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  1. Try apex alternators too. The dude is super cool and helpful. Where did you find the 250, how much?
  2. Do you think one more d925 setup would do it?
  3. What are the other options besides xs power? Amy other low profile batteries out there?
  4. So my front fuse popped. So it was running on the rear battery alone. I forgot to up the amps on my front fuse when I switched out the amp. But I am dropping below 12 sometimes on the rear battery. Sometimes. So I'm going to get a bigger one. I wish the made a big low profile one like the 925. And the bolts actually hold the rear row of seats on. So I'm going to double check but that should be frame. Thanks for the help guys.
  5. So I'm listening to music and dialing in the max I can give my subs. I just installed an hcca 3k woth 3 skar evls, and everything is fine. Then from one song to the next I have very little bass. If I turn it down the bass cones back. If I turn it up bass goes minimal. Not completely gone. Sounds like I have less than 1 sub. Been running the system for a few days with no issues. I have: 250amp alt Regular front battery. Not sure what A power xs 925 for the back 3 runs of 1/0 gauge from second battery to amp all fused. And 3 runs of 1/0 ground to amp. 2 from battery 1 from fat seat belt all ground down and shiny. Any ideas? Could it be a loose... something that's interrupting power draw? Tia fir any help.
  6. I'm kinda bias because I love them but skar makes some really good equipment for good prices. The evl 15 falls into your price range and then you could always add a second later. They also make an 18 fir 269 shipped. What part of the us are you in? If east coast you can find good deals on skar all over. Good luck with your boom!
  7. This amp has 3 power inputs. Should I fuse all 3? I dont have a bus bar so I'd be running the 3 straight off my extra battery. For the amp I have now (xtr 2500) I have a fuse going into extra bat and fuse coming out going to the amp. So same setup only 3 fuses? Tia for any help.
  8. If you decide to run the front and rear speakers off the amp, channel 1 and 2 and the sub off 3 and 4. This will have you already set if you get a 5 channel and will probably sound a little better than running the rear of the deck. Your wires will be ran and you wont have to pull everything apart again of you decide to do a 5 channel.
  9. I wish it was smaller. I'd put mine back in. But it sticks out the front and back of my seat. ??
  10. 23w x 15h x 18d would get you just a hair over 2 cubes after displacement and port. with a 2inch slot port. These are rough numbers and I'm not a box pro, but these numbers are close to what you could get away with and have a properly built box. Someone on here may be able to help you out. And I'm still not sure why you want the sub inverted. haha That puts you back down to 8inches deep cuz you'll have the sub sticking out.
  11. Whoa tiger. You don't need 9 much less 11 cubes for 1 skar 12. The evl only calls for 2 cubic ft for ported. You could have that and the whole other half of your trunk. And that could be tuned to 32hz with still a net of 2 cubes.
  12. Ah that makes sense. I dont know much about bandpass boxes other than it would be cool to have a 6th. A box tuned for a high and low frequency seems legit.
  13. What are the measurements If you just dont take the box all the way to the air pump? Then how far up can you go? 39x39 is really big. You could probably cut off that whole section out of the box and still have plenty of airspace. Gimme that number and I can get you a rough number for total air space. What are the dims hxwxd if you lose that whole section.
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