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  1. Surprised you haven't asked bing or ray what they charge. At the end of the day I was happy with what I paid and happy with the outcome
  2. Does this have to do with 500 dollar pillars?
  3. I do not have a computer and it wont work on a phone
  4. Ita states square inches for slot port but I'm wanting to use an aero for testing and placement. Also I'll be overpowering them and more power can introduce port noise. This is why I ask
  5. You are still out of retirement so dont forget. You're just on a sabbatical right now
  6. The new chevys have a chime in the front left dash speaker and door speaker. You need a module that tames those or cuts them. Jl fix 86 will do that
  7. I acquired 2. Not sure about box or port size. I know tuning for them is optimal around 38. But that's all I know. I have 350 watts for the pair pr 800 depending on final wiring. Any help would be appreciated
  8. If you're planning on running 3 sets of components active plus sub. You'll need a dsp with more channels. if you ran a 3 way active front stage. No rear fill then the twk would work great. Buts it's only a 10 band eq if I remember right
  9. Cant wait to see it! Also no point in buying the 600.4 if you have the 1200.6 unless you're going active
  10. My old stuff which consists of a few old LP amps and eric Steven's designed HLCD from image dynamics I keep just to remember haha. But I have some new teu technology amplifiers that are going into my truck that I'd rather use than my LP. Maybe it's just me but newer equipment is somewhat superior. It's all in what you like
  11. I'm saying in general. I have a ton of old equipment. But with what's offered now. I'll use the new stuff.
  12. There is I agree. But I'm not gonna use my kicker Stillwater 8s I have anymore
  13. There's very good stuff out now. Time to get with 2019
  14. Nothing wrong with those blues audio drivers. I like them as well from years ago. But you're one I think that needs to step outside your little comfort zone and try something new
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