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  1. Your battery only provides power when your alternator can't. And when Ford was picking out the alternator battery combo for your car, they weren't planning on audio upgrades. It can't hurt to upgrade either or both. As stated before, your head lights will dim unless you have completely stable voltage or you change to hid/led head lights
  2. Yea got a job offer to move to California and it was like $200k/year and I declined. Told them talk to me when it's 600k and I'll consider lol
  3. That only blocks the gobernment WiFi
  4. corey0928

    SMD what are you Drinking thread

    Some of my 4.5 liter bottle of Jameson lol. Saturday night was 8 whiskeys, 3 tequila and oj, 3 shots of tequila and a Corona. Was at a Macedonian wedding, was smashed.
  5. That's why you don't buy anything from FCA. Speaking of, should probably change my avatar
  6. My work computer shuts down Everytime I undock it and I thought I had saved multiple times for a presentation I've been working on for training some of my team at work. Well I brought my laptop home to finish and of course the laptop was off and the last back in file was 2 hours before my last remembered save. And it was saved on a shared drive at my work and from my external access doesn't look like it's been saved since yesterday. Which brings up New IT head at my work and none of our shared drives have been working normally over the last month. But they unlocked YouTube so there's that.
  7. Point wasn't about Xfinity lol. But Xfinity has been the best service I've had for cable. Wow sucks and att doesn't give you any download speed
  8. Ordered a modern for my mom from Best Buy, got a call about 20 minutes ago and they said they couldn't find it in the store even though they should have had at least 1 in stock so they were going to give me the best model up for the same price. Got the Netgear cm700 for $58 instead of the cm500. Was planning on buying a new modem/router since mine got damaged when we moved (wife's fault) and we had to rent the Xfinity one. Keeping the 700 for myself and ordered the 500 again for my mom to pick up at a different best Buy. Tldr got a $110 modem for $60.
  9. Recently bought a Samsung qled 65". Watched a few 4k movies and streamed a few things in 4k. It clearly is a major difference. Wish more normal tv was broadcasted in a higher format. Got the new x1 thing from Comcast, there's issues watching a lot of channels at 1080p. Picture looks way better when set at 720. Gaming looks great on my Xbox one x too
  10. Really thought she was going to climb on the car
  11. 15k on the Acadia I bought in July
  12. My wife is 110 lbs after a baby so I might not be the best one to respond to this lol.
  13. She's a thin girl with a mashup of Pennywise and Harley Quin. Nothing special
  14. corey0928

    lithium management?

    Look up what the max charging voltage your battery can sustain. You really don't want to overcharge a lithium battery. A BMS is great but only if it disconnects the battery from the alternator/power source