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  1. mestapho


    What kind of box are they in? What car? Also, you might want to move this thread to the subwoofer forum unless you want advice on what Fi sub to get.
  2. mestapho

    Finding specs on recone subwoofer.

    Hit up Jeff Vue on FB. He’s in Sac and does great work. also the Sacramento Car Audio FB group is a great resource.
  3. Just curious, how do you measure the length of the port in this case? With an aero port only the non flared port counts toward length, right? So do you measure this down the center to where the kerf starts?
  4. mestapho

    Subwoofer Enclosure

    Max dimensions?
  5. mestapho

    Finding the perfect 10"

    Rule of thumb that many find inadequate is 12-16” of port area per cube. For a single 10 or 12 on 1000 watts 15” of port area would be sufficient.
  6. mestapho

    Finding the perfect 10"

    I agree with Joe x, a 12 is going to hit lower and harder and that box is right for a 12". Port may be a little small for 1000 Watts and good Xmax sub though.
  7. mestapho

    Finding the perfect 10"

    That’s 2.2 cubes gross internal, so prob close to 2 cubes net. Looking at specs on a few of those subs they are recommending 1-1.5 cubes for a 10”. Might think about making an enclosure for the new sub to spec.
  8. mestapho

    Finding the perfect 10"

    Lots of choices in that range that will work in that box. The box may be a little big for some 10’s. Is it 2 cubes gross or net? I’d add Sundown and Fu to your list and remove Skar.
  9. mestapho

    EVL-65 6.5" enclosure

    I have one for four and two .3 cubes net per sub ported recommended tuning 39 Hz
  10. mestapho

    2 12" Subwoofer Box design help

    Per Colin Buckeye rec box is 2-2.5 cubes at 30-34 Hz
  11. mestapho

    2 12" Subwoofer Box design help

    What’s the recommended box volume for the Wolfram?
  12. mestapho

    2 12" Subwoofer Box design help

    Just designed and built this for my SA12s. Should be in the ball park for the Wolfram’s. 3.5 cubes at 35 Hz similar to your max
  13. mestapho

    port area question....

    Red line, the center line down the port
  14. I read somewhere to use the x6.5 stats/recs for box building. That puts the tuning rec at 32Hz. And I agree. I don’t see an aero port working in a tiny enclosure. How much power/what amp will you be pushing hem with? What vehicle and space limits?
  15. mestapho

    Frying an hcca12

    I'm more mt. biker than bass head. I just used Park Tools wire cutters. Worked great on my 1/0 lugs.