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  1. Alright so lets go ahead and get right to the point, i have a 01 Toyota Camry and it has a 90 amp alternator and a stock battery, well brand new but just a regular o'reilys battery. and i did the big 3. Im planning to stick with stock alt and stock battery, so i'm stuck trying to decide what amp to go with, i have 2 skar audio ddx-12's and currently have the good old trusty (audio bahn fire amp) on them right now. I have narrowed my choices down to 3 amps, ill order in them in favoritism. 1. skar audio rp1500.1d 2. soundqubed s1-1250 3. skar audio rp1200.1d. what amp would work best with the power i have currently, and non rev matching either, just good ole idle power. All comments appreciative lol.
  2. Do you guys think a box 40 x 18 x 14 work really good for two Skar Audio ddx 12’s?
  3. I have 2 Skar Audio DDX-12’s on a simple Skar Audio Rp-1200.1D amp. And I found a custom box on 402bassheads on fb, and it’s 3.5 cubic feet, and my subs recommend 2.5 cubic feet. What would happen or would be the outcome if I were to put my subs in the box? Would it sound good or would my subs just not sound the same nor work properly due to too big of a box. And the port is fucking HUGE. Picture of the box below.
  4. I think your mistaking my curiosity and questions for somethings it’s not. I’m saying all this to fully understand everything in my view. Not to seem like a know it all
  5. I took my car to O’reilys and got a alternator test and it passed, I also had him check the voltage when both low and high hertz hit and it only dropped 2 volts if that
  6. That’s funny cause I used 12volt.com to wire everything, so Ik I’m all good their. And what would it do if I got the same alternator, it’d be the same amount of power
  7. Should also input that I have my radiator fans ran to a off/on switch cause the automatic sensor stopped working. Just to throw that out their if that changes anything. Don’t get me wrong Ik some stuff about car audio, but I’m far from intelligently informed. Lol that’s why I’m counting on help from you guys.
  8. Yep I got the battery tested yesterday even, it’s a 90 amp stock alternator for a little 2.2L 4 CL. They are dual 2 ohm subs, 2 of them wired to two ohms exact. And I don’t have a dmm to test voltage. And note I’m 16 so I have limited sources.
  9. Right, so I’m basically stuck with one option, and that’s getting a ho alternator
  10. I just want the cheapest but best solution to stop my battery from being dead after driving and playing music for 10 minutes, I’m thinking a second battery but getting a second battery the exact same as the one I have would be like $150, so idk what to do anymore
  11. I don’t want that big of a amp, I chose the amp I chose cause it’s just enough for me. And I had my stock battery tested and it’s just fine so is the alternator. Plus If I got the rp2k then my battery would’ve been even more fucked and my car would die in minutes of playing music, like it already does just on 1200
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