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  1. So I can use a -5db for decaf? An Dj Russticals says his playback is -7.5db so it would be ok to use a -7.5db correct? And if so anyone know where I can get 40hz -7.5db.
  2. i don't recall saying the alpines are the 1s doing that buts thanks for the input
  3. Ok thanks for the input from everyone but to add to it I am one of those breaking windows/parts of the car off
  4. It's gonna be PSI platform 3 or 4 and DD M Series amps
  5. I hope I don't say this to confusing but I'm looking into upgrade my system and I was wondering what is better at the same wattage 1ohm or 2ohm load on the amp. Obvisously it's 2 different amps but very close in wattage. What are the pro's and con's of both on the amp & subs. I'll be running 2 15's an 1 amp on each sub. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info Big D. I thought about it an I'm just gonna drop the money on a DD M Series. I would just end up selling the hifonics in the future to get a better one anyway, so I might as well just wait an get a better 1.
  7. Hello, I'm looking into this amp an was wondering the good and bad things about it. I know it's not the best of amps but would it be good enough? Im thinking of hooking it up to either 1 PSI 12" Platform 3 or to 2 PSI 12" Platform 3 Thanks
  8. Already did big 3, I think I'll just turn the gain down a little till I get a new battery an then turn it back up an see if it still happens. Another question I bought a digital display volt meter, do I just put the wires in the power and ground on the amp?
  9. Everything is wired to 2ohms in series. I have a stock factory voltage display on my car but I don't know how fast the refresh rate is Cuz it doesn't change very fast. An the gain is set to half on the amp which is what ohms law with a DMM at -3db 40hz. I think it's a low voltage drop IMO. I have a stock 125amp alt and a shitty old cheap battery. My next purchase is either a 270amp alt or XS power battery under the hood.
  10. hey guys, kinda new/getting back into car audio. So problem I'm having is when some heavy bass songs play the amp goes into protect until I turn off the HU an turn it back on. I have a Pioneer 2330NEX, Alpine 1200.1, an 2 12'' 5th gen Type R's. I have them wired to 2ohms. I don't have a DD1 yet I'm waiting for them to get back in stock, so I had to use the DMM method. I used a -3db 40hz test tone. I set my max volume to 32 out of 40 on the HU but it goes into protect around 26. LPF on HU and amp are set to 60. Everything is only a month old too, If I left any info out just ask thanks.
  11. Also when tuning my sub amp gain can i play a hz test tone through my blue tooth on my phone?
  12. When I use the "real time analyzer" it shows the peak dbfs and rms dbfs, just to see where my music lands at when listening to it so I know weather to use 0db, -2.5db, -5db as the test tone when I tune it.
  13. Ok thanks, one,more thing when I'm using a RTA do i go by the Peak or RMS?
  14. I'm getting a dd1 once there in stock, how would I just test the HU? Like where would I put the pronges?
  15. another question for tuning just the head unit without an external mid amp do I just turn my head unit up until it sound like crap then back it off and that's my max volume I can use?