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  1. Little update. I messed up the subwoofer wiring. Instead of doing series/parallel I did something weird that ended up at 3.5 ohm. Took out the subs and box and I'm tapping into the main power/ground and soldering in a piece to go to the sub. This time it should be done right. I only got to do the power side today. It's my first time soldering as you guys can tell.
  2. For now it sounds good. I didnt get to mess with it much I was in a hurry to get done and leave. But yes 4 8". I know the Spanish music with the epicenter sounds great.
  3. Got the box built but not finishing it till I make it back to new Mexico. I'm thinking carpet and spray paint the port. Got to listen to it for only a few mins before I had to leave to Houston I'm thinking its tuned very low. I can build a box but I sure can't design one.
  4. grounding is done. Amp wired up. Everything turns on. All I need now is to make the box and wire the subs up.
  5. Battery is in big 3 is done. All I need now is to run a wire from the new fuse block to the back and a ground from the amp to chassi.
  6. Cable lugs and new bat. First time I will be using an actual crimping tool what a shame no more hammer for me.
  7. Finaly made it home to a box of goodies. Time to start the sub stage.
  8. Thanks vato. It was either blue on black or red on black. The tail light will be getting changed for some smoked lenses.
  9. Turned the truck on after leaving it parked for a week. Holy voltage
  10. Lake Avalon new Mexico. Truck doing some work going up then steep hills
  11. Got it up and running. When I started the truck it charged up to 14.6 and it seemed like it wanted to jump to 14.9.
  12. Im going to velcro the vm where the trailer brake controller is. I took the controller out and stuffed it behind the panel. I dont own a trailer and I think I will never have to use it but if it ever came up it would be ready to use. All I would have to do is pull the panel out and set it where I need it.
  13. Opened up the vm1 and found a banana on the board. I've had it since 2013 and I never knew that was there. Which is power, ground and remote.
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