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Found 33 results

  1. Today we are looking at a new amp by Taramps, the MD 1800.1. According to Taramps distributor Daymian, this amp is optimized for bass and mid-bass applications. It is rated to deliver 1800 watts of RMS power at 12.6 volts with less than or equal to 1% THD. Oh yeah? Let's test it and find out... Rated: 505w @ 8 ohms 1100w @ 4 ohms 1800w* @ 2 ohms *the 1800w rating in the manual is stated from 60Hz to 1kHz <=1% THD as tested with Audio Precision APx525 on resistive loads. We tested at 40Hz and also compared at 1kHz near the end of the video for those who want to run this full range. Check it out!
  2. Rockford Fosgate has been a leader in automotive amplifier technology since the 1980's. Their budget series, called Prime, offer many of Rockford's technologies in a price-conscious package. Today we are looking at the most powerful Prime amp, the 1200 watt monoblock R1200.1D. The R1200.1D is rated to deliver: 400 watts RMS at 4 ohms 800 watts RMS at 2 ohms 1200 watts RMS at 1 ohm Rockford promises their amplifiers are rated using CEA standards and the Prime series "typically" deliver 10-15% more than rated. Oh yeah? Let's see if this is da truf or is somebody blowin' smoke.... Rockford Fosgate RTTI Amp Model Comparison Video Full disclosure: Amplifier was purchased by me for the purpose of this test. All of the opinions in this video are my own and the content wasn't reviewed by anyone prior to posting. Watch on YouTube in full 4k UHD Video or embedded below:
  3. Soundstream Rubicon amplifiers have been around since the 1990's and when I came across this 2015 "Limited Edition" version of the RUB2500.1D, I just knew it would make for an interesting video. This amp is rated to deliver 2500 watts at 1 ohm and the current price is under $250, so this would equate to 10 cents a watt....and that's amazing power for the money....if it's rated correctly?? Only one way to find out! The RUB2500.1D is rated to deliver: 1000 watts at 4 ohms 1700 watts at 2 ohms 2500 watts at 1 ohm *note: no specifics as to how the ratings were obtained (at 1%, at clipping, dynamic or "Max") Full disclosure: Amplifier was purchased by me for the purpose of this test. All of the opinions in this video are my own and the content wasn't reviewed by anyone prior to posting. Watch on YouTube in 4k HD video or embedded below:
  4. Dr. Crakenstein offered up two mini amps back in the day, the M-80 and M-200CX. These amps look really cool with the terminal strips and clear acrylic panels on the bottom to show off....well, the guts. How impressive are they? Gotta stick around and find out! Legends of Car Audio on Facebook: https://goo.gl/Kk9ttd Mini Amps Playlist: https://goo.gl/qCdDH6 Full disclosure: Amplifiers were borrowed for the purpose of this test. All of the opinions in this video are my own and the content wasn't reviewed by anyone prior to posting. Watch on YouTube in 4k HD or embedded below:
  5. The very budget friendly Skar Audio RP2000.1D promises 2000 watts of clean power for $229 (or less refurbished, mine was $179 shipped direct from Skar Audio). You've seen me test amps before that turned out not quite meeting expectations. Is this amp different? Forget my expectations of the "minor cosmetic flaws" or the fact it was a miracle this amp survived the horrible packing job....we just care about results, right? Only one way to find out...let's see more about the amp and make sure you watch all the way to the end....I always give you a little extra! Full disclosure: Amplifier was purchased by me for the purpose of this test. All of the opinions in this video are my own and the content wasn't reviewed by anyone prior to posting. Skar Audio is an advertiser on the SMD Forum and not affiliated with this test or review. Watch on YouTube in Full 4k HD Video or embedded below:
