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  1. A sub can handle overpowering with clean power. Even though its a class ab doesnt mean it was set clean. And volume has nothing to do with it. What amp was this?
  2. Well. Me going 3 way made it so i could use a bigger sub. But im still limited on space just not as much. But i am picking up an adire brahma 12 this week. To "test out"
  3. There will be boring progress this week. Wiring up and finishing the amp rack and running the power for it all
  4. Cant sell it. Will is building my pillars to the speakers i have. So im not paying for pillars again
  5. Not sure. Funky pups are made from non earth elements. No telling what those would do to a vehicle. Probably implode it
  6. Sure but you have to cross the parralel marzel veigns to the input of the parametric fans
  7. Haha its a dual coil sub so there must be 2 coils bro
  8. Reason being is i doubt you even hear them. I have b pillar speakers in my regular can. Literally 8 inches behind my head and i dont even hear them
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