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  1. I figured might as well since mymids and tweets are audiofrog.
  2. I opted for the audio frog gb25
  3. Im also looking for 2.5" full range. 3" max
  4. Power will be 500 watts to the pair
  5. Bds, zone or cst. Thats it. Bds and zone are identical. Cst will will be the best but a little more pricey
  6. I picked up a pair to finally get going on my build. I need to know where to start with these. Enclosure size and i will be using 1 single aero port.
  7. Thank you. 95% of people dont realize what I've done to the truck other than wheels. Ive actually put a lot of work and money into this truck on all of the little things. Basically turning my LT regular cab into an LTZ. And not cuttng wires for anything and making everythingwork properly
  8. I liked mystock one as well but then i figured why not change it out just because. And im glad i did
  9. ToNasty

    2014 silverado alternator

    Usalternators will
  10. How does the 4800 fit on comparison to the oem battery? Xs doesnt make an exact size for the k2 gm full size vehicles amd i need one for my 16 silverado