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  1. There is no correct way. Pick the 2 with the same impedance coils and use those 2
  2. Deadener wont help that. Cld is only for panel resonance
  3. Brand new never used. I got it in the mail 2 weeks ago. But I have other subs just laying around so i dont need this one Single 4ohm could. 2-300 watts rms 120 shipped firm
  4. No no they cant. not every 5" speaker can produce what you think is good bass sound
  5. Bose you can use the nav m650. I have non Bose. I'm not even using the oem radio. I dint listen to the radio or xm. So I'm bypassing it. Only used for phone calls. I'm using my dsp with a hi res fiio player as a source unit
  6. I like the sub placement. I'm going to do something similar in our equinox with a 10 sealed
  7. Just an opinion and I am a sundown nut hugger. I wasnt impressed with the 8s. I like the e 10. And I love the sd3 series. I've never been disappointed in the sd3 series
  8. Ehh mlat people wouldnt be able to tell the difference. My personal opinion, I love zapco amps.
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