  6. Dayton SPA250 vs Yung SD300 Plate Amplifiers Not exactly a direct comparison, but I decided to try both amps to replace the non-working 75-watt amp on my Boston Acoustics CR400 subwoofer. The 300 watt Yung SD300 is actually the cheaper of the two amps, yet rated to be the most powerful. It is a Class D design and has an open back. Will this cause problems if mounted inside a subwoofer enclosure, due to vibration? Only time will tell. I also purchased the Class A/B Dayton Audio SPA250 to try out. This amp is rated 252 watts at 4 ohms with less than 1% THD. This is a VERY popular plate amplifier on Parts Express with nearly 5 star average with well over 200 reviews. You may be asking...why 250 or 300 watts to replace a 75 watt amp? Well, because I can? Honestly, I wanted to choose popular models and have flexibility to use them in different applications in the future. Plus, I thought you guys would want to see these models tested, so I did this for you! Full disclosure: Amplifiers were purchased by me for the purpose of this test. All of the opinions in this video are my own and the content wasn't reviewed by anyone prior to posting. Watch on YouTube in 4k HD or embedded below:
  7. Zapco is an old school car audio company for sure. They have been around since 1974 and recently contacted me about testing one of their amplifiers. I agreed under the terms the amp would be given away to one of my lucky viewers. Zapco provided one of their high-end SQ amplifiers, the Z-150.4LX. The LX series are no compromises, no frills, serious SQ amplifiers. You'll find Elna and Nichicon caps, Analog Devices op amps and other truly audiophile components inside. Also, there are no built-in crossovers, bass boosts, remote level controls, etc. to alter the sound...just a pure "gain block" (much like old school amps of the early 90's). Let's take a look at this amp and find out how much power it puts out to the SMD/D'Amore Engineering Amp Dyno! Watch on YouTube in 4k HD or embedded below:
  8. The Dual DA301L is another micro sized subwoofer amp we just had to get and test. This one is a powerful contender rated to deliver 150x1 at 4 ohms or 350x1 at 2 ohms. It is also Made in Korea (not China) and has extra features such as a variable subsonic filter and bass boost. These tiny amps are perfect for motorcycles, ATV's, side-by-sides and even cars. The small size makes them really easy to hide and they don't stress your electrical system too much. Let's try out this mini amp on the Dyno and see how it performs! Watch on YouTube in 4k HD or embedded below:
  9. Boston Acoustics is no longer in the car audio aftermarket, but back in it's prime, it was one of the premier manufacturers. The Pro Series speakers and subwoofers were legendary in their time. More recently, they made SQ amplifiers such as the one we show here, the GT-28. Not sure how they came up with the model number, but this amp was rated to deliver 250x2 at 4 ohms, 450x2 at 2 ohms and also bridgeable to mono for 900 watts at 4 ohms or 1350 watts at 2 ohms. Good numbers for a Class A/B amp and at $1000 MSRP in 2004, it was not something everyone could afford. Let's take a closer look at the amplifier and try it out on the Amp Dyno! See other results on Amp-Performance.de's website (Sorry for the audio, the background noise is my large power supply which I no longer use. It sounds like a band saw!) Watch on YouTube or embedded below:
  10. Step back to 1987 and it your parents bought you a BMW or Audi as your first car, you could probably afford an amp like the a/d/s PQ20. At $770 USD, it was an expensive amplifier ($1641 adjusted for October 2017 dollars), aimed at those who wanted the best sound quality (and had deep pockets!). The PQ20 is a four channel amplifier rated to deliver 80x4 at 4 ohms or 200x2 at 4 ohms or 80x2 plus 200x2. The amp has no built-in crossovers to color the sound, it is just a pure gain block. Let's take a closer look at the amp and see how it performs on the SMD Amp Dyno. Watch in 4k HD on YouTube or embedded below:
  11. You guys know I love amplifiers, but I'm really intrigued by small amplifiers. When I came across this TINY amp, promising 400 watts or more, I just had to pick one up to try on the Amp Dyno. The SounDigital SD400.1d comes in 2 ohm and 1 ohm versions, I opted for the 1 ohm version mainly because it was the only one I could find in stock. This micro sized amp is (almost unbelievably) rated at 400 watts at 12.6 volts or 500 watts at 14.4 volts....say what? This amp will literally fit in the palm of your hand! We recently tested the Kicker PX200.1, which is about the same size and it barely reached 150 watts. Well, since I was curious, I figured many of you would be as well, so here we go! Watch on YouTube in full HD or embedded below:
