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Found 10 results

  1. I haven't seen any amp Dyno's of the Corzus 5k and 7.5k . Can this be done . Ty
  2. #AmpDyno #Jensen #OldSchool As many of you know, I'm a big fan of the oddball amps including Flea Market, cheap and wacky looking designs. I recently came across this purple and pink Jensen JXP460 from 2002 and knew I had to pick it up to show off and try it on the Amp Dyno. This amp is a two-channel model rated to deliver 85x2 at 4 ohms, 115x2 at 2 ohms or 230 watts bridged at 4 ohms. Let's find out how it performs! Search for Jensen Amps: https://is.gd/jensenampsebay Check out 12V Talk: https://www.youtube.com/12VTalk
  3. Boston Acoustics is no longer in the car audio aftermarket, but back in it's prime, it was one of the premier manufacturers. The Pro Series speakers and subwoofers were legendary in their time. More recently, they made SQ amplifiers such as the one we show here, the GT-28. Not sure how they came up with the model number, but this amp was rated to deliver 250x2 at 4 ohms, 450x2 at 2 ohms and also bridgeable to mono for 900 watts at 4 ohms or 1350 watts at 2 ohms. Good numbers for a Class A/B amp and at $1000 MSRP in 2004, it was not something everyone could afford. Let's take a closer look at the amplifier and try it out on the Amp Dyno! See other results on Amp-Performance.de's website (Sorry for the audio, the background noise is my large power supply which I no longer use. It sounds like a band saw!) Watch on YouTube or embedded below:
  4. Alright guys, I am all done hearing about "clamping". The numbers generated from that are so far off and don't account for many factors. I just did a quick little dyno run vs the clamps tonight to show how drastic the error is. If you want to know more detail about why clamping doesn't work, there is another video on the D'Amore Engineering youtube channel that describes the problems in detail. Clamps vs Amp Dyno vid here: Detailed explanation of why clamping is wrong vid here:
  5. Back in 1995, $400 would get you amps such as the HiFonics Odin VIII, Rockford Fosgate Punch 60ix or an Autotek Model 66. We got our hands on the Autotek Model 66 and decided to check it out and test on the Dyno. The Model 66 was part of the "Mean Machine" and "Bass Thrust" series of amplifiers. Models in this lineup ranged from 44 watts up to 600 watts RMS power at 4 ohms. These amps did not include an internal crossover, but did give owners the ability to boost Treble frequencies by 12dB and Bass (45Hz) by 18dB. Let's take a look at this "66 watt" amp and try it on the Amp Dyno to see how it performs! Watch on YouTube in 1080/60HD or embedded below:
  6. Dr. Crakenstein offered up two mini amps back in the day, the M-80 and M-200CX. These amps look really cool with the terminal strips and clear acrylic panels on the bottom to show off....well, the guts. How impressive are they? Gotta stick around and find out! Legends of Car Audio on Facebook: https://goo.gl/Kk9ttd Mini Amps Playlist: https://goo.gl/qCdDH6 Full disclosure: Amplifiers were borrowed for the purpose of this test. All of the opinions in this video are my own and the content wasn't reviewed by anyone prior to posting. Watch on YouTube in 4k HD or embedded below:
  7. Hey everyone! Here is our latest amplifier dyno video! We are making our way through the SKv2 line. Next up is the SKv2-200.4D and then on to our bigger mono amps! Enjoy! - Devin
  8. Taking it back to the old school with the 1999 Rockford Fosgate Power 1100a2. This is one of Rockford's most powerful two-channel amps ever. It's rated to deliver 275W/ch at 4 ohms, 550W/ch at 2 ohms or 1100W at 4 ohms bridged. It also promises 1460 watts dynamically at 4 ohms using the IHF-202 standard test (1kHz, 14.4 volts). We take a look at the amp's exterior, interior and try it out on the Amp Dyno...Check it out!! Watch on YouTube in 1080/60p or embedded below:
  9. Soundstream Rubicon amplifiers have been around since the 1990's and when I came across this 2015 "Limited Edition" version of the RUB2500.1D, I just knew it would make for an interesting video. This amp is rated to deliver 2500 watts at 1 ohm and the current price is under $250, so this would equate to 10 cents a watt....and that's amazing power for the money....if it's rated correctly?? Only one way to find out! The RUB2500.1D is rated to deliver: 1000 watts at 4 ohms 1700 watts at 2 ohms 2500 watts at 1 ohm *note: no specifics as to how the ratings were obtained (at 1%, at clipping, dynamic or "Max") Full disclosure: Amplifier was purchased by me for the purpose of this test. All of the opinions in this video are my own and the content wasn't reviewed by anyone prior to posting. Watch on YouTube in 4k HD video or embedded below:
  10. The Dual DA301L is another micro sized subwoofer amp we just had to get and test. This one is a powerful contender rated to deliver 150x1 at 4 ohms or 350x1 at 2 ohms. It is also Made in Korea (not China) and has extra features such as a variable subsonic filter and bass boost. These tiny amps are perfect for motorcycles, ATV's, side-by-sides and even cars. The small size makes them really easy to hide and they don't stress your electrical system too much. Let's try out this mini amp on the Dyno and see how it performs! Watch on YouTube in 4k HD or embedded below:
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