roll if tape. I asked how much they think this is worth because it's literally worth like $0.70
  12. Trail hawk. Only ~40-45k lol. Can't be spending 80k on a car.
  13. Use Flickr. Worked better for me. Nice Jeep. Was going to get a trailhawk but my wife liked the Acadia better