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  1. Its not a big fail. Its because why make 2 batteries when 1 fits multiple. Atleast that's my thoughts
  2. Ok well my truck along with a bunch of other vehicles have a 94r. They dont make one. But they have the d4800 for an alternate. Which you have an alternate as well. Xs doesn't have to do anything they dont want to they have other batteries that fit. Use one of those
  3. They are pretty much a copy of the of the unity convertible set. For the price. They are nice. Would I use them in an sq build of mine? No because I'm pretty good with what I like using. But they are nice
  4. This was the trigger for me as well. It's like saying hammered dog shit sounds better
  5. I'd like to know which ID set hes speaking of. And as much as I like cdt, they have many different drivers that get somewhat hard to pair with each other unless you know about them. Higher end ID and rf t1 series ? Please. And this is coming from me a guy that hates dc audio
  6. You know this for a fact? Because they are made by hybrid audio technologies
  7. Quesrion on this. When adding the new mechman did you use the same output on the oem battery distro block for the alternator? In my 16 it's a 175 "fuse" assuming yours is the same. Or did you link it to the spot all the way to the left where the battery hooks into the block
  8. I'm sure this has to do with our little "argument" on insatgram.as well. I'd be up to grabbing a dd1 + and trying it out again. But I have no headunit. So I'll have to figure that out
  9. I may pick some of this up and test it against the sound deadener showdown stuff.
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