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  1. I'll say it again. Stevens audio mb6. Unless yous like a set of audible physics nz6 (only 8 pair in the US) happened to know someone. They're on the way to my house now. And I have no use for them
  2. That was not towards you that was me. Because there is plenty of stuff I can do but just doesn't happen
  3. I'm jealous. I'm just over here "I'll work on it tomorow" and tomorow comes and nothing happens
  4. I actually know of a midbass that is pro audio but sq based. One of my favorite midbass. Very clean sounding. The Steven's audio mb6. They're like 90 bucks a peice. If you know who eric Steven's is then you should know they're good
  5. I dont remember seeing what subs you're running? If you havent chosen any yet. The adire tumult is probably the best sq sub I've heard. A bunch of guys near you run them.
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