  12. Back in 1995, $400 would get you amps such as the HiFonics Odin VIII, Rockford Fosgate Punch 60ix or an Autotek Model 66. We got our hands on the Autotek Model 66 and decided to check it out and test on the Dyno. The Model 66 was part of the "Mean Machine" and "Bass Thrust" series of amplifiers. Models in this lineup ranged from 44 watts up to 600 watts RMS power at 4 ohms. These amps did not include an internal crossover, but did give owners the ability to boost Treble frequencies by 12dB and Bass (45Hz) by 18dB. Let's take a look at this "66 watt" amp and try it on the Amp Dyno to see how it performs! Watch on YouTube in 1080/60HD or embedded below:
  13. So you have $200 and want to get the most "bang for your buck"? I thought many of you may be in this boat, so I was surfing Amazon and came across two amps that offered very similar ratings for almost the same price. The Soundstream AR1.8000D and Orion Ztreet ZO8000.1D. Both amps promise "8000 Watts MAX" and offer a more conservative 2000 watts RMS power at 1 ohm, 14.4 volts. Since both were about the same price and nearly identical specs, I figured I could buy both and try them on the Amp Dyno setup in a Drag Race style test! Are you ready to rumble?? edit: I recently found out the Orion Ztreet amplifiers are International versions and are not supposed to be sold in the US. I was asked to test the Orion Cobalt series and will do so soon. Full disclosure: Amplifiers were purchased by me for the purpose of this test. All of the opinions in this video are my own and the content wasn't reviewed by anyone prior to posting. Watch on YouTube or embedded below:
  14. Need decent power in a tiny package? Check out this tiny amp by Kicker, the PX200.1 (recently replaced by PXA200.1). Currently the PX200.1 is on closeout at most dealers, so you can pick up one really cheap...exactly what I did! Sized for hiding in almost any small space, housed in a 5" x 3.5" x 2" chassis and rated to deliver 200 watts at 1/2 ohm. The PX200.1 offers a weather resistant design and has a low-pass crossover select-able either 100 or 250Hz. It also has bass boost, high/low level inputs, auto turn-on and adjustable gain. A single harness provides all connections from power/ground, turn-on, speaker and RCA. Let's try this mini amp on the Dyno, then build a mini wall of subwoofers to see if it can power them! Watch on YouTube in HD or embedded below:
  15. The 2017 HiFonics Brutus BRX3016.1D has a spec of 3000 watts at 1 ohm, but no mention of this being an RMS, MAX or Peak rating. We know many of you out there are interested to know as well, so BigD coughed up $260 to buy one of these amps to test for you guys. Make sure you watch all the way until the end...there are quite a few extra tests after the credits, including some very surprising results! Please like, comment and share this video! Watch on YouTube in 1080P HD or embedded below:
  16. Taking it back to the old school with the 1999 Rockford Fosgate Power 1100a2. This is one of Rockford's most powerful two-channel amps ever. It's rated to deliver 275W/ch at 4 ohms, 550W/ch at 2 ohms or 1100W at 4 ohms bridged. It also promises 1460 watts dynamically at 4 ohms using the IHF-202 standard test (1kHz, 14.4 volts). We take a look at the amp's exterior, interior and try it out on the Amp Dyno...Check it out!! Watch on YouTube in 1080/60p or embedded below:
  17. Just another 3kW amp? Let's take a look at the Wolfram Audio W-3000.1. It's rated 3kW RMS at 1 ohm and at almost 2 feet long, it has plenty of heat sink to keep it cool. It's as large as many 5kW amps I've seen recently. Can it do 3kW RMS Power? Can it handle lower ohm loads. Gotta watch to find out yo! Disclosure: amp was sent to me by the manufacturer for testing, no compensation was included. Manufacturer paid for shipping both ways, otherwise everything else was on me. The video was NOT reviewed by ANYONE prior to me posting. I do these videos for you guys, the consumers. Watch on YouTube in 1080/60p HD on YouTube or embedded below:
