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  1. Well a few things have changed but its going forward. The new speakers are here. I have 1 side of speakers done. Ill get pictures of that sunday or monday when it stops raining. Front stage is a mercury audio c62 set (thanks to russel wong) and morel ccwr2.5 full/midranges I also found a custom module to fix the loud chime issue when adding amps. So iordered that as well Anyways heres some pictures of the new front stage (will 1 side of the truck is already installed so dont talk to much shit
  2. Everything sold except the es-02 mid tweeter. 120 shipped for that
  3. I have this set laying around. Brand new never used 600 shipped
  4. The speaker set im using is kind of like the illusion carbon speakers. They dont like a lot of power and blow easily
  5. Sure can. For my front stage. Its over double what i actually need
  6. Make an offer. Worst i can say is no
  7. No i havent. Let me do me