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  1. mestapho

    slot port fitting problem, help please!

    Redid the design and got it put together. 3.5 cubes at 35 Hz sounds great, just need to sand and round the edges and finish it with duratex
  2. mestapho

    ZV3 15 4th order, need some opinions

    Just FYI: It takes 2x the power to gain 3 dB. So if you do get 145 from 1500 watts, it'll take you close to 6K watts to break 150 if all else remains the same. Here's a good synopsis: https://jlaudio.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/217201737-Doubling-Power-vs-Doubling-Output
  3. mestapho

    Help with box design

    Unless you are going to build the box in the trunk, I suggest mocking up a box and test fitting it to make sure it'll fit through the trunk opening.
  4. Here's a box that I built for four 8's tuned to 36 Hz in 4 cubes https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/legacymodel.html?id=752376f8-6513-48bb-a0f9-408b049d1d41&legacyredirect=backend With the Torres sheet: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/legacymodel.html?id=8797cd6d-03df-46ad-b458-8bfa803b2561&legacyredirect=backend
  5. Win ISD doesn't calculate Net. It assumes the box volume you enter is net. I like Torres box calculator for determining Net volume and port length. Make sure you pay attn. to physical port length, b/c Torres will calculate the correct port length for ports that turn - IE: it calculates the center port length.
  6. mestapho

    slot port fitting problem, help please!

    Ok, I see what your saying. I was confusing L1 with the port wall. It’s the center port line. I see now.
  7. mestapho

    slot port fitting problem, help please!

    My port is 4" wide so L1 should be 2" from the back, correct? At 1200 watts WinISD is modeling at around 26 m/s, should be fine, I might play with a 5" port but then I'm eating up volume. trying to stay between 3.75 and 4 net cubes. Thanks for the help I play with it some more tomorrow evening. Really appreciate your time.
  8. mestapho

    slot port fitting problem, help please!

    I was really hoping you'd see this post, Thank You! Ok, so should I make the L1 longer/shorter so the L1 + L2 = 21 even if that means that L2 width is less/more than 1/2 port width? That's my problem. Currently L1 + L2 = 22.75, with L2 width at 2" (1/2 port width). If I shorten L1 I can get 21" in middle port measurement but the width of L2 will not be 1/2 port width. I hope that makes sense.
  9. So I am designing a 38 x 13 x 21.75 box (external including double front baffle) for 2 SA12 dual 4's net after subs and port is 3.8 cubes tuned to 33.5 (sundown says 35 hz, forums I'm seeing 32 so split the difference) 4 x 11.5 x 21 center port. 1200 watts from Pioneer 9601. Here's the issue, If I stop the ports to make turns to the sides of the box, half the port width, 2" from the rear wall, the center measurement over 21 inches (22.75") just with the width of the port wall. Will this tune like a 19" port, or like a 22.75" port? Is it fine how it is? Should I change it, if so what/how? Any advice is much appreciated.
  10. mestapho

    sundown audio x6.5 box help

    My math shows a gross int volume of .77 ft3, and a port volume of .019 for a net of .75 before sub displacement, .05 x 2 for sub displacement and you have an end net vol of .65. Looks good to me. I didn't do any calc's to see if your port tuning is correct.
  11. mestapho

    Dual subs wired in series

    Generally isn’t used b/c w/4 ohm subs would result in an 8 ohm load. So would decrease power output.
  12. mestapho

    Port question

    12-15 sq in of port per cube is the general recommendation for slot ports. What speakers and how much power will you be running?
  13. mestapho

    Need help please sa 8 v2 d2

    A 1.4 cube net box, 15 sq in port, 35 Hz - 18 inches long port volume is .16 ft3, not counting the volume of material used to create the port. A 1.4 cube net box, 4 in. aero port, 35 Hz - 17 inches long port volume .12 ft3 a 4" aero port will need about 6" diameter of real estate on whatever face it ends up on.
  14. mestapho

    4 8" sub enclosure help/advice

    I'm looking at the 6.5s. Considering the Anarchy's as well but prob need more power than I will have. I'll be using a Pioneer 8604, so like 100-115 Watts to each speaker. The other issue is depth. Think I have 2.5-3", but there are custom adapters that space out 1". I haven't pulled my door card to check the space myself yet. The other speakers I'm considering are Rockford PPS46. I know they'll fit.