  18. I was recently browsing Amazon looking for another amp to test when I came across the Boss AR1500M as it is touted as the "#1 selling car audio amplifier on Amazon". I was like, wait....did anybody watch my video on the AR4000 "4kW" amp by Boss? I also noticed a lot of guesses in the comments as to how much power this "1500 watt MAX" amp could make. It has a 30A fuse, so it should make around 300 watts. Or the other method of saying 1/2 of Max power = RMS...that would be 750 watts. Who to believe? What can we do? Oh yeah, you know it, da truf is bout to be told! Watch video on YouTube in 1080/60p HD or embedded below:
  19. 800 watts in a mini amp? The Massive Audio N2 "Nanoblock" promises to be CTA-2006 certified and is rated 200/400/800 watts respectively at 4/2/1 ohm. What does this certification mean? Let's find out together. Watch on YouTube in 1080/60P HD or embedded below:
  20. Hey everyone! Here is our latest amplifier dyno video! We are making our way through the SKv2 line. Next up is the SKv2-200.4D and then on to our bigger mono amps! Enjoy! - Devin
  21. Orion XTR 2500.1D Amp Dyno Test

    It's 2017 and my brain is still wired to 1994 when the Orion XTR-2250 (1000 watts RMS) sold for 1300 bucks. Here we visit the present time when you can get a 2500 watt RMS amplifier for $439 USD. I've been in talks with Orion for a few months now as I keep getting requests to test their amps. I decided a good one to try would be the XTR 2500.1D. Rated 2500 watts at 1 ohm, 12.6 volts, seems like a good price point for many car audio enthusiasts. As stated in the video, Orion sent me this amp to test (not to keep, will be returned) and they did NOT pay me for this video. I had already bought an XTR 2500.1D to test, so it was also great that I had two to compare. Some people think MFG's may send me a "boosted" amp or one that's not the normal. I was able to try out both amps and confirm this is the norm for the current Orion XTR 2500.1D amp model. Skip to 4:26 if you want to see only Amp Dyno results See on YouTube in full 1080P HD or embedded below:
  22. JL Audio XD600/1 Amp Dyno Test

    I'm guessing many of you here are not interested in the test (not enough powa), but I'm betting a few are. Yes, this amp is a bit expensive (price per watt), but some people need something to power one or two subs and want it to be easily hidden. This tiny XD600/1 is smaller than a piece of paper and can fit in some pretty tight places. Either way, here is the video and results: Rated @ 4 ohms - 300/400w (12.5/14.4Vdc) Rated @ 2 ohms - 500/600w (12.5/14.4Vdc) See Video on YouTube in 1080p or embedded below:
  23. The Power 1000c or Power 1000 MOSFET was Rockford Fosgate's top of the line amplifier offering from approx. 1990-1994. Earlier models of the 1000 were available in black or custom colors via the Perfect Interface division. The 1000c is one beautiful amplifier! It's retail cost was $2699 USD and was rated to deliver 150x4 at 4 ohms or 500x2 at 4 ohms. Only a dream amp for most people, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one a few years ago. Let's check out the Amp Dyno test and see if the 26yr old amp can meet it's rated power... See my YouTube Playlist of Power 1000 Videos here
  24. Pioneer has been in the car audio industry since the 1970's, but do they still have it? Ok, so it's not 5000 watts, but the GM-D9601 is available for under $200, built like a much more expensive amp, comes with a bass knob...etc. But how does it perform on the SMD Amp Dyno? Let's see...
  25. Let's kick it old school with a 20yr old Kicker "monster" amp, the 500ss. This amp pre-dates the ZR1000 and was available in 1996 for an MSRP of $999 USD. The 500ss is rated to deliver: 250x2 @ 4 ohms (500x1 @ 8 ohms) 425x2 @ 2 ohms (850x1 @ 4 ohms) Let's take a look at this amp and see how it performs on the SMD/D'Amore Engineering AD-1 Amp Dyno. Thanks to my buddy John for lending me the amp to test. See it on YouTube in 1080P HD or embedded below: