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  1. Mti acoustics makes all sorts of nice boxes for your truck. And they build them to the sub. They have everything. Go check them out
  2. Wattage doesn't matter. Just pick a set you like and go with it. Dont worry about rms wattage
  3. Then you may want to get a pcm controller. Because whenever I turned in my headlights on my 07 silverado. The voltage stayed at 14.7
  4. Its not a big fail. Its because why make 2 batteries when 1 fits multiple. Atleast that's my thoughts
  5. Ok well my truck along with a bunch of other vehicles have a 94r. They dont make one. But they have the d4800 for an alternate. Which you have an alternate as well. Xs doesn't have to do anything they dont want to they have other batteries that fit. Use one of those
  6. 6 2 amps for the front stage. The wodebamd and tweeter are 20watts rms. Running on a 125x4. And the midbass are 40 watts rms running on 2x180ish
  7. It's fine. Ihave an amp that does 120x4 on speakers that are 20 watts rms
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