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  1. Are you adding an amp? If so get ready for deafening chimes and phone calls
  2. I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. 99% of people think sound quality just means sound super clear. So i just roll with it instead of trying to explain it all
  3. To a point yes. But some of th3 best sq systems ive heard were dine using hlcd. Which is pro audio in my opinion. It just depends how you go about it
  4. stevens audio mb8 midbass. And then probably a large format tweeter Or even a set of thr stevens audio sa6.5 comp sets. But those are more expensive
  5. Aaron neville - bid you goodnight Madonna - live to tell Mark knopfler - wherever i go Joe bonamossa - sloe gin (live)
  6. Only way to buy right now is Stevens audio on facebook. They are high Sensativety. And great speakers
  7. 150 isnt much. But id probably go with a set of wric stevens mb6 mids which are 89 a peice and.
  8. I cant see the video. But knowing the brand its probably spider noise
  9. Agreed. Sorry im not looking to flex roofs or float bricks. I like to enjoy my music
  10. More info would be nice
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