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  1. ToNasty

    Favorite song to tune system with?

    These are my 2 favorite
  2. No clue. I live in morgan hill so the san Jose one is way closer its down the street from sap center
  3. They might. Thats where i get all my plexi from.
  4. Call tap plastics in san jose get a quote if its a good price ill go pick it up for you and send it
  5. Would you like to get me some tampons for you to store in thr mustang just incase your flow starts out of nowhere?
  6. Westand and polish itl look 100times better. Should only take 20 minutes2k grit then 3k grit. Then a quick polish
  7. ToNasty

    Speaker placement help. Front stage.

    589 isnt pricey in my book. Ive thought about using horns. Years ago but i dont want to start punching things because those are a pain
  8. ToNasty

    Speaker placement help. Front stage.

    My teal truck was hybrid audio 8 in the door, hybrid audio 4 and tweet in the a pillar. I actually got it all installed. Half ass tuned same day and next day the truck got hit I bought a set of audio frog gs components for my 16. I did a small install the other day for a buddy using the eric stevens components (im sure you know who he is) and damn. Im selling the audio frogs and grabbing the eric stevens
  9. I thought of picking a few of those up just to have they are all over ebay
  10. ToNasty

    Speaker placement help. Front stage.

    The only issue is i see is where the tweeter is placed. If thr tweeters are on axis its fine. If they are facing the windsheild it could sound a bit harsh.
  11. ToNasty

    Speaker placement help. Front stage.

    Ill have a brand new set of audio frog components soon that will be available
  12. ToNasty

    6.5" sub, round port size?

    Some people are telling me .5 cubes 10" of port tuned to 36. Others aresaying saying .8 cubes 8" of port tuned to 40. (Im using 2) so i dont know what to believe. Ive never dealt with a 6.5. Only 8 and up